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Any discussion on sites, like black porn sites without referring to tastyblacks should be a crime. This site targets you horny fucks who love to watch black men and black chick(s) on camera. It also features interracial and every other kind of porn kink, but there will be least one black performer.

For a porn site that has been around since the year 2008, tasty blacks sure know how to keep up with changing times. The estimated net worth of this ebony porn site by $ite worth traffic is $97,733. I wouldn’t want to waste your time with boring statistics and history today. I’m going to jump straight into reviewing what this site features.

The Home Page Review

On the Homepage, you would see the best photo thumbnails in every category. Like many porn sites, Tastyblacks use the thumbnail technique. This is to draw your attention to every one of the categories. The best thumbnail represents every category. It is hard to resist clicking on a category when such a perfect thumbnail is staring at you.

Packing over 120 categories; tasty blacks knows exactly what you like and offer it to you for free. At the bottom of the homepage, the categories are further listed out alphabetically

Redirects you to other ebony Porn sites

The first thing to know with the porn videos from this site is, own none. The site features videos from other porn tube sites.

On my first login, I clicked on the Ebony category, this is the first category on the site's home page. Clicking this category led me into a world of over 700 thousand ebony videos. I said to myself, things are about to get interesting. Going further, I picked the first video I came across in that category. As soon as I did, I got directed to the pornhub website. I tried the same with several other videos and was still redirected to different porn sites.

The Porn Tasty blacks Categories

It is safe to say that as long as your major aim is to beat your meat to some ebony porn; Tastyblacks have something for your kink. It doesn't matter if you're into cross-dressing, threesomes, voyeur, feet porn, shemale. Even some of the more popular categories like BBW, Big ass and others. Tastyblacks packs a lot of them. Quite fascinating is the number of videos under every category.

I do not know how some categories got included. I do understand that interracial is normal. How categories to like; Japanese and Latina found their way unto this site still amazes me. Tastyblacks still lists all these categories and more at the bottom of the homepage. This time in alphabetical order.

Sorting of Videos

The biggest turn off with is in the sorting of videos. There are only three ways to sort videos. The first is by video popularity. The second is by the release date of the video; from newest. Third is from the length of the video. This unavailability of more options to aid in filtering videos is quite annoying.

After exploring the filter options offered by the site. You might have to start scrolling page by page to find the video of your choice.

Like Tasty Blacks Video Descriptions

Every video featured on this site has a description. This description includes tags for every video. It also covers the date of uploading the video on the site, the site hosting the video and of course a video title. The tags help in giving more insight than the picture preview.

In some pictures, you get to see the back view of the model, but with tags, you can know if she is busty, if shes a milf or a teen.

Particularly this is important. if you have had problems while using a particular site in the past, this would help you steer clear of that site. You also get to know if you are watching new or stale content. The majority of the time before you click on a video, you would be able to tell if the video is HD or not. This feature is present on the preview for every video.

BigButt User Rating Tube

Here is a porn site that features not only ebony porn but also white porn and porn from other races. This site definitely has to have affiliation with Why else would the site be at the top of the tasty blacks' homepage? Clicking on the link takes you to hq

My Last Word on Tasty Blacks

Altogether,tasty blacks should be your destination for mature ebony content. The site is still lacking several things, these include. One is the sorting option. Tasty blacks have failed completely in this aspect. The ability to filter content offered by this porn site is almost absent. This leads to you wasting several minutes trying to find the perfect video.

Another way tastyblacks fucks up is the lack of local porn content. So, you are been forced to watch whatever other sites have to offer. The quality of the content also depends on the site featuring the video. On the issue of security, I did notice that most of these sites are pretty secure. I did not have any issue with any of them

A plus to tastyblacks is on the issue of ads. For a site offering free content, there aren't so many annoying ads popping upon the screen. You only get to see these ads when you move to the bottom of the page. You can see them also when you are been directed to the site hosting the video you want to watch.

Finally, Tastyblacks have no tolerance for porn content involving minors. At the bottom of the homepage is a warning that states the site's intolerance for illegal pornography. To you perverts and pedophiles I say a big sorry. All models are 18 or above 18.


Year Launched

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Free black porn from some of the best porn sites

Millions of videos to choose from

Regular updates of black porn

Very few sorting options for the videos

Lacking in local content, all videos are from other sites

Presence of some non-ebony categories.

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