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Hood Amateurs; man, man, man. Shaking my damn head. As Memphis rapper 'DJay' from the movie Hustle and Flow says to Skinny Black, "what the fuck happened to you, mayne?" That's is what I thought when I first visited HoodAmateurs in a long time. The fuck happened to YOU, mane?

I vividly remember my younger porn years in the early 2000's watching HoodAmateurs on a public computer typing away. All I saw was STRAIGHT homemade porn. The main keyword in this instance is 'straight'. Flicks were given to me raw. Real hood shit! STRAIGHT black porn; not gay black porn.

The content was uploaded by guys who drove Caprice Classic box Chevys on 22-inch blade rims spinning and gleaming in the sun, while fucking hood chicks with full-face tats and large pearl tongue rings ready to please a dick. It's funny because girls like this are the main ones who claim they don't suck dick.

Hood Tranny, Trannies in the Hood, Black Gay Dudes Bonanza with Dirty Bananas

Don't think for one second that I don't see what you're doing. Must be trying to contribute to the conspiracy of anti-procreation in the black community with population control, such as pushing transexuals and trans-humanism. Yeah, annihilate the negros.

Or maybe you've spent some time in prison playing around with some cheeks, getting your bologna sandwich spread with hot cheese, or sucking on some untasty popsicles, unwillingly.

You know damn well, fucking a black tranny ain't respected in the hood. And if it is, where are these new niggas at? Of course, there are plenty of trans in the hood. Visit any urban area during gay parade day and see a bunch of women and women-lookalikes flocking to ground zero.

To be fair, sometimes gay dudes get a pass on the block, but trannies are not crowned like royalty in the damn hood like they are on this website.

That's precisely what I meant when I said earlier, "what the fuck happened to you, mayne?" What's up with all this tranny shit? I don't remember HoodAmateurs being about THAT life.

However, if you are a regular person reading this and into homemade black trans, then you would love the content featured on No judgements here, buddy. I'm here to facilitate your tranny-loving fantasies.

There are two sections for them Gay and Trans. Both parts have trans sucking cock and getting analized to destruction. Rarely do you see two rough, Thug Hunter-looking dudes getting it on with each other. So gay men in the hood settle for black trannies because at least they look like ebony girls to a certain degree. Sucker ass niggas!

Review of the Real HoodAmateurs Porn Website: Free Tube Sites for Black Amateurs

HoodAmateur works like this. The intro wallpaper shows what seems to be a black hand holding a burner or burnout cell phone recording some stanky-ass-pussy teen bending over in some white and red Rainbow panties. There seems to be a dilapidated housing project to the side.

There are multiple categories on Hood Amateurs too. Unfortunately, the categories are limited to the following:

  • Black BBW Amateurs

  • Free Black Amateurs

  • Amateur Head Blowjob Neck (As in, 'gimmie sum neck')

  • Interracial

  • Black Porn

  • Tranny
Time 4 an upgrade, fam!

Click on the videos and you will see a variety of them dating far back. So, that means entertainment for days.

You will see dark-skinned and lightskinned hoes with fake eye-lashes, weaves, and almost all of them have some type of tattoo on their bodies. Cums with the territory.

I don't know where Hood Amateur gets these videos (I'm assuming it's from people in the hood), but it seems the girls or the guys themselves have uploaded the adult content. However, video uploads are currently disabled, which has me asking a lot of questions, like why?

For the Live Webcam Hoes. go to None of these ebony porn hoes in this section has an ounce of hood' in them, though. Upon first glance - I can tell you from live cam-watching experience - they are probably the best porn live cam models from professional webcam sites who probably don't even know they are on If you were to type their porn tube screen names in the search box on Google, then you will see exactly what I'm talking about. They broadcast from Chaturbate and RabbitCams, and places like that. Shit, prove me wrong.

Support and feedback are available to give the owners of the website some pointers on different things - such as, getting that trans shit off the site. But I know from first-hand experience that gayness pays. There are even a searchable keywords to find what you want.

Each video has the porn category with basic tags like ebony, black, free, hood, porn, etc. Then, it shows which category it is in and the description of the videos. Since these ebony porn videos are based in the hood and uploaded by hood muthafuckas, don't expect the Gettysburg address. Only expect a brief sentence with no less than five words, such as "PIRU THOT GOIN IN". Remember, the Freud's id part of the hood' brain can only process simple stuff.

There is a section for the comments. No pics of the commenters, but it shows the age of the comment. There is a Related Videos at the very bottom, but there is nothing there.

Likes and dislikes on the video with the percentage and the number of videos. Has share and report buttons too. Review: Final Word About These Open-Minded Thots

No matter how hood this website, it has all the legit stuff as other professional porn sites. Someone taught these people the game and they ran with it. If they had any other chances outside the hood they probably would be stock traders, if they are already not that. I'm talking about the owners here.

Some of the categories that make a website legit are here. That includes Terms of Service. FAQs, and Privacy Policy. Yep! They know the law. Regardless of my reservations and criticisms about HoodAmateurs, this is the best site for ebony amateur and homemade porn and it keeps on trucking on diesel fuel.

I would suggest visiting HoodAmateurs if you love hood' shit, hood' dicks, and watching hood' trannies, and hood' chicks. Or, if you're a nerdy white guy who wants to slum in the black area. It's up 2 you!

It's also a good place to upload a hood motherfuckin' sex tape if the owners decide to ever open that option.


Year Launched

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Mostly all hood shit - nothing more, nothing less

A lot of full lenght videos

Over 531+ pages of content

Inserts random tranny vids (and there are tons of them)

Small number of porn categories

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