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UflashTv may not be your best amateur porn website, it might even be the worse, but you cannot take away the originality behind this content. Uflash video content has all exhibitionist videos where people are doing sex acts in public, but the quality sucks ass.

A Brief Overview About U Flash Tv

Hey guys! Welcome to once another porn review episode. This time we picked, an amateur porn website with so many exhibitionist videos. Like we have mentioned earlier, this might not be your best porn site, but it sure measures up in terms of video content. Well…let share my personal view about this platform before I go professional, (I have the right to), all the “Fuckery” that went on here were all genuine; no tricks.

This is the only armature porn website I have seen that contains so many videos, so large it is divided into so many categories. And due to the open system the site operates on, everybody and anybody is free to upload their videos on the website. No wonder there are too many videos.

UFlash.TV Review - Features and Categories

Let’s not bother talking about all the categories for now ‘cos it came with a truckload. Instead, let’s concentrate on the major ones as we will do with the features too. It comes with two major gender categories: Male and Female. No trans. Then under lies five subcategories. Under that is hundreds of sub-subcategories. Those primary subcategories include:

  • Newest

  • Top Rated

  • Top Favorites

  • Recently Viewed

  • Longest
Doesn’t end here. They also clarified these sections in “keywords”, meaning that one can search their videos using popular keywords as arranged on the website. Some of those keywords you will get to see are Outdoor, Public, BBC, Sleep, Doctor, Nurse, CFNM, housekeeper, e.t.c. As for the features, the most visible one is the search section where you get to lookup for videos on the website.

You also have the “Upvotes” and “Downvote” where you can cheer or boo any video of your choice. You can as well download your favorite video to watch anytime you wish. Add your favorite videos to your list by clicking on “Add Favorite”, the comment feature is also there to aid you to share your views on a particular video.

My UFlash Experience

Man, some of the scenarios they have here are crazy. guys jerking off on public buses. Getting head in a park. Hot chicks doing weird shit on Omegle. Girls cumming while driving. Nude sunbathing. Medical exams that went left. They had it all. My eyeballs were glued to the screen.

Video Cam Section

Yes, U flash tv has a live Cam section where you can connect with any of the porn stars on standby to perform a live sex section. But we noticed something, uflashtv doesn’t own their live Cam section. When you click on the “Live Cams,” it transfers you to the iCams, Chaturbate, Adult Friend Finder Live where you can have your fun with these models.

Related Videos Arrangement

Once you are on uflashtv you hardly stop. This is because of their (almost countless) video arrangement. The related Videos section is designed in such a way that you will get to see other similar videos like the one you just played. It comes in 15 columns giving you more than one option to choose from..

Final Remark on U Flash Tv

Uflashtv may look not-so-grounded, but its capability to be influence users cannot be underestimated thus its long reputation. Well…guys hope you had a good time reading this episode. That’s not all, just try to stick around because we will be bringing you yet another interesting review that will surely fit your fancy.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

Contains more than the number of porn videos you bargained for.

Designed to be interactive, members can comment, Upvote videos they like, and downvote the once they don’t, e.t.c.

One can easily download the video of their choice, hence, saving him the stress of always streaming each time they want to access the video.

Exhibitionist content specifically

Lacks creativity and innovation.

Almost all the videos look the same in quality.

Some categories are just not relevant.

Problems streaming the videos with Chrome and FireFox.

In-your-face advertisements

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