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When I initially set out to do this review, I was expecting this porn site to be pretty much just like other free Pinay porn sites out there—you know, you’re going to get those free Pinay sex videos on a site whose design leaves a whole lot to be asked for.

So, it was to a bit of my surprise to find out that the dalagitas and putas featured on Kantotero’s videos were not entirely within the Pinay porn category. Now, whether that’s a good or bad thing is entirely up to your personal expectations.

In my experience, it didn’t exactly turn my little weenie from an eager meat log into a melted fruit pop. But I will say that it took a bit of adjusting to what this free Pinay porn site has to offer.

So, stick with me, boys and girls, and find out everything you need to know about and all the meat and juices you’ll find in their free Pinay sex content!

It’s Kantutan Time!

Alright, alright. Let’s get this out of the way first:’s site name is based on a filthy-ass Pinoy street word for a man that does nothing with his time but play hide the salami. Simply put, “kantot” means “to fuck” and that –“ero” suffix applies it to a male person. If you want to apply it to a girl, change that suffix’s last letter into an “a”.

There’s your Filipino language lesson for the day. You know me, I’m an educator at heart.

Going back to this free Pinay porn site, it’s actually a site that has been around for some time now. It used to be that their domain name was, but that shit got shut down because of how the Philippines’ prevailing moral opinions on sex is that it’s Satan’s playground or some bullshit.

So, here we are: might have a newer domain name but it’s mostly still the same site from years ago. Keep in mind, though, it’s MOSTLY the same. More on that as we go through this review, you horny duck.

What you’ll find posted on this website are—supposedly— exclusively free Pinay sex videos. So, yes, this belongs in the Asian porn category, but this Pinay porn site has changed quite a bit since I last visited it.

A Porn Site for All

Whether you’re hankering for some Japanese, Filipino, or some American cuisine on any given night, you can rest assured that can deliver.

Because what changed from before is that nowadays, Kantotero isn’t an exclusive site for malibog na Pinays and Pinoys that make videos that are then posted on this website. Hell, I can’t even say that is even a predominantly Pinay porn site anymore.

And that’s what had me need a bit of time to this whole approach: I was expecting nothing but Pinay sex videos here, but I got—well— more. But, the more Pinay porn videos, the better, right?

But Here’s the Twist…

As I said in the title, it’s pretty much just your typical porn site with a twist added to it. And that comes in the form of the video’s titles.

To make still appear as a Pinay sex content site, all—and I mean ALL—of the videos posted on this website are in Filipino. So, if you don’t understand the language, you’re going to have a hard time looking for which videos will get your rocks off.

Still, this “Pinay Porn site” is not as unforgiving to non-Filipino speakers as others, since they use a tagging system to categorize their videos and allow you to find what you’re looking for.

Plus, there are also links on top of Kantotero’s homepage that lead to the site’s various categories. Don’t worry, they’re in English, so you could fap your way through it.

This Pekpek Looks Premium!

Perhaps what impressed me the most about when I initially did this review was how organized and—honestly— good-looking the site design is. I’ve visited several Pinay porn sites before, but I’ve never seen one that looks as legit as this one.

Suffice it to say that Kantotero’s layout and design looks almost identical to Pornhub. And if you don’t know what Pornhub looks like, then you’re a fucking liar.

Alright, I think the pang-chuchupa that I’m doing on Kantotero’s enough. It’s not a perfect site, after all.

If They Fixed This…

Kantotero would, in my book, probably be one of the best free Pinay porn sites out there if not for one flaw that could get your clit-rubbing mood ruined: their video player is absolutely trash.

The good news is that the video player loads whatever free Pinay sex content you chose fast… IF it works. Because there are times when their player straight up refuses to play for your sick needs, leaving you with a lathered penis or pussy and nothing else to do.

And IF the video player works, the only button that works (and it doesn’t even work consistently) is the Play and Pause toggle.

So, if you don’t want your roommate to think you’re watching porn, you’re shit out of luck: you don’t get volume control here; if you want to see those Pinay titties in full-screen, that’s not going to happen either; and, this is the worst, if you’re about to bust that nut and want to see the video’s climax, you’re fucked: you can’t even rewind or fast forward the videos here.

My Review Verdict—It Could Have Been Great…

To all you Hoops fans out there, is like the Derrick Rose of Pinay Porn: it could have been in the hall of fame, but it didn’t do what it was supposed to do. And I’m more depressed than I am disappointed at this, which is pretty much how I feel about D-Rose’s career trajectory.

So, would I recommend that you visit Kantotero? Nah. Given that they’re pretty much just offering regular porn and advertising it as Pinay Porn, you’re better off visiting a non-Pinay sex video site, because they’re basically the same at this point.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

Nice site design

Filipino language video titles provide a nice touch

Fast loading times for videos

Nice links and search bar

The video player is total garbage

It’s not really a Pinay porn site anymore

Some of the videos don’t even work

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