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Ghetto Tube takes us to ghetto to live on the edge of life for once in a lifetime. Some guys hate the Marsha Brady white-bread type of fucking, vanilla sex moves lacking Karma Sutra complexity, and want to see some homegrown, grimey, slimey, dirty, ugly, and aggressive ghetto chicks suckin' some hard, long, thick ghetto dicks. I'm very descriptive, ain't I?

These ghetto chicks come straight from the hoods' coast to coast of Chiraq, Floss Scandalous, The Big Apple, Dade County, and ATLien. Some guys have fetishes watching these ghetto hoes doing what comes natural to them, and you best to believe that fucking on GhettoTube is the only way for them to feel loved and get attention. Sad shit... Let's cut the bullshit and get to the Ghetto Tube review, because in the ghetto, phish, no one is trying to listen to your Gettysburg address.

What Kind of Shit Can You Find On

You can find every hardcore sex category that you will find on PornHub, YouPorn,  and TubePorn because Ghetto Tube is operating on their levels. When people usually think about the 'Ghetto', they think low-income, broke, destitute, dilapidated, and these negative nouns are associated with black folks (African Americans), of course. Let me break the news to you if you've been living in the woods using photos of random black dudes as targeting practice. Listen here Nazi, this ain't the 1960's or something, black people have made a come up and not all of them are ghetto. Hell, take a look at the Obamas - they didn't come from the ghetto (well, Mr Obama didn't, but his wife did grow up in the Parkway Housing Projects in Chicago; anyway, that's besides the point), so not all black people act ignorant, loud, and stupid and are respectable, positive human beings contributing to society.

Therefore, on GhettoTube there myriad interracial action with white 'ghetto' girls - Bhadd Barbie type of chicks - not many though - fuckin' black guys. Mexican Ese Latina chicks who look like they grew up in East Los or belong in a cartel. And even the Asian chicks are getting their tight twats torn up during rush hour - Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker-style.

There is no question you're going to see some big, round and brown phat asses - that's a given. What pleasantly surprised me about the black porno videos on was the number of white girls getting rammed by big black dicks. I guess these coon-ass-niggas gotta get a scoop of vanilla ice cream. These women seem to like the chocolate toppings too! Most of the white chicks don't seem 'ghetto' though, like Woah Vicky, but more like suburban girls who have a yearning for black cock or a rebellious soul, so they smoke weed and hang out with black people - 'slumming' in the dumps to make their racist ass parents mad. Whatever.

White guys are never left out of the mix. They got to have their hands in everything that goes on in the world. One video features an ebony babe in white lingerie sucking off four white cocks surrounding her in all four corners. Every direction she looks, there is a white cock waiting to get sucked and she cannot escape their boxing-ring hold until she fulfills her responsibilities. I'll call them the 'four corner hustlers' gang. You gots to please them with blowjobs or else get gangbanged. Which one to choose in a situation like this?

UX/UI Black Porn Experience at Ghetto Tube

Someone at Ghetto Tube must have left the hood', dodging police officers and Karen's calling the security guards on them, and rubbed shoulders with some real pornographers at Starbucks or something. Ghetto Tube's quality is almost on the level of YouTube or PornHub in terms of user experience, interface, and graphic designs.

As you move your computer cursor over any video a 5-second preview starts playing. An HD logo  lodged in the corner of every video shows the resolution, and a complex title describes everything proceeding.

Before clicking on the video a calculator showing how many thumbs up viewers gave the video. To right is the date the video was uploaded and to the right of that is the number of videos and time length the video runs.

Black GhettoTuber is just like TubePorn

I analyzed the website like a Section-8 HUD inspection, and I've concluded that many of the videos are jacked from real porn studios. STOLEN, in layman terms. So, GhettoTube does not have a studio (maybe a rap music studio) and many of the ebony porn clips are hijacked like Captain Phillips from other legitimate premium porn sites. Only the black porno videos are taken though. Some of the free black porno tube videos are from Evil Angel, the Habib Show, and BlackValleyGirls. You can see the damn logo of the studio in the right-hand corner of most of these videos!

See, the way it works, users cum here and share their videos for others to watch. Because of websites like this, everyone who visits can watch full-length videos they would otherwise pay for from free Black Porn Sites for absolutely free, no money at all - straight from the pantry. So, the GhettoTube allows anyone to share their ghetto tube clips for free.

Categories Search Makes It Easier To Find Black Porno Videos

Ghetto Tube black porn sites make it very easy to find certain videos. Each video has tags at the very bottom, and those tags look stylish too. I never saw any on any porn site that looks like that. Click, and it produces all the videos relative to that category. All tags show whatever is happening in the video as well. If you need more detailed information, head up to the top of the page and use the search bar that scans hundreds of videos, pics, members, and groups to sort what you are looking for.

Broadcast Yourself & Upload Ghetto Sluts

Ghetto Tube is user-friendly. So any user who's afraid to roam around their hood' at night might find refuge in stockpiling as many porn videos they can fit on a 2TB hard drive. These anti-social lame, food', marks, jizzles, do-boys, and send-off men (whatever you want to call a nerd with no street smarts that you can take advantage of) wants to share porn with other guys (kinda gay) through Ghetto Tube. Gay porn, straight porn, Asian/Black porn, White/Black (interracial) porn and whatever else you can think of. Whatever you can get your naughty hands on, believe me, there's somebody who wants to see that shit!

The videos gotta get approved by the owners before being broadcast to the world. One common thing I noticed in many of the videos is that they all have to have a black person, male, female, or shemale in them. Even if it is an orgy, a Black guy gotta be inserted in there somewhere. Reminds me of the black movies with a token white guy or an all-white movie with a token black guy.

Best Ebony Porn Sites Ads

One thing that makes this website super excellent for my impatient brain is the lack of ads. The ads are a couple of ads on the side when you click on a video but there are not many of them. There is also a list of ads for porn games like Sex Simulator and DirtyFapGame. There are some issues with diversity in video games, but all of my homies and family love to play video games and would be open to playing sex games. Real talk.

Black High-Rated Porn Stars

Click on the pornstars' thumbnails and bring up videos that exclusively feature them. The most popular, Lexington Steel, is first in line and as you know he likes to bang a lot of white girls. Ole big cock havin' ass boy. No homo, his dick don't even look that big to me!

Then, there is Nira Noir with her tiny slim ass. No thickness whatsoever, but some guys like em' like that. She has the bohemian/natural look. She doesn't have blonde streaks in her hair like most ghetto hoodrats. Hood chicks would pay top dollar, instead of feeding their kids - sell food stamps for cash - just to get their hair done. Well, all I gotta say is Black Power to Nira Noir and her natural dreadlocks.

That's interesting that Pinky's light-skinned, big booty ass, with her red ass hair is at the very bottom of the list. What, GhettoTube, yall for beef with her or something, or is it just the list format?

Best Porn Sites Groups

In the groups, people talk about all types of stuff; ass, mostly. Most of the groups are pics, videos, and shit.

Tube Members

This part is funny as hell. Some of the members are real women, but many are white guys, crossdressers, odd black guys (the weirdos in the hood), and others. However, Ghetto Tube cannot control what type of people access their services, correct?

Ghetto Tube Review Conclusion

Ghetto Tube com is good for free black porn from the most popular premium websites. It's free to upload videos saved on your computer and you can see videos from what other members posted. Pretty cool.


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