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It’s okay to feel disappointed when you go to We cannot compromise our culture of giving an honest, candid review in the name of hyping an almost dead porn site. One cannot say how sites like yutuvu ranked alongside other top 5 platforms, but one thing remains certain, the site - at least in my eyes - sucks!

Sorry guys, but we won’t be promising you much here, not because we lack points to make, but because Yuvutu gives us nothing to talk about. Well… in our creative way, we will be telling you few things about the categories and features, video quality (which is crap anyway), Cons and Pros of this platform, and other necessary information we feel is relevant.

You don’t have a reason to be on Yuvutu trust me, but if you are unfortunate enough to arrive on the site, you are bound to be surprised how it made it among the best amateur porn platforms; good SEO, I guess. Nevertheless, since you are here, be prepared to witness a disaster that just made its way into the porn industry. Review - My Experience

Sup guys, what’s good?!... First, I will have to apologize for picking this platform for review. It was never my idea to do so. I take whatever cums on my desk. But I promise you that next time, I will surely be part of the team to pick the next site for review. Okay… let’s go to work.

You wanna hear something not-so-cool? Yuvutu sucks! Yes, it does. How can one practically design a porn website full of some of sex-starved fat, old Petites begging to be fucked? It’s all about choice I guess. I watched one video of a guy rubbing a clit for several minutes. No fucking no thing. Just rubbing with his hand as if he was afraid of the pussy. Vagina became the boogeyman.

Nevertheless, though, has quite interesting features and categories which was even what made it look a bit benefiting to some extent. At least it makes your navigation on the site easier. We do not have any personal grudge against Yuvutu, but the management must make it a point of duty to review their operations on the site, especially the type of videos they allow to be uploaded. But, this is why the site is geared towards free "amateurs", aka "people who don't know what the fuck they're doing." At least that mobile phone advertisement graphics look pretty tight.

Yuvutu Review - Video Content

Remember when we said the videos here are crap? Well, …we are repeating it, “they are too crappy to watch”. It seems 100% of them are amateurs, or guys who are super excited getting pussy for the first time or girls who decided a minute ago to become a porn star. Some of the stuff are hot, but some of it is not. Don't expect super high-quality resolutions neither. More like retro-fitted porn from the 70s.

Dude, if videos like this turn you on, then you need a psychiatric evaluation. Seek help now! Each video thumbnail has a country flag showing the origin of the content. I never knew worldwide porn could suck so badly. Right now, I'm watching a lady who looks like old Mama June lying on her back with stretch marks on her belly. Now, she's posing on a beach and all I see is flabby skin everywhere. This person has the nerve to have 98 videos on their page. Moreover, there are guys commenting saying they like the shit! Really! Who are you dudes?

Aside from being extremely of low quality, their sex patterns are totally out of it. Like seriously, the management of this platform must review the kind of video they allow to get uploaded.

Yes, we agree this is not the best amateur porn website that is, but that is not an excuse for a crappy video that lacks everything porn. We are beginning to believe that these yuvutu people have a thing with fat, ugly, sex-starved women (no offense).

Features and Categories

Okay... We will try to give it to them here. has quite some interesting features and categories that ought to have contained pretty nice videos. But be it as it may, all the categories still contain same old people sex trash. The major categories include:

  • Members

  • Blog

  • Playlist

  • Photos

  • Videos

  • Forum
The Forum category seems to be the most creative thing on yuvutu. This is where the members (lanky, fat, old people probably) come together to discuss sex, share videos, and pictures as well. But generally, though, nothing is interesting about their categories, just the normal old people stuff.

Their features are quite a few, but all the same, they are there to make navigation on the site seamless. There, you have the search section where you get to look up for (those crappy) sex videos of your choice. The member login section is where members have access to their account, and also most importantly the “old/new yuvutu” where you get to switch in-between the old and new versions of the site; nothing special though.

Still, on the features, there is “Register” where new members are expected to sign up from. Finally, the “Support us Now” where you get to sign up for a paid membership at $78.95 for 12 months. This leaves me wondering, who will want to pay to watch the crap?! Oh yeah, those commenters. One thing this site has taught me is that there's someone out there for everyone! Someone will pay the fee. And one more thing, there are exclusive benefits for their Supporters (as they call their paid members). paid Membership Section

We had to create this section to clarify the paid membership section of Yes, it comes with some few benefits, like:

  • HD Videos

  • No Advertising

  • Free Live Chat

  • Full Screen

  • No pop-under, e.t.c.
Yuvutu has four payment system:

  • Direct Deposit

  • Mastercard

  • Visa

  • Visa Electron

Rues on

Yuvutu website has RTA, which is an acronym for Restricted To Adults, boldly displayed beneath the website. Also, they specifically stated that participants are required to be at least 18 years of age before becoming eligible to assess this site. They also have a well-crafted Terms of Use and Privacy Policy which we find quite commendable.

Final Remark on

It is never in a deliberate attempt to give sites like Yutuvu a bad review. The point is that we are so committed to customer satisfaction, we believe that porn enthusiasts deceive more. Which is why we try hard in our unpopular way to make them give up to expectations through our candid reviews. But in all, needs a serious overhaul. On a good note, this site provides 100% amateur porn. They don't just label their content as such, they LIVE that shit. Their uploaders are first-time fuckers.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Direct Debit, Bank transfer

They have a well crafted private policy, as well as age restriction declaration.

They have a well-designed website coupled with well-arranged categories.

The videos lacks creativity, innovation, style, e.t.c.

Yuvutu is crap!

Yuvutu is crap!!

Yuvutu is crap!!!

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