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Adultism Community Review for Amateur Porn Videos

Adultism is the most normal sex site you’ll ever see! Seriously, features normal adults doing naughty, wonton and perverse things on camera. These people could be your neighbors, ex-classmates, co-workers or relatives. They could even be those dead-enders you pass by on the streets each day; warts, bellies and all.

Adultism is a community of average, horny Joe’s and Jane’s who simply want to flaunt their junk. It’s a safe place, in a sense, where you don’t have to compete with all the Chad’s and Stacey’s of the world. Benefits of the website include:

  • Tons of sex pics

  • No banner ads

  • Easy-to-use layout

  • Free membership and premium options Layout, Search Filters

So you wonder, what the hell does Adultism mean? I know, the spelling is so confusing, you could easily get it wrong (Afultism… Adultusm… Adultiam). Basically, it’s the practice of adult sexuality.

On its surface, looks a lot the early Facebook. When you land on the front page, you will see tables of members who have recently logged into the site. At the top of the screen next to the website banner, there’s a search bar that lets you search the site for uploads and profiles.

On the second bar, there are three main tabs: posts, people, and hall of fame. Under posts, you get four sub-tabs: recent posts, most popular, categories, and archives.

By default, the website opens with a three-by-ten table of 30 active profiles and new uploads in Adultism’s user base. The profiles are tagged in numerous categories, including babes, close ups, lingerie and stockings, blowjobs and cumshots, MILF, big tits, BBW, real sex and more. The tables continue for another 12 pages.

The sub-tabs under posts are self-explanatory. Under recent posts, you get all the exhibitionism that members have loaded within the past few hours. Under “most popular,” you get a somewhat better quality control with mostly decent-looking women posting pics and clips of themselves flashing their tits, dildoing their twats and sucking dick.

You can sub-search Adultism’s most popular uploads by narrowing the search with the following sub-tabs: most viewed, most discussed, most favorited, and most liked. You can narrow these searches by date with the right-side drop-down menu, which lets you filter by the current day, week, month, or year.

As you might expect, the most viewed and popular uploads contains images of large breasts, blowjobs and women masturbating.

Another sub-tab is categories, which highlights all the popular adult themes across thumbnail tables. Some of the most popular categories include handjob, interracial, ebony, bisexual, Asian, anal and amateur sex.

In addition to the common fetishes, Adultism also attracts some unusual and different interests such as wife lovers and water sports. If you search under posts > archives, you can check the number of uploads they've has had each month since April 2002.

When you search under the second main tab, people, you will instantly notice the major downside of this site. Most of the members are men and a lot of them enjoy flashing dick pics to the world. Of the 36 profiles that show across the table as I click that tab, I only spot three females.

You can narrow the people search to those who are currently online, but that just paints a bleaker picture: lots and lots of dudes.

The last main tab is hall of fame, which paints the opposite picture. This is all women. Few of them are young but some are well-kept for their age. To make it into the hall of fame on Adultism, an upload must have lots of like and views.

Adultism Community Review

My first impression of Adultism is that it’s a Facebook for horny old swingers, exhibitionists and outright pervs. I don’t see many young people on this site; it’s mostly middle-aged and older adults.

As I scroll down the default front page of the website, I see a mixed bag of thumbnails. Some of these women have big, round breasts pointed into the camera. Others have cellulite thunder-thighs shoved straight into the fisheye. After all, this is a place where amateurs come to show off their best… and worst.

Scanning the main page, the most appealing post I see is that of a relatively tight, round-boobed MILF with pert cleavage peeking out of a fitted white dress. You’ll have to register to view clips like that.

Some of the women on Adultism show their faces, others only show their body parts. One woman I saw showed herself from head-to-toe yet blurred her face in every photo. Kinda’ creepy, actually. I’d rather have her crop things from the neck-on-down.

I can’t review Adultism without giving you fair warning to the gross and ugly content that litters the site. Aside from all the dick pics, there are some shots of women on here that would only appeal to their husbands, and even that’s doubtful. One of the first pics I saw was some old fatty with jizz dripping from her mouth. I’m still trying to un-see it.

These days, Adultism gets around 3,700 posts per month, up from a 2,400-2,800 average during 2019. Back in 2015, they had an average of 850 posts per month. So despite the site’s primitive layout and aging user base, it’s more active now than ever.

If you approach Adultism with the same standard that you hold for sites like Porn Hub, you’ll be disappointed. This is mostly a place where grannies and old geezers go to bare what nobody has asked to see in real life. You don’t get much young people here because they have their own sex communities and don’t want to expose themselves around aging blue hairs.

Adultism Mission, Policies

Having just read the About Us and FAQ pages on Adultism, I feel obligated to take a somewhat charitable view toward the site. It exists to serve as a community where real people can interact and share their sexual sides.

The team behind Adultism makes no money for their efforts. It’s a labor of love and has always been from the beginning. Running a community with thousands of members is expensive on the server-side and the team has lost tons of cash because of this.

One of the really good things about Adultism is that it runs without banner ads. The admins make a point that the website is banner-free for two reasons. One, banners are annoying to users (indeed). Two, banners are not profitable. Supposedly, banners didn’t even cover the site’s server fees back in 2011 when they were using them.

Thanks to the lack of banner ads, you can browse the website fast and freely. There’s also no risk on Adultism of malware somehow uploading to your computer from a third-party banner.

It’s easy to dismiss Adultism based on its quality ratio. Most of the members are men, so you won’t find many hookup opportunities, if any. Moreover, most of the women on here have hit the wall looks-wise. It reminds me of the Southern Charms community, where I could count the number of hotties on one hand.

As I browse these pages here on a cold Thursday night, Adultism has 336 members online and 403 guests. Go figure, the number of people logged in are outnumbered by the people passing through. When you consider the gender ratio, you’re talking slim pickings as far as wank material goes.

Still, Adultism was never created to give you the world’s hottest chicks in one place. The website was designed for ordinary people to show their sexual sides, and that’s how it remains. Yes, that means tons of old fatties sticking their sagging titties into the lens. And yes, that means hundreds of dick pics.

Notice I only said hundreds. Given the skewed gender ratio and the number of online men who love sharing their dicks, you’d think there’d be thousands of dicks plastered across the site.

Fortunately, the admins reject most close-ups of dicks because there’s too many posted already. After all, most of the members are straight men. Why would they want to look at each other’s dicks? Moreover, women don’t like dick pics either, and the site needs (is desperate for) more women!

The same rule does not apply to twat pics, as lots of men love to look at twats. Therefore, there’s an endless array of close-up pussy pics on Adultism, alongside all the tits and ass.

If you become a gold member, you might be able to post a few dick pics. The admins also state that you can show pics with your dick as long as it shows the rest of you at least from the neck on down. They claim that this actually does go over better with Adultism’s female members.

Adultism is not the kind of place where you’ll likely see women who could pass for porn stars or Instagram models. The admins make it clear that you are not allowed to use the site to direct people to your own website or social media accounts. Therefore, there’s not much incentive for cam girls and thots to use the site.

Adultism prohibits users from posting unoriginal content. If the subject of an image is not you, you can only post it with his or her permission. The admins also sniff out fake sites, which they now find easy to detect given all the thousands of blonde hotties supposedly living in Taiwan.

Without many young people, Adultism will never be a good place to find hotties. If that's all you want, you'll have to look elsewhere. Here, you're offered something new and different: a place to be free with your body, regardless of age or whether you're good or bad looking.

Adultism Membership Options

Adultism saves most of its goodies, if you’d call it that, for its members. You can browse the tabs and even view some of the pictures, but you’ll need to join in order to watch videos. Once you become a member, you can follow your favorite women in the community. To show your appreciation, you can like and favorite their posts.

To join Adultism, enter your email address and choose your user name and password on their sign up page. You will then be asked to choose between three identifiers: male, female, or couple. You can open up a free account, but to enjoy most of the membership benefits you’ll need to become a gold member.

Adultism accepts payments via credit card and PayPal. Some users have complained about their credit cards being rejected by the processor. The admins recommend using PayPal to avoid these problems.

Adultism might not hook you up with the best-looking people in the world. But if you’re an average Joe or Jane who loves to flash, they'll welcome you into their community of other old pervs just like you.


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