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You must be tired of the boring wallpapers that always come with every new device you purchase. Adult software sites like are available for you to get unlimited sexy adult wallpapers.

Sexy wallpapers on your device to show you are the boss

If you are thinking, do I need to change my wallpaper? Or, do I need to set adult pictures as the wallpaper for my device? Well, the simple answer is yes, you do.

Changing the wallpaper of your device from the boring ones that come with it says a lot about you as a person. What better way to make a statement than through your device?

Alright, setting erotic pictures as the wallpaper for your mobile device might seem a little too far, but think of it, how about your curved screen computer and other devices that you know would never leave your personal space? I'm not talking about your work or school laptop here. You wouldn't want your colleagues, boss, or teacher to see a naked babe across your laptop screen while making a presentation at work or in school.

Sexy Hotties on your Screen to make you happy always

So here is the deal, has everything it takes to bring the screen of your device back to life. The site features sexy girls from several countries and other naughty photos that float your boat.

Who says you must make these erotic photos your wallpaper? You don't need to. You can browse through these scenes while pleasuring yourself to the amazing and hot pictures on the site.

High Definition Images is all you get has wallpapers for every kink that makes your dicks hard. The large thumbnails represent the wallpapers very well. In fact, from the thumbnails, you can start stroking your meat before seeing the full picture. Trust me; you will get blown away when the full picture opens up.

These high-quality pictures come with the date of upload, and you will even be able to save the picture to any size you prefer.

The wallpapers come with titles, tags, and many of that other stuff that you will see in a typical porn website. You will be able to tell if the wallpaper is popular among users of Ftopx by checking out the number of downloads, likes, and dislikes the picture has. You can also add to the number of views of the image by clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down icon.

Ftopx comes with a basic and very easy to navigate design. You will have to cancel ads of models that want you to click on anywhere on their smoking hot bodies in order not to get distracted. I've seen these kinda ads a couple of times, clicking on the models here will take you to, and you will have to pay to watch the content.

It's very easy to stop seeing the ads if they are bothering your experience, but once you log into another page, you will need to cancel them again.

A chance to show the World your Sexy collection of wallpapers

If you have an interest in sharing your insane porn pictures collection with the world, Ftopx gives you the chance.

You have to sign-up to upload content. Once you register, you also get to enjoy some nice features that other sites offer for premium memberships. For instance, when you sign-up you will be able to cancel pop up ads. Ftopx also allows you to be able to cancel all ads if you can upload 100 wallpapers or more.

All the porn site features you love

There are a bunch of wallpaper categories on the porn wallpaper site. These include categories like Sandbox, Celebrities, and others. The site also has a search bar and a lot of cool sorting options that you can use to see the exact kinda pictures that you want on your screens.

You get to sort for content by the date, downloads, ratings, views, comments, and more. Well, as you know, a bunch of sites put the options there and by the time you need them, you find out they are there for the show alone.

Porn Videos are not left out of

Now, here is one feature that got me hooked about the adult wallpaper website, this section is for lovers of porn videos. However, it seems this section was only recently launched because there were not more than 15 videos. This is a very big letdown. I know it's a site dedicated to adult wallpapers, but it wouldn't hurt if the video count here was a little above 100.

You will have access to full HD videos though; at least this is one standard that the Ftopx porn site has managed to keep up with. All content on Ftopx features high-resolution images and high quality videos. Every video comes with a title, a description, and you will be able to see the names of the performers.

Stuff I didn't like on Ftopx

There are some features about the video category that bumped me out. First is the fact that you will not be able to enjoy full-length scenes. The longest scenes were 3 minutes. The other issue is the number of advertisements that you will have to deal with on the adult software site.

Downloading and setting these high-quality pictures from the Ftopx adult software website is easy and the site is easy to navigate. Don't postpone it, head down to the software site to download the free sexy pictures your device needs.


Year Launched

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Use the search bar to find models on Ftopx.

Freedom to upload your content to the website on Ftopx

A large collection of adult wallpapers

Free adult wallpapers

Plenty of ads to deal with except you upload more than a 100 wallpapers

Name of models not included in wallpaper titles

No models category on the website

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