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Another day, yet another JAV site to talk about! VJAV is the latest Asian porn site I’ve been jacking off to.

By now, I pretty much got to the point where I couldn’t see myself getting tired of masturbating to Asian chicks. Thanks to their genetics, almost all of them come with banging bodies.

Oh no, I’m not talking about busty and saggy types. These are rather slim, petite, and tight sluts. VJAV is my latest finding to enjoy some of the horniest fuck-flicks featuring Japanese and other Asians.

You know, I don’t want to keep it to myself. So fellas, here’s my in-depth review of this Asian sex site.

V JAV Porn Site Review – Is it one of the top JAV porn sites?

Well, to rank it up that list, we gotta see if it fits my Asian pornsite checklist. Oh yeah, I do have one and I’m gonna explain everything about it. So, first things first! Is it free? Heck yeah, it is.

The site has thousands of pornos, ranging from 2-min racy clips to 3-hour long fuck-marathons. Simply put, it has something for everyone. Would you like to release the load in between your online classes? Go for the short sex scenes.

Do you like to spend a good amount of time, getting involved in the slutty action? Well, there are tons of DVD pornos here.

And yeah, you can watch everything without paying a penny. So, there goes the first point in my checklist.

Secondly, does it have different types of porn? Again, this site impressed me. Usually, JAV sites are too focused on a single niche. Like, some sites only have DVD pornos, while some other focus exclusively on amateur sex videos.

But VJAV does it all. Yeah, you can find all Asian sex things here. The only thing I couldn’t find is the stuff that involves animals. I don’t watch them anyways. So, if you wild wankers prefer that, go fuck off somewhere else!

The final point in my checklist is, User Options. Well, I’m talking about creating an account, like, favorite, follow, and shit like that. This site has a nice and large community. So, it indeed is one of the top JAV sites.

VJAV.COM Review – Tell me more about the fucking Fuck-Videos

Alright boys, I’ve already told you the duration range of these videos. So, what else to talk about? Oh yeah, all those other important things. The videos here come from different sources. There are homemade pornos, studio-produced adult movies, and a few western sex clips as well. It’s very clear that you can find pretty much anything here.

Are they any good? Well, yes and no!

See, this is one of those free Asian porn tube sites, where anyone can upload a sex clip without bothering about some kinda vetting process. So, some clips suck!

All I wanted to know is the ratio of super-hot pornos and fucking rotten crap. Is it gonna be a hit and miss with this website? Okay, after browsing through the website for a few days and fapping to the videos here and there, my conclusion is, the site does a good job at the content quality.

More than half the clips are fucking good. That’s a big deal, I’m saying. Oh, I forgot to tell ya, this site has some of the best Asian BDSM scenes. I guess Asians look cute outside, but in the bed, they’re really good at playing sub-dom.

VJAV,COM – How about those JAV sluts?

What makes a good porno? I know what you’re thinking! Good production values, slutty story, and high video quality. Right? Well, then what about the hotness of porn models, you dummy?

It doesn’t matter how good the technical aspects are, if the girl is ugly, the video’s gonna suck! Ummm, unless you’re into fuglies!

So, we all know that these Asian bitches look fine and dandy. But, I’d like to specially mention the models on this site.

See, there’s this girl, Ai Uehara! Trust me, if she’s okay with marrying me, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Dude, I even put her picture as my phone’s wallpaper for a few days. This whore’s tits are god-level perfect. Oh man, I can’t get enough of her. I’m fucking sure I’m gonna fap to her once I’m done writing this review.

And, there’s Anri Okita, whose boobs are simply flabbergasting. The shape, man, the shape. Not every day you see those round and perky tits, and they seem very soft. Only if I could touch and feel them. Dang!

The hotness of porn models on this site is simply amazing. So, even if a video sucks, you could at least watch and fap to these beautiful bitches.

V JAV – Site design, Filters, and Categories

Video collection – check, Hot Models – Check, Free to watch – check. The site has all the goodies. Now, let’s talk about the technical side.

The site goes easy on eyes, without overwhelming options. However, I gotta warn you, the homepage is a longass one. They’ve placed all things in the front, including Gay videos. Oh please, I don’t wanna talk about those fag things. I mean, why would you spoil my heterosexual mind with those things?!

But, if you’re used to sites like Pornhub, you won’t have any issues with the homepage. You have Videos being watched, Top Models, and Latest Videos.

Apart from that menu, we have a straight-forward Menu. It has all the tags like Latest, Most Viewed, and Top Rated. Along with those, there’s an Albums section, where you could view and download thousands of Asian sex pictures of hot models.

This Japanese porn site has tons of categories. I mean, 102 to be precise. That’s one hell of a way for you to sort through the pornos. There’s even a ‘Funny’ Category as well. I didn’t wanna try it out though.

VJAV JAV Porn Dude, How would you rate this site?

I’d say, 4 out of 5. I really liked almost all the things here. The videos are good. Even, the video quality is above the average mark. Most pornos are available in high-quality formats.

The models are sexy as fuck! The site is easy enough for you to filter and search for your favorite porn types. And, it’s all freely available. The community is large and loud, with users upload tons of content all day every day. So, yeah, go for it, have a couple of faps, and see how you like it.


Year Launched

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All types of JAV content.

Large collection of professional and homemade scenes.

Absolutely free of cost.

Clean site design.

Very good filters and categories.

Gay videos pop out of nowhere.

Not much focus on fetish videos.

Sites like VJAV
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