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Do you like long Japanese porn movies? has 2+ hour adult videos that you can watch for free.

JAV Full has more than 71,000 Japanese adult videos with every kink and fetish imaginable.

How could something that sounds so good actually be true? Let's explore this site in our exclusive NSFW411 review. Site Review - Layout, Features

JAV Full has a clean and simple layout with rows of video thumbnails over a white background. Across the top of the page, you'll see a row of site tabs for Categories, JAV Streaming, Best JAV Sites and JAV Free.

If you hover over Categories, it'll show a large menu of options such as cosplay, handjob, big tits, massage and kimono. To bring up the search bar, click the magnifying button to the right. The JAV Free thumbnail table defaults to a six-row, four-column layout, though you can adjust this to your own liking. As I write this review, the site has 71,237 free videos. The video directory spans 2,969 pages that you can scroll through at the bottom of each page.

Any time you wish to click a link, you'll need to click it twice. The first click will generate a pop-up. Fortunately, these are easy to kill. Like most Japanese porn sites, you might have trouble viewing this in certain browsers. I've found that Microsoft Edge gives me the least hassle with JAV videos. Free Videos

To play one of the movies on JAV Full, click on the thumbnail in the video directory. This will open up the video page with a static player that bears the thumbnail (usually an image collage of different scenes from the video).

When you click the player, a pop-up will appear. Click it off or hit control+W. Press the player a second time. This will generate a play arrow on the player. Click that, then click off the second pop-up. Click the player a third time. The movie will now play.

Most of these movies are between 90 minutes and three hours long. The first time you try to adjust the volume or click any of the control buttons on the player, another pop-up will appear. Click this off and try the buttons again. You shouldn't get any further pop-ups after that.

Uncensored JAV Movies

The first video that I watch on JAV Full is titled Tokyo Hot n1020. There's no info about this 105-minute movie in the descriptor (typical) but the URL identifies the star as Rika Mizuki. She's a lithe, young Japanese girl with long hair who wears sweater tops, miniskirts and pantyhose. She writhes around on a stool for a couple of minutes before submitting to a gang bang.

The next movie I watch is titled FNK-025 Delusion Woman Doctor Molester Practice Special Train Soiled Intelligent Beauty Milf Tight Skirt. (The translation of these titles results in lots of broken English.) In this 150-minute film, a mini-suited MILF gets fingered and fondled on a subway line. (According to urban myth, the Japanese are so reserved that they'll often turn a blind eye to public sex.)

I then watch some scenes from GASO-0080 Saki Okuda Girlfriend of Me, a three-hour compilation that starts with a threesome on a sofa. A later scene shows a room full of people where one of the couples fucks while the others stare and gasp. Eventually, everyone starts fucking. There are lots of high-pitched giggles as the female orgasms sound off in unison.

During sex, the women in these videos are a lot different from their American counterparts. Whereas western women scream and thrust in states of horny aggression, Japanese women lie and moan as if they're in pain (the facial expressions also looked pained.)

Scrolling the video directory, I spot a fetching thumbnail for a movie titled VDD-107 Female Teacher In … intimidation Suite Aika Ami. The image shows the chick squatting down in her pantyhose with her back to the camera.

The opening scenes show a sexy teacher, presumably of the naughty variety. Turns out, things don't take place in the classroom. She gets teased and drilled by two men later on.

Japanese Porn Categories, JAV Censored

You'll find some interesting options when you hover over the Categories tab on the upper-right. I click "Anchorwoman" to see which kinds of porn movies play with this theme. One of the thumbs shows a newswoman getting a facial on the air.

Looking for some high-hemline action, I choose SERO-0242 Joshi Ana God Hata Ichihana Was Nomasa Aphrodisiac to in CM. Due to the slow buildup of the plot, I jump ahead several minutes. Therein lies one drawback of Japanese porn for straight-to-action western viewers: the slow plots can drag, especially when they feature lots of foreign dialogue.

The category for "Uniforms" brings up a lot of interesting matches, included thumbs with Japanese girls in Catholic school skirts and sailors uniforms.

I choose the clip titled AGEMIX-141 Without Gal Legs because it has lots of leg action. It's a compilation of scenes in which office women give nylon foot jobs. Alas, the video is "censored" so the private parts are pixelated.

All the content on JAV Full is free to watch. The site makes its revenue through ads. In exchange for a bunch of click-offs (minor annoyance) you can watch thousands of hours of Japanese porn videos at your own leisure. Whenever you find new favorites, add the to a special bookmarks folder.

To wrap this review, JAV Full is a great site for thousands of free and lengthy porn movies from the Far East. A lot of these films and clips you won't find anywhere else, not even on PornHub.


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