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In this Pornhub review, I’ll be taking you through the popular black porn category. Fapping to the ripe bodies of these black porn actors isn’t quite enough for some of you. Many of you still prefer to choose; If it’s going to be a gang bang, a threesome, masturbation or any of the other kinks you lot fantasize about. takes care of that

The number 1 porn site on the globe needs no introduction. The ebony category, yet, packs a whole 24,866 of black porn videos divided into as many 777 pages. Each page features as many as 32 porn videos for you to choose from. Pornsitesreview for the year 2019 shows that Pornhub had 115 million visitors every day. Users also leftover 11.5 million comments on videos uploaded.

Searchable HD Porn Videos on the Number 1 Porn Site

I know you all love to watch porn in HD. Pornhub has separated the videos available in the ebony section into two categories. The first of these categories is the All division. Here all black porn videos displayed are either of low definition or high definition.

The second is the HD division; these porn videos are all in high definition and there are as many as 15,695 videos. This means packs more HD videos thanlow definition videos. This leaves about 9,171 low-quality videos for you to choose from. I don’t know why you would want to watch poor quality videos, but what do I know. It’s a free world.

Location, Most Views, Top-rated and Other Categories on Pornhub

The location option categorizes the videos based on a preset location. You can see the most viewed videos in countries like the U.S, Australia, Egypt, France. The worldwide option is also available. There is yet a little twist to the location feature. I should have mentioned it from the start. When you select the HD option, it only shows you HD videos. This selection works together with the location of your choice. They then work together with features like the latest, hottest or longest.

This means if I want to see the longest HD porn videos in the US. I would need to set my location to the U.S, then select the HD option and click on the longest. This option preventswasting time searching for porn videos. You also have the option of selecting the Newest or Top rated. This shows the latest black porn Videos or the top-rated videos depending on your preference.

Pornhub Free, Pornhub Premium and Paid Porn Videos from the number 1 porn Site has three categories of videos to select from depending on you.

Pornhub Free: These are free porn videos for you all to fap to. No need to pay. Click on the video of your choice and stream quality content. This feature has a lot of shortcomings, after all, it’s free. Stuff like pop up ads will definitely keep bugging you.

Pornhub Premium: Like many other sites that offer the premium feature. You get complete ads-free experience with Pornhub Premium. You also enjoy videos 4K Ultra HD streaming, unlimited access to all studios in partnership with Pornhub.

Pornhub Paid: Now this is a feature you all might not be so familiar with. Here, you pay for videos you want to watch. The prices of these videos vary depending on the model, length and video content. It is more of a way to support your favorite pornstars.

You also get the download feature with this option. It's more like you are purchasing the video. All videos are in 4K ultra HD. The only let down I experienced here was the number of available paid videos; you have limited choices. Only 32 videos are available.

Live Cams Review from Pornhub Black

With over 1400 live cam models online, take your pick at the number of sexy cam models is offering. You geeks get the opportunity to talk to real girls for once, no fear of getting rejected. You must be a registered user to send to these cam models messages.

You get the chance to tip these girls. Also, get them to do stuff for you, tell them to go private. Nothing better than one on one action with the live cam models of your dreams. You can sort through these cam models with the categories available on live sex. This way if you are searching for a model with big black ass, big boobs, shaved pussy and all that, you don’t need to move from page to page.

Pornstars on

Connect with your favorite pornstars here. A blue tick is a symbol that the pornstar is a verified pornstar or a verified amateur. There are about 22,881 pornstars for you to pick from on Pornhub. There is a sorting option to help you select the most popular, most viewed, most subscribed model and lots more. As a registered user, you can leave comments and share the links to these videos.

You also get the opportunity to search for the model of your choice using the search bar. This way you can keep up with all your favorite pornstars on Pornhub. Signup for the free membership, subscribe to your preferred pornstar. You also get the chance to read the pornstars bio, add the pornstar as a friend or connect with him/her on other social media platforms.

The PornhubBlack Community

Pornhub is home to the biggest community of porn fans. Knowing this Pornhub has created a community button for fans to interact with each other. This way you get to socialize with other porn fanatics like yourself. See what members of the Pornhub community are up to and more.

You also get the option of adding members of the Pornhub community to your friends' list. Get to see their activities, like their favorite Pornhub videos, recently watched Pornhub videos. Their kinky uploads too are subject to your viewing pleasure. Leave comments and review the photos uploaded to the Pornhub site.

How Much Does PornHub Black Premium Cost on this Porn Site

The cost of the premium membership on the Pornhub premium site depends on if you want to do the 1-month premium membership plan or the plan for 12 months. Get charged $9.99 monthly. Once you sign up for the premium membership, you would have a free 7 days trial. This way if you are not satisfied with the service you can cancel your subscription to Pornhub premium site.

The second is the full year subscription, once you opt for this membership payment method you will get charged $95.98 at once. This means the Pornhub premium site is giving you a 20% discount for this subscription method.

Other Features Offered by this Porn site

The Pornhub site features thousands of new content every day. This means you get to see new videos, photos and lots more every day. You can also get to read comments made by other members about a video, this way you get free review for videos from people who have already watched them. These comments also help you to keep track of members of the community with the same porn taste and fetish like you.

With Pornhub premium, you get safety and privacy at the same time. Say you need to pay for your premium subscription but you don’t want it connected to your cards. Pornhub provides a solution to this by providing a safety and privacy assured method of payment. Pornhub uses Probille to provide this service. This way no need to get scared about your safety and privacy.

How to Cancel Premium Subscription

To cancel your Subscription to Pornhub premium you would have to contact the Pornhub team. This you can do by first visiting the Pornhub premium support page, from here select the billing questions. You would see how do I cancel my premium subscription? The Pornhub team, yet, states that it would take up to 3 business days before you can cancel your premium subscription. After you click on the how do I cancel my premium subscription? Next, select the method you would like to use to cancel your premium subscription.

PornHub Black Review: Conclusion

With this review, your time on the Pornhub ebony section should be smoother. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself, don’t only watch videos. Leave comments and messages for some random hotties in the community, you might score one.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB

Ads-free for premium subscribers

Get to leave comments on your favorite videos

Leave a quick review of videos

Connect with other porn fans and your favorite porn stars

Troublesome ads on Pornhub free

Canceling premium subscription takes as long as 3 days

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