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Want free Asian porn? JavJack has more than you'll ever have time to watch!

At, you'll find 50,000 videos with thousands of sexy Japanese adult stars.

How can one site have so much porn? Here, I'll show you. Review - Streaming, Watch Online

JavJack is one of the classiest Asian porn sites you're liable to stumble across. The front page displays five rows of innocent, smiling, full-figured, wholesome-looking Japanese girls. They all have big, round breasts and hour-glass frames, assets you don't always find in the Far East.

Each image looks like the cover to a foreign culture magazine or an erotic novel. There is nothing raunchy, smutty or in-your-face about these thumbnails. Even the pictures with nudity appear innocent and au naturel.

The JavJack site layout is simple and clutter-free, consisting of a top-row bar and filter, video thumbs and page arrows. The top row contains four key site filters (Updates, Idols, Genres, JAV sites) and a search bar. Each page displays image-links to 30 videos.

At the time of this review, the video directory spans 1,478 pages, which places the total video count at roughly 50,000 titles.

Compared to the clutter of other sites in this genre, JavJack has a simple and easy-to-use layout.

JavJack Review - Free Porn Video Streaming

For a free JAV site, the click-and-play functions on JavJack are fair. After you go to a video and click to activate the player, you'll get a pop-up tab. On your second click, the same.

Confusingly, most of these pop-up tabs appear to the left of the site tab (maybe it's just Opera). You'll probably have to click the play button three or four times to activate the video.

Each video should start within five seconds after the wheel first turns. The first time you use any of the adjustments (volume, resolution, play bar), you'll get another pop-up tab. After that, you shouldn't have any more pop-ups with the video in question.

The pop-up situation is average for a site in this category. My only complaint in this regard is the pop-ups I get when I scroll up and down the pages in the video directory. When I click the scroll bar, I get pop-up tabs. I haven't encountered that on any of the other JAV sites.

JavJack Porn Videos: Review

The first video that I just can't resist shows a pair of nylon-clad legs wrapped upward around the back of some lucky dude.

It doesn't have a title so much as a lengthy description next to the code number: VRTM-493 This Sales Lady Suddenly Came To My House, and When She Took These Aphrodisiacs, She Rubbed Her Black Pantyhose Against Me... (it goes on and on, but you get the idea).

The 105-minute video is split between two scenes, one starring Megumi Meguro and the other with Yumi Saeki. They both play suited sales ladies who show up at the houses of shy, horny guys who get turned on by the legs.

Each scene gradually unfolds into a sequence of foreplay acts that culminate in hard fucking. The girls, especially Saeki, are quite loud and high-pitched in their ecstatic yelps. (That's Japanese porn for you.)

Going way down the directory of videos, the next thumbnail to catch my eyes shows a chick in a down-blouse business suit with huge tits bursting out her blazer. The film is titled Number One AV Star Yuma Asami 's Amateur Audition. It's an old one (Asami retired from porn in 2013). A lengthy interview precedes some very amateurish blowjob and masturbation scenes.

A word of warning about Japanese porn: some of these scenes have lengthy, low-budget plot developments that consist of dull conversations in dull settings. This can be very boring if you're only here to wank, especially if you don't understand Japanese (as most of you don't.) You'll probably skip forward in a lot of these videos, though you'll have to deal with pop-ups.

The next video I watch sports the rag-tag title Tokyo OL Calendar 01: "An Adult's SK**l" Is Sexual Gratification - Megumi, 28. I'm down by the busty open-blouse and deep-dish, cross-legged beauty on the cover.

It's listed under six genres: amateur, blowjob, creampie, hi-def, office lady, older sister. Sounds good. She interviews and poses in her sexy skirt-suit before changing into a vinyl bodysuit for some hardcore action, including a B/B/G scene.

The final video I try shows a stacked milf in an empty tub with her legs wrapped over the shoulders of a squatting man. It's called Creampies Without Pulling Out - Forbidden Relations, Secret Sex and it stars Kozue Tokita.

After a quiet dinner, mom (or step-mom) walks in on her son masturbating. He doesn't notice her. She gets turned on. They ultimately fuck. (This must be Japan's answer to the stateside step-sex phenomenon).

JavJack Directory, Site Rating

If you click the Updates button on the upper right, it'll simply show the same order of videos as when you first arrived. The videos are ordered by upload date. If you skip to the later pages, you can tell that those videos are older by some of the tacky 2000s clothing and hairdos.

The Idols link takes you to a big directory of Japanese porn stars. The type is small and the lists are long, divided into four columns across 20 pages. The number of stars must be high in the thousands. Heck, the list is so big that I think it might contain the women and the men of JAV porn.

The Genres are listed from A-Z (technically 3D to Yukata) at the link next to Idols. You'll find lots of interesting porn categories here, like egg beater, electric massager, female warrior, look-alike, over 16 hours (?), role reversal, best omnibus and many more.

There are some categories you probably never heard of, including freeter, tsundere and other terms unique to the JAV porn world.

Overall, JavJack is a great place to watch free, full-length JAV porn whenever you like.


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