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Today, I'll be taking you through the world of sex chats, particularly a sex chat site called If you're new to the whole sex chat thingy, here is one site you could try for starters. Or, if you're one who knows the in and out of the sex chat niche, this could be your new go-to.

With so many other categories to sexually pick for your sexual gratification, I wonder why this site is themed the king of the sex chat niche. Well, hold your horses; I'll get into that very soon. actually looks like a more up-to-date sex chat site. The interface looks quite interesting, unlike other sex chat sites who offer a very dull monochrome interface.

Also, get ready to dive into rooms that will be perfect for all your sexual perversions. You would still have to be a little patient here. No need to get all wet yet.

This sex chat site lays down a bunch of ground rules that must be followed if you don't want to get banned or lose your VIP status. You could read more on this in the rules section located at the bottom of the homepage of the site.

The chat room moderators also have the power to take action when they feel like a user is breaking any of the rules what might not have been put down in the rules section.

Welcome to the free adult chat homepage

Here you get to see all that they have to offer you, from the many sex chat rooms and other categories clearly labeled. also tries to convince you on their homepage why their site is the perfect destination for you pervs who want to sex chat with hotties for free. A lot of the other stuff on the homepage is just boring write-ups, which I doubt most of you my horny audience will even bother reading.

They also give reasons why you pervs should take sex chat as your hobby, stating reasons like for the intention of getting laid, it being safe, total anonymity when you need to show your perverted side and lastly cos sex chats are exciting.

On 321 sex chat homepage, they also show you a screenshot of what a typical room looks like. Once you gain access into the rooms you get to see that the rooms support features like video chat, files and image transfers, instant and private messaging and lastly but the most exciting the mobile sex chatting option for you lot that like chatting on the go.

The online porn chat rooms

I'm inquisitive. What are you going to do about it? I tried to take a look at what action I might be missing in the rooms so I took my first look into the role playroom, you know I like it kinky. Well every shy person does, it's a good place to let out those inner demons and get freaky.

I particularly liked that they try to explain what every room is all about so that you don't just dive in and get all confused. So, this keeps you from saying you weren't warned before entering, more like enter at your own risk.

The site also screams at the top of the homepage that you are on an adult chat site.

After trying to explain what roleplay is to you dumb fucks who might not know what roleplay is all about, they also try to give you a warning telling you what to expect in the role playroom, the types of role play available and lots more. You must, however, be 18 and above to be able to get into this chat room.

I used the guest login. I just had to enter my gender, age, and preferred username. However, if you are trying to gain access as a member you must first be registered. Quite simple though you just need to enter a username, password,email, gender, and age.

You guys sure must be getting tired of all the long process, we just want to sex chat not fill a questionnaire. I guess they try to get exactly what you want to avoid errors. Get ready to meet another page which shows you an extra 100 or more chat rooms. I think the chat rooms are arranged in an order of how many participants are currently in it from highest to the lowest.

Back to the roleplay room, this chat room had about 337 online participants at the time I was logged in - I think it had the second-highest number of participants at the time cos it was second on the list.

Well, so much for that, the chat room was full of horny dudes all looking for girls to roleplay the slave and master roleplay game. With them being the masters while the girl plays the slave.

I also got a lot of spam in my inbox from the moment I logged in, a bunch of girls inviting me to check them out on their live cam sites, kind of sucks though. Just two real messages out of about eleven messages in my message box.

Well, I think the same goes for all the other major rooms so I didn't bother checking them out.

Price of VIP Access

Like most other sex chat sites like 321sexchat, there is always something better for members that are willing to pay a little more than others. On 321 sex chat it is called the VIP, the VIP cost about $20 and the most amazing thing about it is once you become a VIP you are entitled to all VIP privileges for life. No need to keep digging from your pockets monthly, quarterly or yearly the way some other sites like 321 sex chat make their members do.

With the VIP you get loads of amazing extra features to help you in your fapping journey; you could create and customize your own room; with this, you can invite your friends and chat about whatever you like.

You can also use the VIP status to view chats history, make your name appear at the top of the online members' list on any room you enter, get yourself an animated avatar, change the color of your username and so much more.

Other great features on the 321 sex chat website

I particularly like that tries to balance out everything, by not just focusing all their energy on sex chat rooms. There is also a blog section whereyou can read up on articles that will educate you on how to have great phonesex, roleplay ideas, and some role play tips.

Well,you horny fucks who are still new to the game can now get professional advice from the fucking pros in the game, no need to be shy I know it's kinda awkward asking your friends' stuff like this. Well, has got you covered.

The site provides you with some cool avatars that could be quite helpful when you're trying to score with one of the real broads you might meet there.

What 321sexchat is lacking

Like many other sex chat sites, 321sexchat isn't perfect, they do have their downsides. The first is the fact that there are not so many emoticons that might accurately represent what you are feeling at a particular moment. They stated that their VIP members have access to extra emoticons, guess you will have to subscribe for the VIP membership to find out how true that is.

Another major flop with this chat site is that I was actually so chilled with the fact that they included some cool porn categories at the top of the site which I thought I could just click on and get fucking motivated to get freaky, but nah, these buttons led me to a different site which painfully didn't load its pages. 321 should try fixing this issue as soon as possible.

Probably, you don't get what I mean, porn categories like fetish cams, live sex chat, ebony cams, live masturbating, BDSM cams, Tranny cams and some others which would definitely drive you boys insane simply gave me a notification which read This site could not be reached.

Another basic problem I had with 321sexchat was that like other sex chat sites, the number of males to female ratio was very large, turning the whole party into a sausage fest, well this wouldn't normally affect me, but since you guys want to see tits and not dicks I think it's worth mentioning.

Even rooms supposed to be dominated by lesbians and females were overrun by guys, 321sexchat can try to solve this issue by placing ads in places or sites dominated by females.

With this, my review of 321 sex chat is complete; this free chat site stands out among many others in its category since they have been able to take care of stuff like fluff and ads at no extra charge.

The nice and sleek design of both the mobile and desktop site is top-notch for a free chat site and the smooth running almost made me wet.

They, yet, need to improve on some stuff listed in the cons section of my review,other than this I think they are doing well.


Year Launched

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Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, American Express

Free adult chat with sexy broads

Rooms are very active

There are many rooms, so select your fetish and chat away

No annoying ads

Too many guys, the rooms look like a sausage party

Very few emoticons to pick from

Spam messages whenever you log in to a room

Sites like 321SexChat










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