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Video Download Helper

Who the hell wants to watch streamed porn videos when we can download them with the help of Video Download Helper (review). 

Are you tired of Googling the phrase “best video download programs for porn” and actually using the entire results history until you find one that actually works.

We understand, you ain’t got time for that!

You want to stream embedded porn videos and gifs that are already saved on your computer in case your electricity shuts off in a blackout.

You won’t be able to watch anything because the stream video will get caught into a constant loading loop.

You might still have power on your laptop, but now you can’t watch shit. 

Here to save the day is Video Download Helper that will help you to download those porn videos and movies, from anywhere really, including YouTube, DailyMotion, and even Facebook in any format, so you can enjoy your scene without needing to have an internet connection.

But remember, you won’t see any porn on these sites unless they are medical videos or you get lucky and someone has broken the rules undetected. 

Anyway, VideoDownloadHelper is for downloading adult and non-adult content.

Video DownloadHelper Review: Software that shows Bitches in their Underwear

This software installs as an extension to your browser:

  • Google Chrome

  • Firefox (Linux)
This product has a 4+-star rating and millions of people who have already downloaded the software.

I’ll bet the majority of them are hardcore porn watchers.

How to Download Porn using Video Download Helper: Review

  • Click on the Video Sites tab.

  • Click on Show Adult Sites in the dropdown box

  • Locate your favorite porn site

  • Visit your favorite porn site in another window

  • Copy paste the link

  • Click on the play (download) button
Bam! Now the video is saved on your computer.

Following this procedure might be difficult for horny mature guys or women who are not tech savvy or horny guys who don’t feel like reading through the instructions because they’re penises are hard and their intellectual capacity is operating on autopilot.

These people might not have the time, patience, or motivation to operate a program like Video Download Helper.

Premium Video Download Helper License

The premium license gives you unrestricted access and usage of the program.

You know how some software programs will let you download a particular number of videos then put a cap on the usage?

VDH does the same thing, but they will allow you to purchase a premium membership so you can remove that cap.

With the premium you can enjoy the following:

  • Convert the video into audio files to listen to sensual moaning while trucking

  • Unlimited downloads
The license cost a flat $18 USD.

Video Download Helper Review: Final Analyzation

If you wanna download porn, this is probably the better software out there.

Of course, there are others but this one has a format just for adult sites, making it easy to download any video you have in mind. 

The pricing is affordable and it covers a lifetime of unrestricted downloads, at least the site makes it seem that way.

Its usage is straight to the point and easy to operate, unless you are just completely new to how the internet works.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Credit cards, cryptocurrency

High rating among app users

Free to use for the most part

Difficult the first time learning how to save a video

Not available for Microsoft Edge

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Video Download Helper



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