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We believe that xHamster Black is the best black porn platform you will ever come across this year. The management of this porno black category has really made ebony beauties and big booties worth watching. really brought so many factors together to form the complexity you find on conventional porn videos.

The xhamster ebony porn has really redefined black porn by giving it so much excitement, unlike its counterparts. There is indeed a future for this company, judging from the kind of creativity and innovation they bring into the platform on a constant basis.

Our Black Review Will Make Promises We Can Keep

This review promises to bring a lot black “Fuckery” in a way you don’t expect (‘cos that’s what this platform does; fucking you in so many ways you don’t expect). We will be talking about the sections are features of this platform (obviously) as well as their uniqueness; which made them stand out.

And of course, we will be talking about the pros and cons of this platform, because there is a whole lot to talk about (don’t expect a truckload of Cons by the way, ‘cos you sure be disappointed). And if you are a racist, get yo Tiger Nut ass off ma review ‘cos you do not deserve to be here! And don’t forget, take yo mama with ya!

xHamster Black Free Porn Previews

Black porn as know it has taken a new look, with over hundreds of porn videos scattered on the homepage of this platform with each of it showing a different version of the energetic sex life of a black man. Categorized into sections, each video showing its own uniqueness, the xHamster black porn section brings verity to the black porn industry as it brings performance from different black people, dwarfs inclusive. Review - Premium Membership Prices

You all must be familiar with xhamster porn site. It’s been around for a while now. We don’t know whether this will sound exaggerating, but this site has one of the best black porn videos you will ever come across.

The structure of this site is nothing short of unique as they have provided an inclusive platform where everyone can participate, more reason they created a free membership category.

Their Premium Membership package is quite reasonable, they are listed as follows:

  • 1 month - $9.99

  • 3 months - $23.97/$7.99 per month

  • 12 months - $59.88/$4.99 per month

Xhamster Website Traffic

Well, we may not have the exact number of website visitors that come in here on a daily basis, but we sure know they are huge (like mammoth kinda huge). On average we are looking at 15 thousand daily website visitors, taking a look at the number of views per video you get to understand the figure we just mentioned. Each video on Xhamster Black Porn has at least 200,000 views in a space of 7 days. Can you Imagine that?! Jezz... You guys are just porn freaks….disgusting! Go confess to your Reverend already!

Xhamster's Ebony Videos

Xhamster videos come in categories but all blended at the home page of the site. They are categorized as HD videos, premium videos, and free black porno. But still, note that the fact that some of these videos are neither HD nor premium doesn’t mean that they don’t have a nice picture quality. But we get to understand that what differentiates them is just the performance.

These guys have made these videos really easy to locate, they have categorized them in sections:

  • Black Pussy

  • Big Black Cock

  • Big Black Dick

  • Black Booty

  • Black Lesbian

  • Big Black Booty

  • Big Black Ass
As you can see, these guys are all out to make sure you get addicted to black porn. Again, visitors can choose the exact video they want using the length of the video. The video length is arranged from 0-40 mins and covers every type.

Xhamster has a separate section for their models. They created a kind of YouTube channel where they make and publish their videos. But we must be candid here. Models on this platform have one of the highest followers (at least the one we have seen so far). The top model with the least follower here has not less than 3 thousand followers. Though this is interesting it is also worrisome, how can you guys follow more porn stars than your motivational speakers? Where is your home training?!

Features and Categories

The designers of this platform deserve an award, knowing that they have a very large collection of videos and other content they had created enough sections and features to accommodate all of them. Again, most of these sections also have sub-sections that still contain enough content to keep you going. We can’t start mentioning all of them at the moment but just have to list some few, they include:

  • Pornstars

  • Live Sex

  • Channels

  • Photos

  • Premium
Just like the category section, these sites come with a lot of features that made it as interesting as it looks, some of then include FAQ, Terms of use, Privacy Legal, money-making opportunities, e.t.c.

Start Making Money with xHamster

This is a feature on the platform that proves to you that they are not all about black porn sex. They are also out to help you make some cash. This section has subcategory that explains in details what the nature of the job positions, some of the opportunities here include:

  • Webcam models wanted

  • Сontent Creators

  • Webmasters

  • Advertisers
So go ahead, apply for some job, but make sure your father is aware of this, the man might not be the proudest father. Don’t look at us like that, will you?! You are the porn addict here not us!

Legalities & Terms

Well, remember we mentioned you are going to be disappointed if you think you will see a bad comment about this site? Well…. For the sake of professionalism, we might still have to review that comment. But hey… this site is a Perfect platform. Get that?! But all the same, we will find a way of giving you what you want. After all, we operate a “Customers First” policy here.

Xhamster rules are located at the legal section of the site, it has sub-categories like Terms of use, Privacy policy, and DMCA/Copyright. In one of the rules, it clearly restricted persons under the age of 18 years from accessing the site which we believe is actually a noble thing to do. The Privacy Policy section talks about the safety of user’s information e.g. login details, financial information, e.t.c.

In this section also, they explained in detail their method of data collection, Communications, Marketing Means and strategy, e.t.c. but all of it boils down to assuring users of the safety of their personal data. You can go ahead and read the rest, I’m no fan of a long terms and conditions statement and all other shit that comes with it. Okay… I know what you are thinking! Yes, I passed college!

Stories on Black Xhamster

We will be very concise here, the story section of this site contains somewhat we prefer calling crazy sex stories of its members. It may be their personal encounter, what they saw, or just another sex fantasy from young adults trying to explore. You can still check it out. But all the same, they are interesting though.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, Maestro, PaySafeCard

The platform has got a perfect website design with all the categories and features well arranged.

It contains more than enough black free porn visitors can pick from.

It has more than 50 subsections that come with it, which means more content, and more fun.

The video channels make it easier for porn models to relate directly to their followers.

Members are given the privilege to rate their best videos using the ‘Like’ button.

The site has got a blog section that allows followers to have updates about the happening around the blog as well as the porn industry as a whole.

Their help desk is highly responsive, the customer service personnel are always there to respond to your challenges.

The site is well organized with all sections up and working.

Their legal section and statements are clear and straight to the point.

Their premium membership package is quite on the high side.

Okay…sorry guys, that’s all we noticed, go get the rest yourself (no offense).

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