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PornHub Premium

You have to be living under a rock if you’ve never beaten your meat to a Pornhub Premium video. I bet you would agree that there’s nothing like a porn site that fulfills all of your sexual fantasies. Guess what? Pornhub Premium is just the site for you and we’re going to show you all that they have to offer.

If you look up the statistics you’ll find that PornHub generates more than 40 billion views in 2019 alone, which works out to more than 100 million streams daily! Pornhub is one of the most hottest porn tubes on the web because there are thousands of videos in every kinky niche there is which means you’re guaranteed to find videos that will make you cum.

Whether you want to watch two slutty babes lick each other pussies of Milfs getting a train run in them by young jocks, Pornhub updates their catalog on a daily basis. Review: Free Porn Trial

Pornhub Premium is a subscription-based porn video service where dudes like you can beat your dicks to the hottest filthy sluts. Since it is a subscription service you will have to pay a small monthly fee. Viewers can unlock premium content on Pornhub for just $9.99 a month. However, you can take it for a test drive with a free seven-day trial.

Who doesn’t love free stuff? When it comes to the porn industry many viewers have gotten so used to being able to easily access free quality porn videos that they don’t see the need to pay for porn. When you sign up fora premium subscription you’ll unlock several benefits.

Is Pornhub Premium Legit? Is It Worth It?

Is Pornhub Premium worth your $9.99 a month? Well, let’s break it down. How many nights have you spent hours with your dick in your hand searching for the perfect video that makes you bust a nut? The great thing about subscribing to Pornhub Premium is that members have access to unlimited access to the hottest porn networks on the web.

Some of these networks include Brazzers, Digital PlayGround, Reality King, Mofos, and Kinks just to name a few. Rather than paying a subscription fee to each individual network, you’ll be able to watch all of their content partners in one central place. You can sit back and jerk off to exclusive high definition porn adult videos that you can find on the free side of the site.

HD Pornhub Premium Videos

The great thing about Pornhub Premium is that you can enjoy videos in high definition. Unlike Pornhub, free videos are streamed in 2160p VR which means you can stream videos to your tv through your Xbox, HTC Vive, PlayStation and Samsung Gear. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching your favorite sexy model tits bouncing in virtual reality or on your big television screen.

Want to take it back to the old days? Premium members also have access to a large DVD collection. You can request DVDs of your choice tobe sent directly to your home.

What are some other pornhub premium benefits?

Porn Hub Premium: Large Community

Interact with like minded individuals Pornhub’s large community with people who share in your naughty and perverted thoughts. Once you become a member of the community you can create your own friends list filled with people that you’ve connected with. You’ll also be able to save your favorite videos.

When you interact with other community members you can get put on to new sexy models and cock sucking adult videos.

How Much Is the Membership Fee?

Ok, so here is the question of the hour; how much will Pornhub Premium actually cost me? Here’s the good news, subscribing to Pornhub Premium definitely won’t put a hole in your pocket. Pornhib premium price is $9.99 when you choose to pay on a monthly basis. On the other hand, when you pay upfront for a year subscription at $95.88 a month that works out to be $7.99 a month.

From time to time, offers a 30% discount on they're premium membership rate. Overall, you can expect to pay less than ten bucks a month which is super affordable price tag especially when you consider how you’ll also be gaining access to over a dozen other paid porn subscription sites.

Just think of how much money you’d be paying if you went out to the movies or even a strip club. Pornhub Premium would be considerably cheaper. Also, when you sign up you get a free Pornhub premium trial which allows you to take

Pornhub Premium vs Pornhub Free Website

What makes Pornhub Premium so much better than Pornhub Free? You’re probably wondering if there are any major differences between the two. Here’s what you get when you make the switch:

Enjoy full-length porn movies- Have you ever been in the middle of a scene watching a slut suck the cum out of a dude’s ball only for the video to abruptly end. With Pornhub Premium you get to enjoy videos that are thirty minutes and more complete with plots and climaxes

Virtual Reality Sex Videos- Virtual reality content is the closest thing you can get to real sex. Yes, Pornhub Premium implements VR technology in its videos which allows you to connect your headset and stream.all kinds if naughty videos. You'll find that such content will literally come to life before you.

Supports Bluetooth Sex Toys - For the ultimate nut you can implement your bluetooth sex toys with the videos on Pornhub thanks to modern technology.

Over 30,000 Titles - You'll never run out of videos to watch at least not in this lifetime because Pornhub Premium has a catalog of over 30,000 videos featuring all your favorite sexy models. Although Pornhub doesn’t cater to one specific fetish you can find videos in all types of categories.

No Ads or Pop up- There’s nothing more annoying than popups or ads when you’re in the middle of a scene. When you upgrade from Pornhub Premium this is one major advantage.

Pornhub Premium

-Vporn doesn’t have a wide variety of niches but on you can feed all of your perverted fetishes with they're massive video collection.

-  Vporn mainly caters to the straight community however on Pornhub there is content for individuals of all sexualities.

Porn Hub Premium Alternatives - Sites Like PornHub Premium

Although Porn hub is considered The Godfather of all porn sites there are some alternatives. Some worthy contenders or sites like are Xnxx, xHamster, and vPorn.


Xnxx is one of the biggest porn sites on the web. This site currently has more than eight million videos that cater to all your naughty fantasies and fetishes. They feature content from Brazzers, FakeTaxi, and BangBros. Reality Kings is another content partner. The great thing about Xnxx is that it is completely free for users. However, you’ll only get to watch snippets of different videos.

PH Premium

  • Full-length videos and sex scenes

  • There’s no annoying pop up ads or advertisements in the videos that mess up your viewing experience.

  • Categories and website is well organized


  • Xnxx has a larger collection of videos with over 8million videos in they're catalog

  • Features a user picture uploaded section where you can beat your dick to amateur sluts

  • If you enjoy erotic literature you can get your dick wet to the dirty stories section on the website
As previously mentioned,  another worthy contender is xHamster. I mean who hasn't heard of this website. This porntube has been around for several years and I'm sure is dedicated to hardcore porn. It's rated at number 67 while Pornhub sits at number 27.

When you go on to the website you will see that hamster offers your classic blowjob, lesbian and teen categories. Just like premium xHamsters uses video that uses VR technology.


  • Offers downloading capabilities which means you can download content right for offline viewing.

  • Viewers get access to over 9000 videos from different professional studios

  • There are over 1.3 million videos in they're free portal

PH Premium

  • xHamster has completely eliminated BDSM content from their website but PH has a great section.

  • xHamsers doesn’t offer a lot of HD content however when you become a premium member on Pornhub you can enjoy high quality content.

  • Pornhub Premium is much more affordable than xHamster’s gold membership.


Vporn is one of the best non-major porn sites. This site has a simple interface that’s super easy to navigate. Their content archive holds more than 200,000 scenes. Vporn offers free HD video content in all kinds of niches. If you want to watch foreign bitches fuck than you can switch over to a different country tab by clicking the tab at the bottom.


  • Free hd quality videos

  • The video content offered is completely free of charge

  • You can download video content and save it on your computer to view it for later

Pornhub Premium Review- What Are People Saying

What exactly are people saying about this website on the web?

According to the reviews online, a lot of people are premium members. In fact, some people are specifically attracted to the site’s homemade category rather than they're professional porn studio videos. Others are attracted to their instructional videos which teach people different sexual positions that can be implemented in the bedroom during sexy time.

Is Porn Hub Premium Worth It?

So is a premium membership worth your hard-earned money? If you’re searching for a trustworthy site that will never let your balls down then Pornhub Premium is definitely it! Not only are you able to access over a million of high-quality videos that will have you busting nuts for hours but Pornhub has implemented the latest technology to make your sexual experience realistic. It just doesn’t get better than that. You can even get it for free when you sign up for the site’s trial which will give you unlimited access and you can experience being a premium member risk-free.


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High quality shit

VR mode support

Costs some money - only for the big boys

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