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Do you wanna spy on other people's sex acts? fits that bill to a T.

It's totally different from other amateur porn sites where everything is staged.

Here, people have sex with no mind for the distant camera that catches their acts. How so? Let's investigate.

Free Real Life Cams VIP Top Review

Imagine if reality TV shows like Big Brother were made for the internet instead of prime time television. You'd probably get the unfiltered reality, including lots of sex and nudity caught on film. includes what all those network shows omit.

With so many real-life cam and live sex sites on the internet, you might wonder what could possibly set apart from the competition. It's actually a whole lot different from those other sites.

Whereas sites like Chaturbate and LiveJasmin show cam girls interacting with their audience, captures private lives in the raw. These people are oblivious to the rolling camera.

RealLife Cams: Voyeur Video Review

Across the top row of videos on RealLifeCam, you'll see four thumbnails of twat closeups, each titled in German. Don't click these! They activate pop-up pages to external sites.

The next row is titled Videos Being Watched Right Now. It features five videos uploaded to the site between one and four years ago. These links don't seem to work either. Clicking them yields external pop-up tabs. Once you click off those, the site becomes unresponsive. You can refresh the page and try again but you'll just get different pop-up tabs, followed by the same unresponsiveness.

The next set of thumbnails is titled New. It consists of 12 rows, three columns of videos uploaded within the last three weeks. The thumbnails show couples fucking in various positions (doggy-style, missionary, sideways) and solo women masturbating on sofas, beds and in bathtubs. One of the videos features a g/g/b threesome. Several twosomes are girl-girl.

Along the right of the screen, you'll see a two-column, 10-row table of mini-thumbnails titled Popular Videos. Judging by the thumbs, these videos look slightly more professional (half the women are wearing stockings).

Unfortunately, none of these clips will actually play. Each time I click a thumb, an animated external porn site (, pops up in a second tab.

At the top of the page, you'll see a row of site tabs: Home, Free Porn, Deutsche Porno, Free Voyeur Porn, Live Sex, XXX Porno Italiano, and Videos.

The last of those contains a pull-own menu with further filters: New, Popular, 2019 HD Voyeur House, etc.

When you click Free Porn, up pops a secondary tab for the site, which features similar hidden-cam sex content.

Real Life Cam VIP HD Videos

I finally get a video to play when I click a thumbnail with the prefix Watchme247 under Categories. It shows an Israeli couple fucking cowgirl style in their dank bedroom. The camera is angled downward from the far end of the room.

Yep, it looks like a pornographic version of those "private" moments on Big Brother. With the ugly interior, unspectacular sex acts and unchanging camera position, it's all rather boring.

Back on the main page of, I click one of the clips under New... and it actually works. It shows a random woman taking a shower. The camera gets her from the breasts on down. She's got nice tits and shapely legs.

Her only problem is some indents on her right buttock (cellulite?) The clip is titled big tits teen hot shower, but it looks the body of a 30-year-old. It quickly gets boring.

I click another video, Lenora morning orgasm with pink dildo, but it goes nowhere. Instead, the link triggers a pop-up tab to a random room on CamModels. The cammer is a pretty-eyed, raven-haired alterna chick with twin star marks above her left cheek. It reminds me that these camgirl sites are a lot better than this voyeur house shit on RealLifeCam.

Curious about the overall video inventory on, I make a serendipitous discovery: you must click to the numbered pages to open the videos. As I write this review, the New Videos section spans 224 pages with 16 clips per page. Annoyingly, you have to refresh these pages constantly to keep them responsive.

Knowing this, I finally get to open the page for one of the more fetching video thumbnails, Alla and Holly orgasm together. Alas, I can't actually get it to play. Every time you click something, the player either pops up a secondary tab or introduces an ad without auto-start.

After each click and false start, the page becomes unresponsive. The cycle repeats each time you refresh the page.

RealLifeCam VIP Functions, Toggle Navigation

I tried this site in Opera and Chrome and got the same results. I don't imagine users could get much joy from a site with endless pop-ups and static. Not that you're really missing much; most of these clips are interchangeable eyesores.

Anyone can fuck in a tacky room with a distant, awkwardly placed cameras on constant roll. Even for amateur porn, these clips are not very good. I couldn't even register on because the captcha was corrupt and the signup page froze each time I clicked out of an input bar.

Consequently, I don't know whether the site will function any better if you're signed in.

Not that it matters; this isn't a premium site. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, even when it comes to free porn sites. The best porn sites offer a big mix of content with optimal site functionality. Yes, this includes amateur porn sites. is not one of the best porn sites. Far from it.


Year Launched

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Voyeur video porn

Raw sex on cam

Endless ads, popups

Poor functions, toggle navigation

Limited, poor-quality content

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