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"She got ass, nigga. She got ass" is something that I cannot erase from my mind head after hearing it from the infamous Grove Street gangster Lamar Davis from the GTA 5 video game. You hermit-ass-nerds probably know what I'm talking about if you sit up there all day with the controller in ya' hand and ya' dick in the other one. In the hoods' of America you will often hear this "SheGotAss" phrase when a woman with an obviously nice, round and brown ass wrapped in skintight jeans walk past a group of guys.

Be careful though because the beauty of the booty might have you so mesmerized that you forget that the phrase "shegotass" is really - which directs to a site called There are plenty women with big asses on there, but we're referring to These are the women with the badonkadonks straight from the hood.

SheGotAss.Info Review: Oh yeah, They Give Some Real Cam Black Amateurs

If you're a dusty dude who loves to smoke black n' milds and drink Crown Royal in the mornings upon waking up, then you will love the clean-dirtiness of the black amateurs on This is the shit you dream about after eating a box of Rice Mix (Rice-a-roni or Rice-n-Roni). Fantasizing hood chicks and thots who live down the block but you can't get with them unless you see them at the strip joint like the Players Club or a Freaknik-type of weekend in ATL - can you say Magic City-titties? Some of these black strippers amateur ebony girls are famous live cam girls, Instagram models, and just women around the hood. No professional actresses. They can't afford money for classes.

Many of the tube porn videos are 100% amateur girls recording in their dirty-ass bedrooms with smartphones. Many are black and there are some white girls PAWGs rivaling with phat asses too shaking their tailfeathers. There are rare professional porn tubes videos here and there jacked from professional studios websites, but you only see those once in a while. Many of the free black girls are screenshots from the other live cam website

SheGotAssLive Info Website Review Set Up For Free

Each video has a clear title, the time length, the upload time frame, views, and percentage of thumbs ups. Some of the videos do not have that many views, which indicates this site might not be that popular, but oh well. It's popular to me!

Every video has categories tags that could be thick fine, phat booty, bubble butt, ass shaking, twerking, live cam show or whatever. Click on the category tags and bring up videos of content matching the subject.

Some of these categories tags areĀ  by top rated, most viewed, and regular categories. Scroll down further and see vanilla porn, black booty contests, black bike week, black amateur porn, sex toys, submitted, strippers, etc.

Hold on for a moment. Women of other ethnicities are not left out. You might see a video of an Asian fucking a brother from the motherland. A white Karen slumming with some hood men. Or a Latina getting rammed like a choo choo train.

Some black softcore porn tags are panties, thongs, and candid stuff if your stomach turns because of hardcore fucking. Which means either you're gay, a habitual porn watcher who's fed up with watching vanilla sex, or just the average weirdo roaming the net. Regardless who you think you are, you will get exactly what you want from SheGotAssLive.

Not to mention all of the live hoes dropping it like it's hot, twerking booties, and slobbing on dildo knobs like corn on da cob at your beck and call. Pull your credit card, deposit some coins, and get the hoe to do what you want on demand. Now, you got the juice!

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Are you a brave man? Grew up in the hood, learn the game of the streets, fucked a lot of hoes and wanna pass the game to the younger generation? Great! Everyone knows that fools in the hood love to show off what they got. SheHasAss allows users to showboat around for hundreds of thousands of viewers with the Upload feature. That's right, upload your personal porn sex video straight from your computer and smart phone and become a black hood amateur. Say cheese!

Create the profile to complete the action. Choose a username, password, and provide an email and you're in the game. Fetch the optional security code. All the hustlas know to add their videos to promote their Instagram, OnlyFans, adult Snapchat, Kik or whatever.

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Become an active member to open more tab subcategories to move around the site. Some of the choices are add videos to a playlist to play later, so you never lose your favorite booty tube hoe. Favorite videos section will save to send to friends later. Save an entire photo album if you see a SheGotAss models that you like. Add certain p dubs to the subscription thingy and see the videos they post all the time. SheGotAss.fino makes it simple for hood dudes who don't know shit about these "robots" and prefer smartphones to enjoy big booty black porn. Review Cams

The SheGotAssLive cam section has a variety of women not just black. You will see the categories tags at the very top of the page.

  • White

  • Latina

  • PornStar

  • Couples

  • Lesbian

  • Alternadudes

  • ThePornDude
When I logged in the live cams section it says "oops you caught us with our pants down." I guess the shit ain't working. When it comes back online, press Join cam show and enjoy your big booty hoe. That's all I want for me birthday.

SheGotAss.Info Review: Cams Black Amateur Finale

SheGotAss 2010-2020 rights reserved website has it all. They have black, latinas, white, asian, and porndudes. The site is easy for anyone who want to hope on with their mobile and watch video files no matter the embed code size.

My small hood mind always thought this website was popular. I was mistaken. But they are getting money. This website is best for guys who love big booty black stuff and want to sneak one at werk n' jerk.


Year Launched

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Hood shit

Unlimited thickness

Variety of races, no just black

Ads on video even if you turn on adblocker

Doesn't seem popular

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