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Two words that you need to keep in mind during this review: Adblock Plus. One thing that chaps my ass to the core is annoying ass ads. Advertisements. Adverts. Ad-jerks. Ad-jerk-offs. Whatever you want to call those sneaky little devils nowadays that creep up on your computer like a thief in the night, I can't stand them. I will give my left nut (well, not that much), but I am willing to pay some real casino-like money just to not watch another ad another day. 

You know, when you are watching a video that really grabs your mind, it takes control like an elegance dance during a romantic date full of strawberries and white wine, and then suddenly a motherfucker pops on the screen talking about some damn cheap-ass, don't-nobody-want pancakes - totally shattering your vibe? Make you wanna say, "Bitch! Don't kill my vibe!" That's what ads do to me.

So, one day a friend of mine in an internet chatroom noticed I would go to the extremes to deactivate the Flash Player just so I wouldn't see the background ads. I have no idea how I did it - but she would see it through my ManyCam and took interest in what the fuck I was doing. When I told her, she suggested I download AdBlockPlus, and my life hasn't been the same since. Thank you, Anne Marie!

I go to sleep with AdBlock Plus turned on. I beat my meat with Ad Block Plus. I sleep and do the Freak-a-Leek dance with AdBlockPlus. I can focus and catapult my consciousness to a higher state with AdBlock Plus. Excellente'! I tell ya. But keep something in mind, AdBlock Plus blocks 90% of the ads.

Benefits of Using Adblocker Plus with Porn

Some people do not get annoyed with ads. My mother is one of those people. I remember my younger years and watching ads was something we looked forward to seeing. I would wake up on Saturday mornings and turn through the channels just to discover the latest toys or games, and imagine playing with them while screaming, "I want that!"

Now, that I am older, I hate ads with a passion. Having some random jerk popping up talking about God knows what and completely messing up my flow is something I can't shake off. Some companies understand this psychology, which is why they actually charge a fee to block ads on their website. Welp, AdBlocker Plus does the blocking for free.

People have used ad blockers for years. Many times, we don’t click ads that pop-up on our screen. If the ad is relevant, we click. If it's irrelevant we don't click, then the website doesn't generate any money. Ads are the lifeblood of many digital media content creators, shit, I make money from them. TV shows, movies, etc, all survive on ads.

This AdBlocker blocks the following ads:

  • Video ads

  • Picture ads

  • Side banner ads

  • Bottom Banner ads

My Adblocker Plus Review

First and foremost, AdblockPlus has excellent reviews as an add-on for Mozilla, Samsung Internet, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Trust me, the reputation is well deserving.

However, you know me, I gotta be fair. Adblockplus do not work well with a mobile browser, at least not for me.

On the good side, AdBlockPlus is one of the easiest extensions I have ever used. Adding it is so  simple. Just click Add to (whatever browser you're using) and viola, you're in the game.

Now here's something to keep in mind, trying to deactivate the extension takes some work. You have to go into the settings of your browser and manually turn it off. But adblockplus makes it easy to turn off their blocker on certain websites. When you visit a website just click on stop blocking ads for this site on the banner.

Is AdBlockPlus Free?

Hell yeah, AdBlcokPlus is free. No charge. However, the website does accept donations via credit card or PayPal if you choose to give something. They don't ask for much. As long as I have used their services, I should be donating $1000, but I don't have that type of money right now. Maybe in the future.

You can request a refund within 4 months after you give a payment if you change your mind about giving a donation. But who would change their mind after using this fire-ass program? I won't! Keep the money.

Ad Blocker Plus: Advantages & Disadvantages

Ø  All the ads on Facebook, YouTube, porn, free movie sites are blocked. However, internal ads from the website itself won't be blocked. For example, if VR Bangers runs an ad within their video, you will watch the shit even if adblockplus is turned on.

Ø  It is an Open Source Project.

Ø  It can block all the pounders, popups, and malware on any browser, saving you computer troubles in many instances.

Ø  Most popular with more than 30 million subscribers alone.

Ø  Easy and Simple to install and navigate.

Ø  Very easy and user-friendly navigation and easy to understand.

Ø  The Adblocker plus has very advanced features and they are easy to use once you get accumulated with using them.

AdBlockPlus Porn Blocker Review - Conclusion | Should You Download This Program?

Is a pig's pussy pork? Fuck yes, you should download this program to block all ads on your porn videos. An extension like this one can keep your computer safe if you don't have a virus protection program downloaded. Some porno ads have adware, malware, keyloggers, and other risky things connected that could mess up your computer. Ad Block Plus will literally save your CPU from harmful viruses. And, the program is free to use! What more can an avid porn watcher ask for?

I can only give it a 10 out of 10.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

Can forget about AdBlock Plus and relax because it does not make it's prescense known

Gives option to turn off AdBlock Plus and display the ads on certain sites if needed

Easy to access extension from the Google Chrome and Opera browsers

Block ads so much that when you purchase another computer that does not ave Adblock plus can literally make you sick to your stomach seeing how many ads there are

Not available for Internet Explorer

Does not work well with mobile browsers

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