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xHamster Amateur

Last call for xHamster Amateurs. Have you been embarrassed seeing more than 10 girls sitting at a place, all expecting your arrival? Well, you had better stop imagining that scenario before you visit the site because that’s exactly what you are going to encounter. As far as we are concerned, xHamster com is the only armature homemade porn video content website with the largest video gallery we have ever seen. No kidding! Review: Cam Show Homemade Porn Videos 4 Dayz

Though this platform is called an amateur porn site, we kinda doubt that claim. If this is true, then this must be a special kind of amateurs ‘cos these guys can fuck like an average cockmaster pro. The number of videos you get to see on your arrival is way too terrifying, just like the scenario we created above. For the records though, this platform has over 2 million porn videos in all, and over a hundred on the homepage. Now you know where we are at!

xHamster Review: Homepage Designs, Homemade Tags

If there is one unique thing about this platform aside from its intimidating homepage, it is the carefully designed pattern the site comes in. We have always been of the professional opinion that porn sites are not good with white website background. It seems this site changed all that. The thing is that a white website background with a gallery of videos brings out the awesomeness of any porn site.

Remember we pointed out the creativity of the website designers is top-notch? Well, that is nothing less than the truth because the menu tags have got everything you would want from a porn site, but one thing is scary though, it has a “Dating” section! Now the big question, who will want to date a bitch from fuckin' x Hamster?! A porn bitch at that!

All the same, the site has good menu tags after all. There are other interesting features you can find on the menu section of the site, e.g. the “Live” cam section a.k.a the bad boy’s playground. And guess what? They have got “Channels” too, a place where every member can shoot and upload a private sex video. Don’t worry we talk about this later in this review. We will also get to talk about the premium account and the personal rating page.

xHamster Porn Come Homemade Review: Sections and Features

You thought we were joking when we talked about the awesomeness of this platform? Well, we weren’t exaggerating ‘cos the designers had it figured out. The sections are like the hydra water plant, cut one-off, two more springs up. But in the case of this site’s menu section, you open one menu, tens of others comes up. Let's check some major ones out:

  • Homemade Porn Videos

The homemade porn video contents other sub-sections like Best Videos, Most Viewed, Most Commented, 50 Newest Videos, and recommended. Each part of this feature has an important role to play on the site, it is also self-descriptive.

  • Live Cam Shows

This is where users get to explore the Live Cam section of this site. Unlike other sites, this section contains hundreds of live cam shows porn channel owners waiting patiently to be explored. It still takes us back to our initial scenario; imagine hundreds of pretty young ladies standing by just to perform for you. Aren’t you not loving capitalism already?! And guess what the fun part of it is? Those live Cam sections are free. Hey, maybe you can launch a cam show!

  • Slutty Pornstar

Though this is considered an amateur porn website, these guys have their different kinds of porn stars and some little doze of some porn models. This section also comes with sub-sections: Anal, Arab,  cartoons, celebrities, cuckold, America, and tens of other sub-sections.

  • Bad Ass Dating

Now, this is where we have a problem with the site, not a problem though, but we think they overdid it. We mean…Who will want to date a bitch? Well, whatever your answer is, this platform allows you to do so in their dating section.

  • Money-Shot Photos

This is the section we prefer to call the masturbator’s digest. This is where you get to see the most sexual edifying pictures the site has to offer. This section contains over 5 million different arousing pictures. All arranged in a captivating sexual gallery. The pictures are categorized into six different sections: Teen, Mature, BBW, Cartoon, and Celebrity.

The xHamster Premium Porn Section

Yes. The site has a premium category. Though you can have as much fun as you can with the free version, the premium version has lots more to offer. This premium subscription is designed in 3 different categories: $9.99 for 1 month,  $23.97 for 3 months ($7.99 monthly), 12 months for $4.99 ($59.88 monthly) things you stand to gain while on the premium account are:

  1. Full Video and DVDs

  2. Unlimited Download

  3. No Ads

  4. Full HD Video and 4K UHD
You are also qualified to get awesome sex videos directly  from other platforms like:

  • Private Society®

  • Dog Fart®

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  • Homegrown Video®

  • Night Club

  • #Letsdoeit, e.t.c
You can also choose to look up for stories by members and also subscribe for a weekly newsletter if you wish. And did we mention you can upload your videos there? Well, yes you can. We think this is the reason behind a large number of videos and pictures on the platform.

xHamster Homemade Amateur Category Rules

I don’t think you understand when we said these guys were very careful while designing this platform. If you want to know how sensitive they are about law, check out their “Legal” section. Under this section lies Privacy Policy, Term and Conditions, and DMCA/Copyright. And please if you are not a fan of a long legal text please stay away from this section because you might get bored even before you start. Stick to your porn videos, Fuck Head!

Site Blog

Going through this platform, it seems there is no end to the number of porn videos you will be getting from it. The website blog of this platform comes with all sorts of crazy updates about sex events happening around the world, as well as some in-house events happening within the website. Surprised? You have no idea dude! Some of these news headlines include Kinky Easter Bunny Competition 2020 Winners, Tiger King Searches Spike, and loads and loads of them.

4K Porn Tube xHamster Search Amateur General Remarks

Well, we will give this site 4.8/5 stars in rating. The only reason we didn’t use the word ‘perfect’ is that nothing is. However, outside this logic, this platform is perfect!

With over 5 million in-house photos, 2.8 million videos (which comprises Live Cam, video clips, and sex movie trailers) this platform is sure gonna make you a porn addict. And did we mention they also have a sex cartoon section? Well…sex they do; more reason to stick around I guess.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


(Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diner Club Entertainment, JCB, Maestro, Paysafecard) - Gold Membership (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Maestro, Skirll, paysafecard, Bitcoin and other 40+ cryptocurrencies) - chat Tokens.

There are way too many interesting videos to keep you going you don’t have a reason to get bored.

There are over 60 sections and sub-sections carefully placed on the site to make easier for visitors to navigate.

It comes with a lot of creativity, aside from the conventional porn hub, you are meant to also see new sex video trailers, sex clips, e.t.c.

Good website design.

Well stipulated rules, legal terms, and Terms and Conditions.

That it has a live Cam section is a thing, but the fact that there are thousands of them is super awesome.

The fact that the site allows members to own a channel (just like YouTube) is super exciting.

It has a steady responsive Help section

It provides users to opportunity to make money via their “Start Making Money with Us” section which also contains subsections like, Webcam models wanted, Content Creators Program, Webmasters, and Advertisers.

They have (a blog) an up to date information area that gives visitors updated with current events in the porn industry.

Well categorized: you get to see sections like, Hot Porn Videos, and New Sex videos, that way, you can know what others are watching and get follow the trend.

Too addictive: with the number of sex videos, sex movie clips, Live Cam, e.t.c we doubt anybody can come out of it looking the same.

There are still some underage sex videos there. This is not right!

There are fewer black sex videos, too small that you begin to assume it is a racist owned porn platform.

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