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When I started doing my usual thing—you know, checking out the site and lubing up my sphincter for some nice insertion— to this review for, I was pretty much just expecting free porn site that featured Pinay sex videos that I’ve seen elsewhere before. And no, I do not have a porn addiction, but that’s exactly something someone with a porn addiction would say.

Anyway, going back to my expectations of, well, it all turned out as it did in my mind: it’s got a relatively cheap-looking site design, although not the worst I’ve seen by any means; it’s got videos that I’ve seen on other sites like and Pornhub; and the overall quality of their videos is in line with real Pinay porn.

Kaplog Filipino Videos Review: Shit Just Got Real

When I say real Pinay porn, and I’ve talked about this before, I’m not referring to just any sex video that features a Pinay getting her vagina sandblasted. No, not at all; there are Western companies that already do that, and they’re all freaking disappointing.

Although fun fact: there were a couple of underground porn studios in the Philippines that produced homegrown video content on the internet. I’ve forgotten their names and they’ve folded since, but you could easily find those videos on a site like Check them out, they’re pretty goo albeit a bit dated.

Going back to topic, Filipino porn videos are at their best when they’re locally made. Problem is, the lack of even the smallest studios in the country (because the fucktards in charge suck) mean that the only way to produce your own sex videos is doing it amateur-style. That is, of course, not counting Pornhub’s rising verified amateur business model.

As such, the sex videos you’ll find on mainly belong to that genre, so don’t expect top-tier production values. What you could expect, though, is pure unadulterated amateur fucking: the kind where you could smell that laing scent on some of these dirty bitches’ holes. And really, it’s better than regular porn, since it doesn’t give you any corny-ass fantasies. is Meh

Alright, kids, it’s time I give you another lesson in Filipino. Kaplog’s name comes from an informal and vulgar term for some good ol’ cupping action, usually when it comes to grabbing a woman’s honkers or when a gay guy grabs someone by the dick. Hey, the more you know…

The site itself, to be completely fair, looks good. That is, if we’re strictly talking about this free porn site’s banner and top part of the page.

On it, you’ll see a useful search bar, which is invaluable if you’re looking for a free Asian sex video but don’t understand any Filipino, since the all the titles used on Kaplog are in that language.

But what’s more interesting is how Kaplog is a porn site that’s open to anyone of any sexual orientation who just wants to see free Asian sex videos on their internet page. And, you know what? That’s the dream. Porn videos for all, motherfuckers!

I say this because, Kaplog has—aside from the usual porn categories— sections dedicated to free gay porn and videos and free lesbian sex videos.

Plus, there’s the added bonus of having a section dedicated to free sex stories, and I’m talking about smutty literature in this bitch, not videos. Because as much as you might love seeing bitches getting their slits getting stuffed, you still should find the time to appreciate some fine sex prose!

However, that’s where all the good qualities of Kaplog begins and ends. Because the rest of the site… well, just read on.

A Whore-y Site About Whores

It’s understandable that a site featuring some dirty Asian sluts—because by no means is Kaplog an exclusively Pinay sex videos site— is also a dirty slut itself. Because, man, you’ll have to go through hundreds of ads with every click of the mouse in this ho.

And I’m not even talking about targeted ads that you get from cookies or some shit; these are just a mix of random porn site offerings ranging from the legit to the “fuck no, don’t go in there! It’ll make your laptop explode!”

I’ve said in my review that it was the absolute worst porn videos purveyor I’ve ever seen, and as of now, Kaplog comes as a close second. The only difference between Liboggirls and this free Asian sex videos site is that with Kaplog, the ads EVENTUALLY stop popping up once you’ve fucking closed them manually, one by one.

And it is an experience that will turn your vagina from Pagsanjan Falls to a fucking sandbar strip-mined by those fucking Chinese assholes. Seriously, fuck those guys.

At Least You Can Choose the Videos…

Compared to other porn video sites, like the ones from my Sarapbeh review or my Kantoter review, I’d say Kaplog’s library of free sex videos is a bit lacking. So, what’s a site to do? Well, they padded it up by trying to pass up other porn categories, like Japanese videos, as “Pinay” and that shit never works.

So, I’d say that there’s really nothing special about the videos offered on Kaplog other than the fact that they kind of specialize in categories within the amateur sex videos niche. Yeah, shaky cams and all that.

The Kaplog Review Verdict—It’ll Do, Guys and Girls!

Kaplog does worse in other respects compared to other sites and vice-versa. Sure, other websites may not feature an absurd amount of advertisements, but their video players might be more useless than the Philippine government’s pandemic response whereas this one has a perfectly fine player.

Suffice it to say that this site has an equal amount of nice and shitty qualities. I won’t say that I highly recommend this one, but if the pickings be slim, then it works as a nice substitute to just jerking off in the dark.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

Nice lesbian and gay categories

Features a site with smut literature

Nice banner and search bar

Video player works just fine

So many fucking ads

Library is not that expansive

Shitty site design

Sites like KapLog
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