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When I set out to do this review for, I was fresh off doing a different review for one of the shittiest porn sites I’ve ever visited. And no, I won’t name which site that is and ruin the whole vibe I’m getting from

All I could say after doing this review for is: Arigato, Japan! This is the kind of adult videos that horny internet users trolling the web are supposed to get. And even, better, it’s all fucking free!

And I’m not talking about some bullshit scam like how Nutaku does their users by saying it’s “free” when it’s really just “pay to win”; Avgle is one site that doesn’t bullshit around when giving you your daily dose of delicious Japanese bichi-desus getting their nekos wet.

And I have to say, doing this Avgle review did an amazing job picking me up from the slump caused by all those shady-ass Asian porn sites that low-wants to steal SSL certificate and IP address so they could use it on one of their E commerce website scams. Hell fucking no to that! Review: Don’t Get it Twisted—This Be Nice as Fuck

One of my very few nitpicks with this wonderful virtual space is the fact that Avgle’s domain name doesn’t necessarily scream “porn website”. But when you think about it, it’s actually pretty clever: after all, you don’t want people on the train looking at you like a total hentai whenever you talk about a website like this.

So, Avgle, I see what you did there. And I freaking appreciate it. You will, too, boys and girls, especially when you find out everything it has to offer.

Long story short: Avgle is one of those Asian porn sites that almost exclusively provide you with Japanese content. And if you didn’t know, Japanese porn is the crème de la crème of Asian porn, given how they have a thriving industry that not only includes porn sites with traffic volume by the millions, but shopping sites and other freaky shit with social media features as well (just to name a couple).

And if you still don’t smell my butthole gushing from Avgle’s nice content where you are, then suffice it to say that this easily makes my list of top free Asian porn sites for 2020. Chances are, it’ll make yours as well, once you’ve tried it out.

Ha! I See What You Did There Again!

As far as web pages go, you won’t think that Avgle is too exciting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like one of those Filipino porn sites whose designs look as bad as a puta with a puke that smells like sukang paombong. It’s just that Avgle’s overall design looks, well, pretty bland.

But, what it lacks in showmanship, it more than makes up for in functionality.

Much like the basis of its address (gee, I wonder what search engine has “-gle” in its name?), Avgle focuses on efficiency so you could bust that nut faster than you could say “yamete!”

Right on top of the page, you’ll see their logo and all the links and categories within the site and their affiliates. A fun thing to note, too: they have a section specifically focused on uncensored Japanese porn, and the world is all the better for it.

Right beside those links is a handy upload button for when you’re feeling slutty and want to post your own fap flick. Then, there’s the search bar, that gives you an engine result that could rival Google.

Another thing of note here is how clean (almost) everything is. You don’t usually see that in sites like this. If you scroll down a bit, you’ll find the most watched videos at any given time on the site and a huge section containing various tags. Honestly, it’s the only thing that dirties up the whole site in a bad way; this tags section looks rather unruly, but it isn’t a deal breaker by any means.

And, proving that the Japanese know how to properly do porn stuff, Avgle doesn’t shove ads down your fucking throat like a penis in some underground Eastern European gay porn video. It just has a couple of ads to the right, and that’s it.

No bullshit. No fucking pop-ups. It’s time to get that clit of yours wet, tomodachi.

Oishi Girls Doing Oishi Things

For the most part, you’re getting sweet Japanese porn content on sites like this. Sure, there are some videos here that belong to the Korean porn genre, but they’re too few and far between that you almost won’t notice they’re there.

Also, Korean porn is a great source of inspiration for when you’re milking some semen out that dick or preparing for a night of bean-diddling and queefing. The only problem with Korean porn is, much like Filipino porn, most of their videos belong to the scandal subgenre, so don’t expect a lot of high production values here.

But, going back to the whole meat of things—and speaking of, these Japanese girls take that meat HARD— Avgle has a nice and expansive selection of porn videos in their catalogue. Not only that, but they come from various subgenres, too.

So, if you’re into professional Japanese porn stars getting that dick in every which way (damn, sometimes in ways nature didn’t even intend to), you’re good. The same goes if you want something more homemade.

And don’t worry if you don’t understand the titles of the videos, given that they’re in Japanese or Korean. The search bar’s deep tagging system does wonders for your dirty little dick or slit and will get you the video you want on this site.

The Avgle Review Verdict—You’re In!

It goes without saying that I am head over dick with this review, so I highly recommend it. The only reason you probably might not like it is if you’re one of those disgusting hillbilly racists form the United States, since those pieces of shit only like fucking pigs and raccoons.

So, yeah, Avgle gets a star of approval from this pervert! Enjoy yourselves!


Year Launched

Payment Methods



Efficient search bar

Amazing selection of mostly Japanese porn

Korean porn videos here provide nice content as well

Clean site design

Uncensored section is a nice addition

No bullshit at all, so you won’t need Google safe browsing for this one

Site might look bland if you’re too picky

Tags section looks unruly

Site name is boring, but I see what they’re doing

Sites like Avgle
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