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Are you the kind of guy who can't get enough JAV porn? Give a try.

Each new JAV site you visit, you're bound to find titles that you won't find elsewhere. Here's another JAV sex site to find new goodies.

So how does JavQD compare to similar porn sites? Let's check it out.

JavQD Review: Site Layout, Free User Online Features

JavQD is (or was) a name URL in the JAV sex corner of the net. These days, the URL redirects to JavFree.SH. I'm not sure whether the webmasters have completed the move but things seem rather buggy. At the time of this review, few of the videos will play in any browser.

When I first open the site, I momentarily see a broken page (perhaps remnants of the prior server) before JavFree.SH opens in place of JavQD.

The layout is average with all the basic features against a black background. It has a search bar, followed by a row of site filters, followed by rows of video tables. Nothing unique or special for a JAV sex site but no clutter either.

The bar of filters lets you narrow your video search to new content or popular stuff. You'll also see buttons for censored and uncensored videos. The difference is whether the genitals are pixelated in the video (that's Japan's idea of "censored": full-on sex with slightly obscured privates.)

As with other JAV sex sites, the text on JavQD is in English but the text on the video covers is in Japanese. One thing I see here that's unique to these sites is a site translation thumb for Chinese users. (When I first saw the button "Chinese Sub" I thought "What, Chinese porn?" Nahh.)

You can also view the site with Thai subtitles. (Thailand, now there's a place with an even bigger jizz biz than Japan's.)

JavQD Review: Sex, HD Porn Video Player

The video tables run as follows: six rows and four columns of censored free porn videos, followed by another 6x4 table of uncensored free content, followed by two rows of amateur Asian porn.

I've already tried several videos in all my browsers (Opera, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox). So far, only one video has played (in Firefox). The others give me "Error Code:232011" or something similar.

Too bad. Maybe it's the time of day (Sunday night PST as I type) or maybe the server is too far away from the U.S. west coast? I'd really like to watch some of these movies, based on the cover images. Let's see how things go in Firefox.

A word of warning about pop-ups, as you'll find these on all free JAV porn sites. On JavQD, you'll have to kill two pop-ups before you can get a video player to show its buttons. If you actually get the video to activate error-free, you'll get another pop-up the first time you try to use the adjustments (volume, resolution, play bar, etc.)

Your luck with certain browsers might vary based on the settings of your PC or laptop. For me, it goes like this: secondary tabs in Opera (my porn browser), blocked pop-ups in Chrome (my social browser), secondary tabs in Microsoft Edge (my junk browser) and scary pop-up windows in Firefox (my music browser). It's with some trepidation that I must use Firefox for this review.

Sex HD JAV Uncensored

The first video I tried to open is titled GOAL-031 Jav guru 17 Married Woman Who Throw Away The Trash Without A Bra. It was the first video displayed, upper-left in the top row of tables. It gave me an error code in all four browsers. Several other failures followed.

In Firefox, I finally got something to play and it looks like a good one, judging by the skirt-suited chick on the cover. The video is titled Caribbeancom Premium 082120_003 Jav555 Secretary s Job Vol 11. It's a 70-minute clip that begins with what appears to be an ad for some casino.

The actual movie starts three minutes in with a cute secretary (business suit, glasses, pantyhose) sitting cross-legged at her desk. She presents something to her boss (or so it appears; I don't understand the dialogue) and after the office clears, they do all the nasty stuff (blowing, fingering fucking... all the same things you'd probably want to do to her.)

My favorite part is the pantyhose-ass-to-the-camera scene, which starts 11 minutes in and lasts for several minutes. She thrusts those buns into the lens with a running pink vibrator against her crotch. The pantyhose exhibitionism continues for a half-hour in various poses as she snaps back from her orgasmic sensations to suck and foot-rub his dick.

In the Chinese Sub list, I spot another leggy cover. It shows a deep-dish-thigh leg-cross in sheer-black pantyhose. The title is IPX-150 (and a bunch of Chinese letters). I click it on and (fingers crossed) it plays!

Alas, the office hottie on the cover doesn't appear in this two-hour movie, at least not in that outfit. It does have some great hosiery vignettes, including a naughty nurse scene. Sorry, no info is given in the actresses.

JAV Porn Models, Categories

The directory of porn stars on JavQD spans 128 pages with 36 thumbnails per page. On the Categories page, you can search for videos that match your kinks. Certain categories have thousands of matches: Creampie (23,666), Married Woman (14,982), Big Tits (19,859), Amateur (14,369).

The JavQD team is always updating their Latest Videos category. Whether you're a new or longtime JAV porn user, online at you'll find plenty of things to like, at least when the videos work. is powered by JavFree.SH, copyright 2020.


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