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N/A is the kind of JAV porn site that deserves a glimmering review, even if it’s only for the sheer amount of censored JAV and uncensored JAV you’re getting from the top production companies in Japan. However, I have to be fair and look at all the pros and cons that porn sites like this give you.

So, if you want to know about everything there is about, then just keep on reading, true believer (of filth), because I’m going to give you just that. is No Joke

Forget about the site name, which honestly sounds like it’s some weird military code for Japan to finally launch their Gundams into orbit and conquer EVERYTHING. Hp JAV, much like other Japanese porn sites out there, thrives on prioritizing function over form. And that’s something porn sites from other countries could learn a thing or two about.

Simply put, HP JAV is an Asian porn site that focuses primarily on top quality censored and uncensored Japanese porn. So, there’s no need to spend ridiculous amounts of hours and data to download your favorite oishi girls getting their fuck on; Hp JAV pretty much covers it for you.

And I have to say, this is one site that makes most Asian porn sites look like absolute trash in comparison (looking at you, Filipino porn sites. Fucking step up your game).

For one, HP Jav—and this is pretty standard with free JAV sites— has a streamlined, clean site design that allows you to scroll your way to your next fap flick to rub your chin chin to. But what has me colored impressed is the fact that this one, given that it provides you free porn videos, manages to make their pages appealing in spite of a barrage of ads onscreen.

The Lay of the Land Where Bitchi-desus Get Laid

Right on top of their homepage, you’ll see a banner containing links to their various categories that range from the usual censored jav videos to uncensored ones; they have an amateur videos section, too, but don’t let that fool you: there’s no homemade sex on this site; then you have links to their HD videos content and even a page dedicated to JAV models.

What I’m saying is, you’re getting the complete package with the banner alone. And the fact that their JAV videos feature English titles would make you disgusting monolingual English speakers gush (just use a damn sock when you do).

When you scroll down, you’ll see their featured videos form their censored and uncensored categories, but like I said earlier, this is where their clever site design kicks in: instead of slapping you in the face with ads like you’re some washed up geisha in the middle of a bukkake festival, HP Jav makes itself look organized by providing breaks on each featured category and placing their ads on these.

The result is a smooth porn-surfing experience that won’t have you incessantly clicking on the X button to take those pesky ads away. Bravo, HP Jav! Top? Bottom? Doesn’t Matter, it’s High Quality.

With thousands of videos in their catalogue, you definitely won’t have a shortage of content to rub that clit to on this site.

And I’m not talking about cheap clips here, either; these are full-length top quality JAV videos, the kind you used to illegally download from the basement computer.

Seriously, though, I absolutely love that this is not one of those sites that gets you wetter than miso soup but ends up leaving you drier than bonito flakes. As far as Japanese porn sites go, this one is a real banger worth your time and disgusting effort.

Why Do They Do This with Porn Players?

Of course, there’s a downside here, too. And that comes in the form of their video player itself. Now, ads are annoying: that’s a fact. But with the right layout or design, a site like HP Jav makes it so that you don’t get frustrated and soft because of these advertisements.

Now, if only they applied the same clever approach to their video player the way they did with their homepage, then this will be one of those sites deserving of a hentai award. Sadly, the player only gets a sad-ass bakero award because it gets, well, totally shimete.

It’s understandable that you have to click away an ad before playing the video—that’s pretty much the standard for free JAV sites like this. However, if you get a pop-up ad when you try to fast forward or rewind the video player, then that’s a pretty shitty experience.

On the bright side, this doesn’t happen ALL of the time, but you could expect this annoying experience two out of three times. And it’s enough to break your mojo and have you shouting “yamete!” before pulling your skirt up and deciding to just have a midnight snack instead.

However, I will commend this JAV spot for having a player that load s pretty quickly and features a video quality selector for when your internet connection is lagging but your libido is busting.

All in all, though, the player itself is pretty hit or miss. There are times you won’t encounter the ad problem, but there are instances when you will. So, just flip that coin.

Take Your Pic

Keep your Riley Reid bullshit; JAV stars are the best.

Whether you’re looking for industry legends like Maria Ozawa or current all-stars like Yui Hatano, HPJav probably has them.

But, as with most JAV sites, if you’re looking for real amateur porn, go elsewhere. It’s all quality videos in here.

The HPJAV Review Verdict—It’s Good

I don’t think I have to say anything more: HPJav does the—err—job! This is a site with a respectable number of videos that feature a respectable number of JAV stars.

The overall design of the site is better than most, with its only flaw being its ad-riddled media player.

Still, I’d say it’s worth the visit.


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Nice library of Japanese porn stars

A decent catalogue of smut you could rub one out to

Homepage is one of the cleanest I’ve seen

Video player has too many ads

There are times when forwarding and rewinding becomes nearly impossible

No download option (but that’s just a very minor nitpick)

Sites like HPJAV
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