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Do you like fuck films with cute Japanese girls? (Who doesn't?) That's what is all about.

It's a porn tube website with thousands of videos made in the Far East. All exotic fetishes served.

So how good is this Japanese porn and how does it compare to stuff here in the West. Let's examine.

JAV Fun Site Review has a simple, low-budget layout with 16 of the sites' most popular HD movies displayed on the front page. Before you scroll down, you'll see a retracting search bar and menu across the top of the screen. It features the most popular search filters, including JAV, Movie, Studio, Category and Heyzo.

If you hover over Studio, it shows a list of 39 studios that shoot JAV porn.

At the time of this review, the JAV Fun video directory spans 416 pages with 40 videos per page. This brings the current video count to somewhere over 16,600.

At the bottom of the page, you'll see a further set of links to internal site filters (Uncensored, Group Sex, Massage, Schoolgirl, Tokyo Hot) and a few non-affiliated third-party sites (Brazzers, HD Porn, Czech Casting, etc).

Half of the thumbnails feature nine-panel collages of different scenes from the corresponding video. Other thumbnails contain one image emblazoned with large, Japanese typeface. Some of them look like commercials for over-the-phone services, the kind you used to see on late-night television. On each page of the video directory, you'll likely spot one or two must-click images.

You get a variety of features and content on this site, so it will never leave you bored.

JAV Fun Popular, Hot HD Movies

JAV Fun has the best video-playing capabilities of any JAV site I've written a review for thus far. I don't get any pop-up tabs when I click on a video. Each thumbnail in the directory goes to a video page with a play arrow right in the center. When I click that arrow, the video starts playing.

On most of the other JAV sites, you'll have to click off a sequence of pop-ups before you can watch the video.

The player itself is also very efficient. Each video is fast-loading and easy to browse. If you wish to jump to a later scene, the player will let you do so without stalling or giving you pop-ups. Best of all, the site works in any browser. JAV Fun works for me without issues in Opera, which had trouble running similar sites.

One of the most fetching thumbnails on the first page shows a young Japanese girl in a bridal veil titty-fucking some guy (presumably not the groom). The video is titled Uncensored Guys Aren't The Only Ones Putting Effort Into Sex and it stars Momo Sakura. (A quick Google search on her name only brings up innocent modeling photos of her, though she does have some videos on PornHub.)

Turns out, the bridal veil is one of her many bedroom getups. She also dons sexy bunny and zebra-print undergarments in different scenes. All outfits are previewed at the start of this 135-minute movie.

Most of the scenes show her giving POV blowjobs, as well as a few handjobs and the aforementioned titty-job. It almost looks like a compilation of amateur home porn, possibly shot with her boyfriend (?). Despite the word "uncensored" in the title, the guy's dick is blurred in the blowjob scenes, but only slightly. (In Japan, "censored" means slightly obscured blue matter in scenes that would never be permitted anywhere outside a XXX theater in the U.S.)

JAV Fun Adult Videos: Review

The next thumbnail to grab my attention is for a movie titled Please Forgive Me Brother-In-Law S Sex Drive starring Ai Samaya. (Please forgive the broken English of the title, which breaks through translation.)

This one begins with a long plot full of dry acting and dialogue. It almost looks like a foreign soap opera. For a western viewer, this could be really boring if you don't speak Japanese. I have to scroll passed the 14-minute mark before any raunchiness ensues. The good news is that Samaya has a smoking body with curves and soft, teardrop breasts. Down on all fours, she takes some lucky guy in the mouth before he pounds her into screams of ecstasy.

Sifting through a few pages, I come across a video titled Chaste Wife Having Affair With Husband Is Colleague. It stars a certain pixie-haired MILF whose name is not identified. The first 10 minutes consist of dinner-table dialogue between the married couple and a third wheel. Eventually, the husband falls asleep and the reserved yet horny wife becomes fair game.

Watch HD Movies Online at JAV Fun is a great place to watch HD movies online. The site offers more that 16,000 free, full movies in all the popular, hot categories of Japanese porn. You can watch the site with its daytime white background or switch to the dark night mode if you wish.

JAV Fun works on every device; and everything, remember, is optimized for today's porn content. Furthermore, there's no need to enable browser's extensions, be it Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

Since the site is free, it's open to all parties. Member login area issues are not a factor because there's no registration requirement. Users don't have to worry about becoming members. You don't have to create a password or send a new password down the line.

The site and its text are the copyright of, all rights reserved. The contents are provided by different studios, including Pink Champagne, JAV HD, Caribbeancom, Samurai Porn, Nyoshin and Gachinco.

Visit JAV fun whenever you're in the mood for long movies with hardcore action featuring Asian girls.


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