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KissJAV is probably one of the most bizarre names for a porn site. But hey, whatever works for them Asians! No offense.

Also known as ShyAV, this site has been called the Pornhub of Asian porn by many a man. I got curious and ventured out to find out how true it is.

Well, come on, being compared with Pornhub is no small feat, right? Anyhow, you sex freaks who’d salivate over Asian pornos probably heard of this site already. For those of you fuckers who didn’t. I dedicate this review to ya’ll. Review – What’s up with this Japanese sex video site?

If you don’t know it already, JAV is the abbreviation of Japanese Adult Video. And they’ve added Kiss to it.

Enough about the names, let’s get on about the site. ShyJAV is not a porn producer. It’s just another tube site where you can find tons of adult videos.

So, what’s special about it? Well, this website has loads of Asian porn content, mainly of Japanese origins. If you’re a dude that loves to jerk off to those petite Asian sluts, this website will be a feast for you.

Apart from the Japanese porno content, this site also features several other Asian porn categories such as Chinese and Korean.

After spending a couple of days on this site, I found out that they also have videos of Indian couples fucking and sucking, White women getting rammed by random dudes, and Ebony sluts having a go at it.

Basically, this site has it all, but it’s majorly dominated by the Asian sex content.

Kiss JAV Review – Censored or Uncensored?

When it comes to typically any Asian porn video, censorship gets to be the frustrating part. However, for some dudes, it’s some kinda fetish.

Japanese videos are especially censored too much, thanks to the local laws regarding adult sex content. So, how about the videos on JAV shy website?

Well, it’s kinda tricky. They have both censored and uncensored videos. I’m not sure about the ratio between both, but I didn’t find it hard to find pussies and dicks without any blur effects. So, that’s a nice one!

Moreover, if you want to avoid scrolling through pages of videos to find out non-blurred cunts, the site has a feature for you. When you hover your mouse over the video categories such as Korean or Japanese, you will find an option, ‘uncensored’. There you go! Review – Asian porn at its finest! Oh, wait…. Is it?

Like I said earlier, I have heard and seen men boasting about this site. However, you gotta keep in mind that even Pornhub has some of the shittiest porn videos out there.

So, what about this? Well, tbh, JAV shy is indeed very similar to the top free porn tube sites. The only thing that differs here is, tons of Asian pornos.

The videos are honestly fine. Let’s just say, every 7 out of 10 videos is fap-worthy. That’s solid, right?!

Japanese and other Asian chicks are very shy and cute looking. But, don’t let that cheat you. When it comes to some good old fucking, they let their inner beast out. These bitches are horny af and they want some meat stick in their holes.

Currently, there are a little short of 6000 pages or adult videos. I did quick math and found out that there are more or less 100,000 pornos on the site. That’s a fucking lot, I say!

Imagine how many months you could go on jerking off to these petite sluts and even then you won’t run out of content. Now I know why they talk heights and lengths about this website.

The site is decently built, with all the standard categories and tags listed out.

There’s a ‘Videos’ tab under which you could find out all the filters such as ‘Recently Uploaded’, ‘Most Viewed’, ‘Most Favorited’, and ‘Most Downloaded’ among others.

And then, the next tab is ‘Playlists’. And no, it’s not a list of user-created playlists. Instead, you’ll find out all the generic playlists of a particular time period. Like, Most Favorite videos of the month and Most Downloaded pornos of the week.

Alright, now we head over to the ‘Categories’ tab. Here, you can filter through all types of JAVkiss videos. We have User-uploaded videos, Amateur, Uncensored, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Malaysian among others.

Here comes the exciting part. The Models tab lets you shift through all the Asian whores. Honestly, I couldn’t remember their names, so I simply bookmark the chicks I love. There’s this slut named Rion, currently ranked 16. Oh boy, here boobs are huge and perky. You know, the kind of tits that point out.

And then, there’s this Sayuki Kanno slut, ranked at 32. Even her tits are a feast to watch and I can only wish to devour them.

JAV Kiss – How good is the Community part?

Since this is a free tube site, the community plays a vital role, at least in other popular porn sites. Here, it’s a bit tricky.

There is a large community, but only a portion of it is actively participating. Nonetheless, you get tons of daily user-uploaded amateur content.

You can create an account, like, follow, share, and even download videos for free. Btw, not all user content is good at the quality part. FC2PPV is the name you need to remember if you want to watch those videos.

Shy AV – What’s my final say?

Well, go for it! I don’t see any major drawbacks of this porno site. There are literally tons of censored and uncensored videos. You get to watch other Non-Asian sex scenes as a bonus.

The site is absolutely free. Oh wait, Ads. These fucking adverts will frustrate you to the core. There are promotions every-fucking-where. And pop-ups to irritate your mind and dick alike.

But hey, they gotta eat too. Ads are their only source of income. So, calm your tits down, you freeloading fuck!

On a serious note, keeping this one issue aside, the website is an absolute porn blast, mind you!


Year Launched

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Thousands and thousands of videos.

Community and user-uploaded amateur movies.

Nice site-design with easy navigation.

Above-average quality.

Low-quality amateur scenes.

Fucking Ads everywhere.

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