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What is Chaturbate? What can it do for you - as a cam model and user?

The Chaturbate experience is like none other. Homemade amateurs become professional cam models overnight. They hustle their asses off for tokens, learning the ropes in the beginning, and mistakenly giving freebies to leeches like me as I watch and jack off for pleasure. Professional cam girls who had a run at it for years have acquired awards under their belts. Some even have even made millions from their hundreds of thousands of horny followers who only think with their dick heads instead of the big one on top of their necks. These women live extravagant lifestyles of the rich and famous. They drive Lamborghinis up and down mountainous highways in their local European municipality. Even you, a regular person, can become a hot cam model in high demand. How much do Chaturbate models make? We'll, I'll let you ponder on that for a moment because I already answered.  Chaturbate is an equal opportunity employer. My review will explain how that will benefit both the user and the model. From Europe to Africa and Asia, the top 10 cam models come here to play with the big toys in front of the big boys.

Getting a free vs paid account profile

You can interact with women in the chatroom for free. They won't reject you like the horny sluts in high school. Chatting on nude cam sites is an excellent way of testing out the waters the very first time. It will also build your confidence. Moreover, you can watch the women perform as long as you want. No one will interrupt you with a notification, "sign up now!" Nope, you can beat your meat with the ultimate freedom. That will only happen, though, if the girl, couple, or guy cam models have that setting open. If not, then you gotta sit there like a bump on a log enjoying the show. You cannot communicate whatsoever unless you sign up for a premium account profile. Let me break it down for ya'.

Free means to watch for free. Paid means to communicate, give tips to make them do shit and take them private for a one-on-one session. The choice which to choose is a no-brainer.

Profile pages with the FAQ information (rights reserved) to get to know the model better

When I see a sexy assed cam model, all types of things run through my mind. Mostly, fantasies about me and her booty getting married because I am a sucker for love and applebottom slugs. But I am also a professional porn writer, so I know the game. I can honestly say that I would visit the best performer profiles if I needed some information about them to put in a specific article. It would always work out the best because the bits and pieces would help out tremendously. I would learn their location, hair color, body type, lifestyle activities, sexual orientations, things they are willing to experiment, and more goodies. Based on the reviews that I see on their profile pages (yes, you can leave reviews about a model) feels like I already know the cam girl before even talking to her.

The live cam to cam creativity is one of a kind

Granted, I have witnessed some crazy shit on sites like MyFreeCams, but the models on Chaturbate are a bit reserved. You have to also take into account that the majority of these people are average Joes. There is even a Broadcast Yourself button at the top of the page if you want to become a cam model and finally fulfill that adolescent's dream you always had in the back of your mind. What living, breathing man did not want to become a porn star for Christ's sake!? Your chance to get a taste of it is finally here to earn some damn money for that Section-8 household. Many of these people seem like they do not know what they are doing, but it's good live entertainment to watch them unravel or ravel.

The best camera nude girls have half a million followers. These women set up their broadcasts almost every day and paid. They provide a consistent entertainment experience that men are willing to return to see. These are the women who get the highest daily payouts because they give performances worthy of a standing ovation.

Also, you will find a lot of models from places like Russia, Colombia, Eastern Europe who are earning a lot of money.

How to find certain girls and guys with the search feature

Search for the buried treasures by selecting what aspects interest you. Select the age range and the physiology of the person. Advanced search will give you easy-to-click tags to produce a better list. There are hundreds of them. Probably thousands. Upon first look, the tags are as follows #asian #bigboobs #bbw #18 #hairy #anal #college #ebony #mature #squirt #milf #latina #pregnant #german #milk #feet #french #teen #new #pantyhose #smalltits #bdsm #mistress #lesbian. You can click any on of these and see the live shows connected to those tags. They are pretty accurate.

Tip a token to get those Flamingo-like legs to open

Man, I'm not joking about this. Chaturbate works with tokens. Basically, if you like a girl or guy and want them to perform your naughty fantasies, you need to give them some tokens. Tokens equal to money. Giving them is the only way to get some play. You need to buy a block of tokens before you are taken seriously. If you are a Hip Hop-head, then you have probably heard the term, "bands will make her dance." Well, in this case, tokens will make her poke it. Most Chaturbate cam models are really appreciative when you give something. Even if it is just a bit. They will often say, "thank you, baby." I know the warm feeling you feel on the inside. I felt it plenty of times, you simp ass. Each girl has a token menu that will detail the cost of what they are willing to do. I have witnessed them accepting tokens for all types of shit.

I saw The Purple Bitch dress up as Pikachu character. She's into Cosplay. Most of the top US cam girls tend to keep things simple though. They might flash a boob for a couple of tokens or finger their pussy for a little more. You will pay top dollar for the extreme shit like a dildo blowjob. 

Let's take Chroniclove's prices as an example. She charges roughly $5 for a boob flash or $60 for full access to her hottest fetish vids. Some women will even mail a pair of their sweet-smelling panties if you are willing to pay. Chatterbate is one of those places where you can pretty much get anything you want for the right price. Yes, I can say the people on there are hustlers, baby! I just wanted you to know this. However, you gotta watch your back. Some guys who claimed that KissofCobra snaked them out of money. She allegedly promised to give them something in exchange for money, and did not hold up her end of the deal. Search for the review if you don't believe me.

Tokens to cash value

  • 100 - $10.99

  • 200 - $20.99

  • 400 - $39.99

  • 550 - $49.99

  • 750 - $62.99

  • 1000 - $79.99

  • 1255 - $99.99

  • 2025 - $159.99
The best package is the largest one that offers the best bang for the buck. Even if you have an eye-opening moment where you do not want to pay for webcam sex anymore because suddenly you became a born-again Christian. The tokens will always be there if you decide to travel to the dark side once again. Does the tokens expire? No, sir. You never know when you will change your mind, buddy. And if you decide to change it, there is a sale deal of 100 free tokens. They accept cryptocurrency, wire transfers, and major credit cards for payments.

Private peep shows in spy mode

Gear up your Google Glass. Slip-on your Omega Seamaster surveillance watch. Chaturbate's private shows are one of the most interactive and open that you can workaround. Lookie-here. It is so easy to activate a private show like ordering from the value menu at McDonald's. Just take your pick and pay. There is a peep show feature that allows you to spy in on a private show. You naughty pervert, you! You get a voyeuristic view into how Chaturbate really works. It leaves nothing to the imagination. What is Chaturbate? Only exclusive age-verified members who have premium accounts will find out.

Help & support at your beck and call

Having customer service from the website where you a legit income is paramount. Chaturbate seems pretty helpful with the support they offer. Contact social media pages on Facebook. Email about problems you encounter, including if the website is not working properly (you might see the error code 1000, which means the servers are down) or you have issues accessing from your mobile smartphone device. But, CB is like YouTube - it's always online. Moreover, it's safe. The only bad thing about the strict support is that the moderators will ban 'inappropriate' activities and keep your money. However, I will not say that Chaturbate is a scam. It is legit. Just ask those models who made this website their yearly taxable salary.

Chaturbate review final conclusion

You have learned the ins and outs of how to make money on Chaturbate. You understand the cost of tokens and how things work. There are tens of thousands of viewers and models. The website is online around the clock. Celebrate your New Years, Valentine's Day, or even Christmas with a cam girl if you're feeling really lonely and empty inside. Chaturbate is one of the best cam site hands down. Find your online girlfriend or digital boyfriend here and help them reach their goals.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Paysafecard, Epoch, PayPal, Wire Transfer, cryptocurrency

Live cams with people from all walks of life

Can watch cams for free and enjoy chatterbaiting without paying a dime

Very accessible private chats features on the site

Tens of thousands of models working 24/7 365

Unique payment options like cryptocurrency for true anonymity

Easy to spend more money than intended

Some amateurs who clearly don't know WTF they're doing

Some countries blocked access to the website

Banned without explanation and no refund

Mixes the trans, couples, girls, and boys cams in the same search result - please, separate the shit Chaturbate! Dang! My eyes are burning!

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