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XAsia (xKorean), classic name for an Asian pornsite. But, fuck it, I want the content to be classical, not the name.

Asian chicks are hot and cute at the same time. That’s what I like the most about them. They can be giggling and shying away like a cutie pie. However, when it comes to the carnal deeds, they get monstrous and devour dicks.

That’s exactly why I love jacking off to Asian pornos. By now, I’ve already developed a disliking towards western porn where they fuck like a couple of gymnasts. Where’s the sensual sex?!

Anyhow, so this site, XAsia, previously known as Xkorean, is a well-known player in the industry. I’ve postponed quite some times, trying this site. It has finally happened, and here’s what I think about it.

XAsia (xKorean) Review – Corny name. Content’s corny too?

Tbh, putting an X before the niche is so 2000s. When I first saw the name XAsia, I thought of it to be just another run-out-of-mill porno website. However, I found out that it’s not the case in reality.

Previously branded as XKorea, this site has been churning out sex video content for quite some time. It has become so big, that they came up with a newly branded and bigger site XAsia.

Moreover, they didn’t take down the old site, well, not yet. So, you can access both the old and new sites, crawling with thousands of Asian amateur adult contents.

And, most importantly, most of the videos are good, well, let’s just say above the average. The majority of the videos are amateur, so don’t expect studio-produced sex scenes. No, you won’t find many of those here. Review: Porn Videos & Photos – Hot enough to fap to?

It totally depends on what you’re craving for? For me, Asian chicks are some of the best. They look, talk, and move like sensual goddess bitches.

Do you dig that? If yes, you’re gonna have a blast on this site. Not all videos are gonna be fap-worthy. Well, tell me which site has that?! So, don’t be a needy cuck.

Anyhow, see, every 3 out of 4 sex videos on the site are gonna make your cock hard. Good enough, I’d say.

But, that’s only half the game. Are they sexy enough to make you cum? Oh yeah, absolutely. The videos are mostly uploaded by the users, some who got the videos, and some who made the videos.

You can find Korean sex scenes, Chinese pornos, Japanese adult videos, and many more. Basically, the site covers anything and everything from the Asian porn realm. Happy?

And, there’s a Photos section, where you can find hundreds of Asian sluts posing naked to the camera. Right now, there are about 70 pages of sexy Asian bitches. Not much, but hey, something’s better than nothing!

Is XXX Asia website easy to navigate through?

No matter how good the content of a porno site is, it fucking sucks if the website is shittily designed. Thank lord, this site doesn’t come under that category.

Both the old and new sites are neatly designed. Hey ya web developer, kudos!

The old version has a dark layout, while the new one comes in a white design. The homepage has all the newly updated videos, while letting you sort them out according to your liking. You can go for the Most Viewed, Best, Longest, and Random.

And then, the left sidebar lets you access a plethora of filters to shift through the video catalog on the site. And oh, the site loads in no time. They must’ve got a good hosting plan. So, points to them!

How good is the XAsia Porno Video Player?

I’ve seen some adult video sites, where they have tons of content, amazing, website layout, and pretty much everything else sorted. However, they fuck up with the video player. Not only do I get frustrated with such sites, I also pity on them.

This website doesn’t screw it up with the player. No sir!

However, don’t except a technological wonder for a video player. All you get is a basic yet efficient flash player, which does the job just fine.

You have a Play/Pause button, Volume bar, Full Screen button, and a Playback speed changer. Under the player, you can see the like/dislike count.

Most important of all, they player loads superfast, and you won’t be having any buffering issues.

Is it easy to filter through the XAsia porn videos?

Okay, now I’ll talk about something that this site sucks at. Yep, the filters and search functions suck balls here.

Not only they suck, it gets so frustrating for you, to filter through the large collection of Asian sex films. For the basics filters, you get things like Newest, Most videos, and all, as I’ve told earlier.

And then, under the Categories tab, there are only two, I repeat, only two options, which are Asian and Others. I don’t even talk about it any further.

The Search bar, honestly works fine, but it won’t be of any help for you. Why? Well, the videos are fucking weirdly named. Almost all videos are named like Korean BJ – kbj845964478, Chinese Amateur – cnp97745699, and so on and so forth. You got the point, right?

Well, with such names, if you want to search for something like big ass, or small titties, you get nothing. Yeah, absolutely nothing. So, forget about the search bar altogether.

How worthy is XAsia of my time?

Alright! Apart from the filters, the site does a decent job. They’ve got tons of Asian porn content. There are daily updates. The video player is clean and efficient. And the chicks are absolutely stunning.

Oh btw, be ready to face the wrath of Adverts. Boy, I tell you, this site fucks up your eyes with all those pop ups. And no, don’t even think about using an Ad Blocker. The website detects it and throw you out of the site until you disable the blocker. So, there goes that!

However, I’d still give it a shot, since there are more pros than cons. Moreover, I’m a sucker for Asian sluts. If you’re too, go visit the site and get on it with a fap session.


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Hundreds of Asian amateur porn

Clean site design

Fast video player

Free pictures

Filters and Search suck

Annoying ads

Sites like xKorean
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