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ThisAV is the weirdest pornsite I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Oh no, it’s not the language. I know many Asian sites are not available in English. It’s much more than that.

My first impressions of this site were, some half-assed teenager probably is the developer of it. But, when I scrolled down to the bottom, I came to know that the site has been around since 2009.

Maybe it’s been created using a bot. Whatever man, the site’s wacky as shit. Leaving it aside, I moved forward to see if I can find some hot Asian porn to fap to. review – What does the site has to offer?

A lot! But, all in a very unorganized manner. Sure, the site has tons of potential. But, whoever the wacko behind it is doing a mediocre job.

Let’s get on with the basics. The pornsite offers a crapload of authentic JAV content. Some of it is homemade amateur and some of it from porn studios.

But, with the confusing site design, it gets real hard to browse through and filter good sex movies from the shitty ones.

The website does have an in-built language translator. On the top-right corner, you can select between English, Japanese, and Chinese languages. However, even that doesn’t translate all the bits.

You know what I did? I went for my Chrome browser’s default translator option. Still, I couldn’t get it fully translated. Fuck it! This is what I call real bullshit.

Anyhow, I wanted to forget about it and tried randomly picking videos depending on the thumbnails. Only a few were good and the rest were absolute shit-fests.

Man, it’s really hard to filter good porn clips when you can’t read the titles.

ThisAV Review– Are the Pornos good at least?

Alright! I got to my senses. Maybe, I was blaming them too much for my lack of language disability. Cool, let’s try talking about the meat, the videos.

So, after a good couple of hours and skimming through tens of sex videos on thiav JAV site, I found out there are indeed some good scenes. But, at what ratio?

Here’s the thing. For every 3 crappy scenes, there’s a good one. Yep, that’s 25%. Maybe, you may find more videos to be good. But that’s just me! Get some standards, you wanker!

There are a lot of random amateur videos here. And most of them suck ass. Lack of quality being the main issue, several of them just don’t hit it. Either the video is bad, or they had no audio at all.

Oh, one more thing. The site is weird, even the videos are weird. You will either find super-short 2-minute clips or you’ll end up with 250-minute movies. Oh yeah, I know! Crazy. At one moment, I thought, does this site even deserve my time?! Well, still I went on. You know why? So that I’d have a chance to find a good JAV porn source for you my shithead readers! Be grateful!

Finally, I figured out a method to get to the better videos of this site. Through the community! See, I don’t give up so easily.

This site has a large user base, among which, there are some legends who upload top-quality porn regularly. There’s this guy named ‘NikeForever’. This dude uploaded hundreds of JAVs. Well, bless him. And, most of his content is better than the rest.

Oh btw, you can also find some non-Asian porn here. Latina, Ebony, to even Indian pornos.

Use that search function!

Thisav Search Filters & Categories

Okay, the search engine works. And that’s pretty much about it. Since most of the titles are in Japanese or Chinese, good luck with searching for and finding the stuff you’d like.

But, there’s respite. The categories section is gonna treat you well. Just click on it and use the browser’s translator. There are tens of porn categories to go around. Big dick, Huge Ass, Incest, Anal, and many others. So, no issues here.

Along with that, there are also buttons like ‘Most Viewed, and ‘Top Rated’. So, see if it helps ya.

JAV Hisav - Live cams with sexy bitches

Now comes the interesting part. If you’re not really happy with sex scenes here, you can simply go for the live porn cams.

When you click on the ‘Live Cams’ tab, you’ll be taken to Sakura Live, which could be best described as the Japanese version of infamous Live Jasmine.

Frustratingly, even this page is in Japanese, which you’d have to translate it again. Anyhow, at least the babes are sexy and hot, well almost.

You get all the key live cam features here, for free. You can join, watch, and comment without paying a dime. The girls are shy, feminine, and most importantly sexy.

For a few dollars, you can get them do things you fantasize about every night while you beat your meat. Good enough, right?!

ThisAV- How good are the Community Features

I’ll be honest with you. This is the only porno site, where a sub-feature made me happier than the main content. Yes, I’m talking about the community.

Actually, without it, I wouldn’t even able to find good sex scenes on this website. The userbase is large and wide, with many active uploaders.

You can create an account, send friend requests, and even message others. I’m currently following about 20 users who regularly upload super-hot Japanese pornos.

Btw, if you’re wondering how to download thisav video, you’d have to join the community bro.

Thisav – Okay or Whacky?

Well, I don’t know! What do you say?!

See, this is an okayish JAV site. Not too good, and at the same time, not too bad. I bet, if the site is well designed and organized, it’d become one of the best Asian free porn sites.

But, we all know, it didn’t happen. And, I don’t have any hope for the future as well. So, the site is, maybe worth a few minutes of your time, and not much more than that.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

Many full-length JAV pornos.

All content is free to watch and download.

Great and large community.

Robust search filters.

Site design sucks.

Too many ads.

Difficult to navigate.

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