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Welcome guys to our porn site review for today - In this post, I'm going to be taking you through the wonderful world of a particular amateur porn site, which is purely owned and managed by Ghanaians who reside in Ghana; a country located in western Africa.

Don't get it twisted though, has all the amateur African porn content you would definitely like or find in similar sites, so follow me as we explore this site and dissect each of the top categories.

Trust me, I understand you love porn and you are just looking for a porn site that gives you full access to and not worry about your bank balance. I totally get the feeling. It seems the owners of also empathize your situation as all categories in the site is free.

Well, they took their time and put together a porn site and decided to call it to enable you pervs jack of on nude women for free, enjoy real-life sex, no acting, no director in the background. With get ready to see wives, mothers, girlfriends getting banged like their survival depends on it.

Well, most of these ladies at the time of recording the video or taking the pictures didn't know that they would become one day become internet pornstars and contribute to the porn industry greatly. They were probably either too deep at the moment to care that they were being recorded, too gullible or probably in love. But that's no fault of ours. I just want to watch the leaked videos on the site and probably leak a few myself.

Get ready to see Ebony Babes Ride Dick on

Perhaps one of the more fascinating things about black porn or African porn is the absence of light-skinned females, well I guess the chocolatey goodness of these ladies appeals to your fetish and what better place to see the best leaks of dark-skinned babes being banged than girls in Africa.

The site has a lot of African ladies from various parts of Africa including Ghana, Nigeria and many more all riding dick or with a mouth full of dick. So, all you need to do is press the play button to relax and do your thing.

Annoying ADS everywhere you go

At empressleak get ready to deal with a whole lot of ads, just logging into the home screen has an ad from mtn mobile telecommunications network trying to get you to subscribe to get somekinda bonus. There is also a betting ad at the top and on the sides of the screen, all these were quite really annoying. My ads blocker couldn't even block these ads.

When I tried to play the videos, I had to first watch a 15secs video of ads I wasn’t really interested in before I could get access to watching the videos. When I finished watching the video and clicked the return button, I was always redirected to some sportsbetting sites. Like I’m not really that into sports and I am definitely not about to lose me cash cos I put my hope on luck.

It seems a lot like Ghanian sites really love their sports betting or probably the owner is in affiliation with this sports bet site. Well, it's all loads of crap to be completely honest.

Tons of Leaked Pictures for you

Well to satisfy you peeping toms, Empress leaks have done justice to their name which simply implies leaking stuff probably the girls are the empresses, but you get the gist right. The sites major category contains tons of leaked videos and pictures.

You can now share what videos you watch and it's free

Well, Empressleaks allows you to share the links to videos on any social media platform, so you can get people to see what you have seen and maybe talk about it later.

Well, this site is free for all no need to register just load the page and get surfing, nothing much there.

However, I noticed that the site didn't have as many leaked videos as they would normally claim just tons of pictures are available and the videos were all in very low quality. So if you don't mind jacking off the African women in poor camera quality sure go on, don't let me spoil your fun.

Well, that's all the good features that aren't exactly completely totally pros.

I'll talk on my overall user experience from now on and how bad I think it actually is, just didn't want you guys to feel the site was all shit from the beginning of my review.

Sites logo seemed kinda racist

When I see a site with a monkey set as the logo what is the first thing that pops into my mind? Well, the empressleak site logo seemed kinda racist to me, if the site wasn't owned by an African I’ll definitely have gotten angry, but what’s my business I'm here to review not start catching feelings or fight for being a human rights fighter. I just feel the monkey using a headset logo is completely unnecessary and it doesn't even flow with the fact that this is a porn site, not a music site.

I already talked about the tons of annoying ads on every page you enter on this site, so I won't dwell on that anymore.

Very Low-Quality Videos

Well, I don't know if the people who upload videos to the site are just generally to broke or don't have enough money to buy phones with cameras that can do better, cos the quality of the supposed leaked videos and pictures are far below the standard for leaked content. Like how is anyone supposed to enjoy the porn content if I can't even clearly see all that is going down in the video?

You probably will end up straining your eyes and then end up with bad eyesight if you use this site too often.

Empressleak promised to have much nude content to leak but I was shocked to find most of the leaks were just pictures. Like not cool I know nude pictures get some people off, but you guys promised me leaked nude video on your site so I demand some leaked videos.

Well, the site has mastered the art of deceit, you don't even get to know if you're about to watch a video or view a picture until you click on the available preview. So you have to find the time to click on every preview to find what you want

The leak Worldwide Video Category is a facade

In this category the site promised me the leaked nude content of my fav superstar model celebrity and other famous people and I fell for it, please don't fall for it. The only thing empressleak is good for in this category is giving you the celebs biography like this isn't what I came here to do. Dunno what they expect me to use this info for like I have Wikipedia for that and I trust their info completely. Probably they were trying to prepare me for a pop quiz.

I came to see my favorite celebrities nudes and I demand some, well that plight wasn't answered, as the next supposed celebrity leak was the same just words no action. This was very disappointing, to be honest. why would you promise something and not keep to it?

The site also advises you to beware of scammers trying to defraud you of your money, promising to take down your leaks for a certain price. The site says the best bet to take down these your leaks as many other sites like empressleak do is to contact these porn site owners directly.

To draw the curtains, empressleaks has a lot of areas to improve on, first is the annoying ads, they need to know very rarely are people attracted to ads popping up all over a site, not cool.

Then the navigation for the site needs to be improved, their navigation is all messed up and I don’t think any user will really enjoy surfing through the site. It just seems like a ton of hard work.

Thirdly the site needs to increase the number of content and categories they offer to we the viewers, there aren’t really many videos to pick from and to cap it all there isn’t a search button to at least find the specific kinda you want.

Lastly, since the site is free they could throw in the download button as an extra plus, not everyone has the time to sit down all day for porn.

Sorry guys we would have to part ways now, but keep up with the next site review


Year Launched

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Content is totally free

Very disturbing ads and redirecting links

Scanty Leaked videos

Quality of video is very poor

Monkey icon that some might think is racist - Africans = monkeys

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