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Dark Naija, oh where do you go to when you want to find the beauty of African women in its fullness? Yes, you guessed right - is just the site for you who search for sites to beat your meat to sexy African women getting it and getting it good.

Before I go too far and forget to add, the word - 'Naija' is coined from the country Nigeria located in southwest Africa. It is the most populated country in Africa and has tons of beautiful women. porn site gives you free porn videos, showing you the way African women like it. You must really love amateur porn or be ready to use amateur porn to wank for you to actually dig this site, cos what else would you want with ebony babes just having good sex on camera for the fun of it.

These babes aren’t the best performers or even professionals, so you voyeurs can be sure to definitely get your hopes up as most of these videos are recorded through hidden cameras.

Yh, I know, some other site review says these girls don’t get paid, but Nah this isn’t always true. Though, the pay might not be as attractive as their counterparts in other parts of the world, trust me, unless you are watching a leaked sex video, most of these girls get paid to get in front of the camera.

African girls aren’t so dumb to feature in videos for free, trust me. I know some of them personally. The site deserves some accolades though, they also warn you not to send your nude videos to anyone or even engage in recording yourself having sex as you just might end up seeing your videos or nudes on their porn site.

What Naija (Nigerian) porn offers to you

Though not the best of porn sites out there, but trust me when I say for a site owned and managed by Africans, I give it kudos.

The Full Amateur Experience site offers you the full amateur experience, yh, I know you get tired of seeing sluts with their fake boobs and all that thrash, where there are many cut scenes in the porn video. But fear not, at you get the realsex experience, no faking of anything if the girl is being banged and she’s screaming, trust me she’s screaming cos she likes it not cos she's being paid to scream or the porn director needs her to.

If she squirts, trust me, no drugs have been used to achieve any of the good stuff. If the guy is banging her for hours, be sure to know that this isn’t a bunch of edited videos compiled together.

So, I am basically saying get ready to see ebony girls of different shapes, sizes from the motherland grinding on dicks of all sizes. They lose all their self-control and home training while performing in all of these videos.

A Whole Lot of Nude Pictures of Real African Babes are available on

You ask how many are actually a whole lot? Well, a whole lot is a whole lot, I mean not really countable, except you probably take some time to do the calculation counting the pages available on, then count the number of pictures per page, though these pictures may not be as many as other porn sites why don’t you try beating your meat to all of them first.

This Naija porn site offers high definition pictures that will definitely keep you wanting more. Just search the free porn site till you find the perfect slut and get your freaky on with her.

Everything is Free on

Well, this site is free that’s all that I have to say. Just type in the sites URL and explore the world has to offer you. You don’t have to go the stress of signing up or registering to get the best. Just search, click play and watch, so simple and easy. Cool right?

Well, if you think that was cool get ready to see something cooler - you can also use the download button to save the porn videos. Yup, download these porn videos if you can’t stress over streaming them or you feel like watching them later, not bad yh. Get ready cos downloading these porn videos is also totally free. Like what other porn sites can you find and download free Amateur porn

A Category fully dedicated to leaked videos and photos for your viewing pleasure

Hey, I know some of you may argue about the morality or whatnot of this, but get off your high horse folks. You’re here to watch porn, not judge. Perhaps one of the biggest categories of good Naija porn, offers after the nude pictures’ category is the Leaked videos and leaked pictures. Yup, I said it, leaked porn videos.

Get ready to see Nigerian and Ghanaian girls in action, giving it all their best for free. Dunno why they don’t sue, but that’s none of my business and shouldn’t be yours too. Probably uploaded by jealous exes or whatnot, seriously I don’t care.

We are just here to have fun and watch the best amateur porn, and if your porn video seems to get guys horny, I won't be the one to spoil the mood with what’s good and bad.

Don’t fret yet though, the probability of seeing folks you know in these porn sites video section if you're from Nigeria is really slim and most of these girls are just sex for cash hoes who don’t mind being on camera, if it makes their best clients happy and gives them extra cash to hold. Girls like these are called oloshos in Nigeria and Ghana. You could Google the word if you like. Just be ready to see girls grind, rock and suck dick and have real fun while doing it on

Tell your sex story on

Dunno if the stories there were true, but damn they were kinda interesting to read. From girls telling you how their cherry was popped to guys telling you how they gave it really good to their aunts.

These stories kinda seemed far-fetched to me sometimes cos why would I write such a long-ass page of my sex life if I’m not being paid to do so, but on the other hand I was kinda on the fence on this one cos these stories were not much just a few while the others were articles on different topics like how to make love, how-to and much more how to.

Well, the sex life category seemed like a good place to just cool off, here you get to read other people’s sex stories probably learn one or two things and use what you have read to satisfy your partner while making love and lots of other crazies you both might wanna try out.

Guess what? You can also leak your personal nudes

I’m not here to be advising you on morals, so none of that bullshit concerns me. Well, most people also leak their nudes just for one simple reason - to get instant fame, like what other easy way do know this is the easiest way to break the Internet. Just take off your clothes and watch the internet go crazy.

Apart from you putting up your naked self for the world to see, be careful who you allow taking videos of you or who you send your nudes to cos people are quick to retaliate when they get angry and when they do you just might find yourself on the Darknaija leaked videos or photos category.

To leak stuff though you would need to message the owners or admins of the site through the WhatsApp chatting platform. I think they do this to verify the authenticity of the video before they finally grant the permission to upload it.

Well we have looked at the cool things Darknaija has to offer, let's move to some of the crappy features

Always redirecting you to unknown sites

Yh, this was really annoying. Whenever I try to open any of the videos I get redirected to a completely different site, like wtf am I doing here, I asked myself after briefly leaving my laptop to do some things.

I also had to set up my ad blocker to stop annoying ads popping all over my screen when playing the videos. These ads could be quite distracting and made the experience really bad.

Non-availability of a search button on

The absence of the search button made searching for videos quite tedious, as I had to keep moving from page to page till I found the captions or pictures that caught my attention. The site could really improve by including a search button and also categorize the videos better. So, everyone can easily find what they fancy.

Whack video quality of nude Naija porn leaks

Though not completely bad, but I’m sure you all will agree with me that video quality matters a lot while watching porn. Like, I want to see what I want to see and I want to see it in the highest possible definition. I’m not about to make my eyes go bad just cos I’m trying to watch some amateurs do their thing.

But looking at this on the other way since these aren’t some lame homemade videos, the quality isn’t really bad for a leaked video, I think the leakers should step their game up and use good cameras next time they decide to make videos with the intent of leaking them. Like, recently phone cameras do better than this shit I’m seeing.

Well, to conclude for an African themed porn site I think then site really tries and might even be one of the best available in Africa giving Africans porn content that they can relate with since stuff like these isn’t really welcomed with open arms.

The site, however, has a lot to work on if they wish to play in the big leagues, working on the appearance of the site will be a big plus and also adding some cool new categories will also boost their ranking.

Overall, I’ll rate darknaija 70%.






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Enjoy Amateur porn at its fullest

Poor video quality

No option to search for a video of your choice

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