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From Opera to Microsoft Edge to Safari to Internet Explorer and Firefox, the Chrome browser is probably the best one I used for surfing internet porn without any dick-ups (hiccups). I could open multiple porn sites on 20 different tabs without the browser crashing. This review will determine if Chrome is the best useful software for porn site browsing for you.

Chrome for Porn Review: A Bit of Information about the Browser

Google Chrome was launched in the year 2008, so the browser likely has all the bugs worked out. Therefore, you don't need to worry about Google Chrome freezing up and crashing like Internet Explorer would do. Anyone who used IE to watch porn knows exactly what I'm talking about. Experiencing crashing while jacking can kill the whole vibe on those lonely Saturday nights.

Google launched the popular web browser Google Chrome on 02 Sep 2008, primarily for Microsoft Windows OS. The browser was launched in 43 different languages, so when you visit popular porn sites like Pornhub Premium, expect the text to change to your native language.

Today, Google Chrome is available for iOS, Android, macOS, and Linus operating systems; therefore, you can watch porno anywhere at anytime - including planes, trains, and automobiles. But you might not wanna watch it on the plane or train nor in certain automobiles because you will likely get your ass kicked off for an extra bag fee.

Needless to say, Chrome is the most versatile browser on the web, and the best part is that it is auto updatable. This means you don't need to spend time waiting for quacky updates to complete while you're asshole naked. Also, if I am using this browser surfing porn, it is always updated with the safest security systems to help protect against malware and viruses - which is a huge problem with surfing porn sites. Downloading AdBlockPlus will help alleviate that pain, but you still need a virus protection program installed on your computer to stay pain-free. Every bonafide porn-watcher knows the pain of battling annoying pop-up ads that attacks your computer from every which way. Who wants to deal with that shit? 

Google has continuously been upgrading the browser regularly, and in the last 11 years, multiple versions have been launched across the platforms.

11 Cool Feature of Chrome: Review

  1. Good Speed - The Browser is high-speed, and there is no laxity when opening the pages. When you're on edge desperately trying to open a webpage to see your favorite pornstar perform, you want the content to get revealed instantly. No waiting.

  2. Name of Pages - When we hover the cursor over the tabs, we can see the information on the webpage without actually clicking on the tab. Therefore, you won't lose your spot if you're flipping and masturbating to 50 different windows. This is very useful when we need good speed as we don’t have to click the tab and click again. We can work in multiple tabs faster and efficiently.

  3. Task Manager - In Google Chrome, we can open Task Manager directly by clicking Shift-Esc. We can check how much CPU usage is in use at any moment. As you know, some porn sites use a lot of data, bandwidth - everything, The full breakdown of memory usage can be seen so you know which websites are eating up too much of your memory. If any Tab is not responding, by clicking the Task Manager, we can exit that particular tab, without closing all the porn windows and losing your favorite picture, video, or stream possibly forever. What if you couldn't go into your History an retrieve all these webpages?

  4. Download Center - When we click a web link, if there is any download file in the web-link, it gets downloaded in the bottom download center. It is visible for viewing in the browser tab, or we can see in the download location by clicking the options available on the file. Either we can see the data directly in the tab or download center. 

  5. Common Box for Search, Address, and History - Unlike before, now we can type the address of the website in the bar, and we can search for anything in the same box. We hit enter or return after typing a word, and it will show default search engine results. Therefore, if you see a list of thousands of porn words and you just want to find lesbians, you can type 'lesbians' and the area of the page it is located will get revealed.

  6. Incognito Mode - The browser has an Incognito mode and can be opened directly from the browser. This mode is beneficial when the person is browsing on a public or shared computer and don't want the History to get stored. The browser does not store any data of the website’s history, forms, username or passwords in incognito mode. This feature is significant when the user is visiting sensitive data such as big booty bitches.

  7. Other Features - We can click on various elements of Chrome by clicking on the tabs from the browser. We can re-size the zoom of the web page.

  8. Sync Across Devices - The browser is capable of sync with all the devices across the platforms of the particular user. All the usernames, passwords, forms, bookmarks can be accessed from all the tools. Perfect for porn surfers.

  9. Sleek Design - The browser is a beautifully elegant design. Very fast and user-friendly in usage and can be installed in a few seconds on any device.

  10. Multiple Users - Multiple user accounts can be accessed same time form the single tab. It makes it more versatile, especially where the desktops are shared.

  11. Browser Extensions - A large number of extensions can be saved in the browser, which makes it more user-oriented and efficient.

Final Word: Goggle Chrome Review for Porn

Google Chrome Browser was refurbished entirely in 2018 on the 10th anniversary of its launch. It's one of the cleanest browsers I used for porn and it shows.

The browser was designed for speed and ease of use, even on Apple devices.

It was struggling in competition with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox before 2014. But watchers know how annoying it was to watch hours of porn on Internet Explorer without having to pull up that Task Manager and quit a frozen window - losing all that hard-earned porn you surfed for. 

Today, the Google Chrome browser crossed 70% market share on the desktop platform and will always be my go-to porn-surfing software.


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