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If you ask me, doing a review for sites like makes me happy that I get to watch some of the best JAV stars have their holes drilled in ways that mother nature didn’t even intend to.

This is a free JAV site that hits all the right (Asian porn) spots and one that you should absolutely give a try if you’re trolling for some oishi videos on any given night.

The question is, what are you getting from that you probably won’t find on other Japanese porn spots? That’s the question that I set to answer with this review, and I think you’re going to find it to be very helpful in getting your chin chin spitting some spunk in no time once you’re done reading this. Review: It’s an All-Rounder

If you were to think of Asian porn—particularly if we’re talking about the best free JAV websites— as literal survival tools, then is pretty much a swiss army knife.

And I mean that without any exaggeration: this is one of those places that seems to have everything you need. Of course, you might be one of those total sickos who couldn’t get off if they don’t see a dwarf eating Cheetos in between a JAV star’s toenails, in which case you need some professional help, sick hentai.

But for the most part, I mean if you’re the kind of aficionado who just likes the simple thrills of seeing JAV idols (yup, that’s what porn stars are called in Japan, and it’s way better than simply calling them cum dumpsters the way Americans do with their homegrown talent) literally puke some onigiri or nori after deepthroating a penis, then you’re all good here.

But I’m getting ahead of myself: let’s start as we usually do and talk about what you could expect when you first visit this site’s homepage.

Welcome to the World of Free JAV Videos, Grasshopper-san

It goes without saying that you won’t have to pay a single cent of real-world money to get your Takoyaki off on BeJav; the nekos here are actually free, albeit you have to deal with some annoying ads to reach your free video. More on that later.

Once you’re on BeJav, you’ll be treated to a homepage that has the color palette of Pornhub. Don’t lie, now: I know you know what Pornhub looks like, because you’re not a caveman. Frankly, they could have done better in choosing the right color scheme here, since there are so many porn sites out there—and nearly all of them are shadier than Yakuza—that use this same color choice.

It might seem like a small thing, but if you’re as much of a bakero as I am, your expectations immediately drop harder than weeaboo’s panties whenever they see their husbando. So, yeah, that’s one of the things I didn’t like about this site.

That said, BeJav is not unlike other free Japanese porn sites when it comes to the overall layout and design of the whole thing. And it works for the better all of the time, with this one not being an exception.

On the very top of the page, you’ll see the site logo done in Times New Roman, which is a poor choice of font if you’re doing a website regardless if it’s JAV or not. But right beside it is where you’ll find the important stuff.

There’s the search bar, which is one of the most efficient I’ve tried, as it’s able to deliver your results based not just on categories like anal, gangbang, etc., but even with the longest keywords. So, if you tried something like “porn best uncensored full length”, which honestly sounds like you fell face flat on your keyboard because of a mini-stroke, BeJav will give you a result for that.

And, right beside the search bar is where you get the chance to explore their categories, the top videos of the week, the names of the JAV stars (so no need to ask “Namaiwa?” whenever you see a new face onscreen), links to other porn sites and—my favorite— this is one of those rare free porn sites that have a catalogue of the studio names that produce these lovely videos.

Then, of course, there’s the meat of things once you scroll down. Wants Your Time and It Deserves It

BeJav just wants you to be hooked on JAV porn videos, and it’s doing a great job of it. From Hayakawa Mizuri to Risa Onodera, you won’t find a shortage of porn video content here.

Want a typical schoolgirl fantasy video? They have it. Aching to fulfil your sick needs by watching some chikan flicks? Granted.

But the thing is, if you’re looking for a video that’s just about three to five minutes long, then BeJav isn’t for you. Take that weak shit out of here, because this is one site that doesn’t deal in clips; it deals in full length porn video content that will definitely dry out your clit or dick if you let it. And because of this whole format, any given video is at least half an hour long, which if we’re being honest, isn’t for everyone. If you’re a normal person who has other stuff to do in the day, then you just want a quick wham bam and arigato, porno-san. Well, that’s what the media player controls are for.

Patience Pays in the World of Free Japanese Sex Video Content

By now, it’s not breaking news to say that I hate ads. However, I could tolerate a certain degree of them. When it comes to sites like BeJAv, you’re lucky if you get just a single fucking advertisement with the videos you watch.

This site’s media player is pretty much standard, as it gives you anywhere between 3 to 4 ads when you try to watch a free video. The problem is, this isn’t like, say, HpJav where the player timestamps where the ad would appear. No, tomodachi, it is not.

Instead, you’re going to have an annoying time as ads pop up every time you try to press a button on the player. But keep this in mind: it lets up once you’re done with about three or four of them. So, if this is your first time visiting this porn site, don’t get your little saru soft just because you think these advertisements won’t let up. They will. Review: The Verdict—Have That Vaseline Ready

There’s nothing much I could say that would place BeJav in a negative light save, of course, for that annoying approach they did with their ad placements on the media player.

It’s got an expansive library featuring various subgenres—and believe me, there are a lot of subgenres in JAV—with a wide selection of idols; it’s easy to navigate and has nice links that lead to their various sections.

So, all in all, this is one site that gets a star in my book. You should definitely try it out, just don’t get turned off by those ads.


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Nice selection of subgenres and models

Very user-friendly site

Full-length videos are treasures!

Color scheme of the whole site looks like Pornhub

Media player experience is hindered by a succession of pop-up ads, but they let up

Video thumbnails have no preview function (but that’s just a nitpick)

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