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Are you looking for free Japanese porn? has tons of such content.

Hundreds of high-quality porn movies that you can stream at any time, all on one site.

So how can one site possibly collect and offer such specialized content? Let's explore.

High-definition Movies, JAV Free

Japanese adult videos have become one of the most popular niche categories in porn. There's something about the petite frames, cute features and innocent voices of Japanese girls that makes western guys melt. As part of that nation's cultural tradition, Japanese women love to please men and it shows in countless porn videos.

The layout on JavFree is simple and clear. At the top of the front page, you'll see a search bar followed by a sequence of site tabs: HD, Censored, Uncensored, Amateur, Categories. The last of those has a pull-down menu with three sub-categories: Actors, Tags, Porn Sites. You can view the site in English, Japanese, Chinese or Korean.

The top videos on JavFree are divided into three main tables: Censored, Uncensored and Amateur. Each table has three rows, four columns of the hottest and most-watched videos. In Japanese porn, "censored" usually means that the genitals are blurred or pixellated. In some cases, dicks are covered with vegetable emojis.

If you try to watch these videos in Chrome or Opera, you might get a message that reads "error code 224003." I had this problem yesterday around 11:00 am when I first opened JavFree. I then tried the site in Microsoft Edge and everything worked fine. Just now (1:00 am PST), I tried one of the videos in Opera and it played, so it could depend on server traffic.

Uncensored JavFree Movies: Review

Most of the thumbnails capture the best moments of the corresponding porn videos. It's hard for me to decide where to begin.

I take the plunge on a clip titled Beautiful Japanese Girl Sucks & Fucks in Hotel POV – TokyoDiary. It features a beautiful girl with long, straight hair who sucks it proud and tender. She blows him from several positions before mounting the couch to take him in the pussy.

I then click a racier thumbnail for a porn video titled fantasy gets true when wife brings Asian girl in bedroom (a lot of porn titles aren't capitalized properly). The image shows a woman gaping chin-up in obvious ecstasy while getting drilled on her side. The lucky guy is a Zorro-masked white dude.

The 39-minute video features two women who make-out with each other and take turns on the guy. I expand the Uncensored table with the More Videos button, which opens a 348-page directory with 32 clips per page. One thumbnail that grabs my eye shows an orgasmic-faced, round-titted beauty getting fucked while doing pilates. The video is titled LenruzZabdi Compilation Asian and Japanese, big tits and big ass.

Unfortunately, the thumb image comes from a five-second snippet of an unidentified Japanese porn movie. The video jumps through more than 10 other clips in five minutes.

JavFree.Biz Review - Japanese Porn Categories

I click on the Categories link on the upper-right to see what's in store. (At the time of this review, the Tags link in the pull-down isn't working.) Some of the more interesting categories include ass fetish, beautiful legs, best omnibus (?), bus guide, cheating wife and digital mosaic. The Categories directory is four pages long.

My search leads me to a video titled I Want To Be Fucked With Breasts starring Japanese porn star Kaori. I find it disappointing. It starts with an office mini-suit scene where her legs are bare (most office skirt-suit scenes in Japanese porn are geared toward hosiery fetishists.)

Anyway, the clothes come off rather soon in this two-hour movie. Her tits are large but her body is somewhat plump for an Asian girl.

The last clip that I watch for this review is titled 05BSSRGTEEHJSNEGTGRMXV (some of these only have alphanumeric codes). The thumb shows a girl with nice, round breasts and tight abs getting drilled missionary in screaming ecstasy.

Turns out, the clip is "censored" with pixelated genitals, though the sex acts are obvious and NSFW. That said, it has some good fucking from an unidentified scream queen. Porn Site Functions

For a Japanese porn site, JAVfree offers relatively good playing capabilities. I never encountered more than one pop-up ad per video click. The main problem is when a timed video ad won't start. That happened to me in the middle of an ass fetish video where an ad was due to run midway through but wouldn't start. No ad meant no five-second countdown.

Don't expect to jump across these videos like you would on PornHub or YouTube. While most of these videos will start playing within a couple of seconds, they load as you play. If you cut across minutes, the player will freeze and wear out your patience.

As with most sites that specialize in Japanese porn, you're not guaranteed a perfect JAVfree viewing experience if you reside in the west. Some of the videos are slow-loading. Depending on your computer or the time of day, you might need to switch to a different browser (Microsoft Edge comes with Windows 10).

The good news is that JAVfree actually works, unlike JAVfinder, where the videos won't even play in Microsoft Edge. The site is free to use; no membership or e-mail required to watch and "like" the contents. The videos are powered by, all rights reserved.

JAVfree is a great site to browse when you're in the mood for that unique Japanese porn flavor that you won't often find on western porn sites.


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