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WatchersWeb represents everything amateur, starting from the website design to the content of the site. Well, this is bad for a site that has been around since 1998. I would expect more "professional" models. Amateur Design & User Interface Review

The categories and features may look decent, but the website design looks like a, 1998 tortoise VW – as old as shit. Also, this site is a multilingual platform where you can choose to change to your preferred language by using the “Translate” button located just below the footer.

We think it will be important to add that 80% of the videos you see on this platform are all homemade videos and lacks the professionalism of a trained porn video director. So do not go expecting that same swerve you see on porn sites performed by professional prone models. You can access millions of these videos on the platform, but you must have to sign up as a member first.

Due to the fact that we are lovers of content, we will fight the urge of giving this site a bad review. But all the same, we won’t stop talking about the bad choice of web design, yes we won’t! Who keeps a bad habit for that long; since 1998, hey come on dude, prone up!

The site has some well-structured features and categories despite the crappy website design, there are some sections designed to for members to take a break from all the real amateur sex and amateur wife sex scenes to experience something non-erotic. Such sections include Site News and Feedbacks. Well not necessarily a break though, but let’s assume it is… Lol.

Like we earlier stated, warchersweb was designed with a lot of interesting features and categories which also houses great content. Some of these features include Trending Now, Clubhouse, VIP forum, Link Page, Adult store, e.t.c. We guess this is one of many porn websites with an online store and a link page embed in a not-so-cool website.

The “link Page” on the menu bar gives visitors the opportunity to link to an external website platform with different functions. This page contains a link to platforms like Free Live Cams, 99FLAVORS, Literotica, Amateurs Gone Wild, Library of Thumbs, e.t.c. and each link represents a different function of porn.

Watchers Web Top Sections & Categories

It is in the usual culture for porn sites to hold some kind of contest every now and then, this platform is not different, but unlike others, it conducts three different contests simultaneously. Those contest include:

  • Top 5 Free Section Pictures

This is where members submit their softcore pictures to be evaluated by the contest managers, in the end, 5 best pictures are picked as winners and they all go home with $200 each.

  • Top 10 Premium Section Pictures

To win this contest, you are expected to submit a hardcore content, you can also choose to do it based on personal preference. In the end, winners are given $200 each.

  • Top 3 Movie Submission

This is where members are expected to submit hardcore or softcore movies. In the end, Top 3 videos are will be announced. Winners will be going home with $200 each.

  • Top 1 Leading Sex Stories

Do you think you have a good sex story to tell the house? Well, this is the time to bring it on and stand the chance to win $200. In this contest, just one winner is expected.

Find WatcherWeb Features for Quality Amateur Porn

The “Trending Now” feature which is the first on the menu shows the latest video and picture upload on the site. The funny thing is that most of those pictures and videos are not even porno materials as we thought, just some random funny pictures, videos, and nudes.

Watchers is designed in such a way that you will get to meet like-minded people like you with similar interest. To do this, you have to check out the “The Clubhouse” section, but you will have to get registered to go to this. You also get the opportunity of starting a Live Cam section, visit the chatroom, join the website forum, participate in sharing movies and pictures from both couples and singles from around the world.

This platform has a “General Video” section where you get to video all categories of videos that made it to the site. And quite interestingly, you might want to check out the “Blog” section of the site for updated event activities on the platform. Other sections on the site include Forum, Groups, and Games.

Quality Watcher’s Web Rules that are Respectable

Despite the shitty web design, this has got some really organized rules members are expected to live by which is really commendable. Their rules match up with some strong legal terms, one of which has a strong disagreement against under aged porn viewership, it can be seen in the “Child Protection Policy” clause. Now that, we also respect too.

Included in its rules are the trademark rules, liability and content disclaimer, rules on member's contact information, financial information, third party information, internet protocol, Newspapers, and in fact any other thing that has to do with the website.

Watchresweb Amateur Porn in the Form of Sex Stories

You will never know how crazy members on this site are until you read their sex stories, the sex story section is located just at the top of the site menu.  Their stories differ, from how they had a quickie in the office, to how they fucked their girlfriend’s mom in the kitchen. In fact, there is this particular story about a man who brought a whore home, but the bitch ditched the man and went straight for the wife... Lol. Can you beat that?!

Web Watchers Nude Competition and Winners

The Web Watchers competition is way beyond just uploading some Amateur sex pics, it does beyond that. Dude, this shit is intense! On the commencement of every competition, we notice that there is an influx of nude pictures, videos, e.t.c of all categories. The site permits just 7 days of voting before the final result is processed. And at the end, winners of each category go back with a $200 price money.

A VIP Forum for Members

Do you want to be separated from the sheep? Well, you can now sign up with the VIPs and get ready to access over 7 Million porn videos and pictures from all the categories. Here, you are given a choice to choose from 3 different categories:

  • Free Member

  • Premium Members

  • Lifetime Premium Membership
The premium membership lasts for one year and costs $39.98, while the lifetime premium membership costs $99.95 (special packages cost $149.00).

Payments and Billing on the Webwatchers Porn Site

The Watchersweb club house has the most secured online payment system which accepts payments from all the payment platforms in the world, PayPal, Payoneer, payday, e.t.c. This is another evidence that even with the shity web design, the platform’s sophistication is still perfecto. Also at the legal section of the site, it clearly stated that the security of their customer’s payment information is intact.

Pros and Cons

It will only be a fair judgment to say that this site has a lot of flaws, but nevertheless, the good side still exists. Below, we have listed some ups and downs to expect while on the site. Check ‘em out:


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Sepa Direct Debit, Sepa Bank Transfer, Visa, Visa prepaid, Visa debit, Visa Electron, Visa Bleue, Maestro, MasterCard, MasterCard debit, MasterCard prepaid, Discover, Delta Visa, JCB. Non-mentioned, but it is possible to pay via Mail.

The site is no doubt well organized with rules, legal terms, copyright restrictions, e.t.c.

The platform is rich with great content, as in videos, pictures, and articles.

Their competitions are very attractive and organized.

The fact that they have a blog makes it even more interesting as it gives the audience the opportunity to follow up with the site’s activities.

It is multilingual: one can always choose the type of language they are comfortable with.

The fact that they have a feedback section means they are ready to upgrade (but the question is when?”

It has free membership section

On arriving on this platform, one can easily tell that the website design is crap. You will be bound to ask “what in porn’s name have they been doing since 1998”?

There is not enough content to validate their long existence.

There is no enough section, thus, boredom is eminent when you are here.

There is more none-porn pictures and videos than porn videos and pictures on the “Trending Now” category.

The Live Cam section is just too archaic to enjoy (like hell! It needs to be upgraded).

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