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I know why you're here, reading this uTorrent review. You probably are a cheap fucker like me who loves to avoid paying for movies, games, and porn.

Well, I wouldn't judge you.

uTorrent is the largest BitTorrent client out there. I am sure you must have heard about it or even used it.

For a novice, this software is a bit too complex to understand and use. Too many options, versions, and features. So, here's my complete breakdown and review of this torrent client.

µTorrent for Porn Review - What Does It Offer?

Lately, there have been too many entertainment options and most are not free. Movies, shows, games, and whatnot.

Every one of these is after your pocket. For a hardworking man, it's not feasible to be paying for all these services. Well, that's where torrenting comes into play.

You can find almost anything for free using a torrent client. While some may argue that it is immoral, I will leave that to your discretion.

If you're into downloading torrents, µTorrent is an excellent tool to begin with. It is robustly built with a user-friendly interface, and packed with all the necessary torrenting features.

I use this software to download torrents of porno and movies pretty much every week. I am sure you are here to learn how to do the same. I will cover all the important features and use cases of µTorrent in this review.

Downloading the software is straightforward from the official website. Make sure you use only the official site and not any random source.

While this is an excellent torrent client, µTorrent comes with a bunch of bloatware. They sneakily placed this third-party software bundle in the installation client.

You will have to disable these apps to avoid installing them along with the µTorrent.

uTorrent Review for Downloading Porn (18+) 

µTorrent currently offers three torrent clients. uTorrent Classic is the complete version as it's loaded with all the features necessary for a better torrenting experience.

If you're an oldtimer like me, you must've used this version. The user interface hasn't changed much since its inception. Because it is efficient the way it is and it's better not to try fixing something unless it's broken.

Without getting too much into the technicalities of this platform, I will now discuss the key features we are going to use.

Torrent Search Engines

µTorrent Classic comes with a well-built search function. You can use this feature to look for any torrent file you're trying to download.

Let's just say, you're trying to download Kendra Lust's porno. You simply have to input the name and the search bar returns you with all the results of the torrent files.

You can also configure the search engine list and prioritize the ones you prefer the most. For example, I mainly use the Pirate Bay.

While this feature may sound decent, I don't see the necessity of it. Because all it does is take you to the browser with all the results listed. I can do the same using a browser's search engine too.

Torrent Downloads Manager

This is where all the action happens. µTorrent's download manager is an excellent feature for monitoring and controlling downloads.

Right after you download the torrent, it appears on the download manager. You will also have the option to download only certain files if the torrent has multiple files.

Once the files are added to the download manager, you can monitor the status, estimated time for competition, and speed.

You can also review the seed/leech ratio. If you are not familiar with it, let me put it in noob words. Basically, you need more seeds than leeches for a quicker download.

It doesn't matter how good your internet connection is, you would still need a better seed/leech ratio for better download speeds.

The download manager also lets you pause, stop, and resume the downloads.

uTorrent Web & Mobile - Lighter and Simpler

µTorrent's web platform is a great choice if you like to download torrents without installing the torrenting client.

uTorrent web is packed with almost all the necessary features barring a few that you most probably wouldn't use anyway.

You can access this version from the official website and start downloading torrents right away. Furthermore, µTorrent web also lets you play a torrent video file even before completing the download.

This option comes in handy if you're horny degenerate who can't wait for the download to be finished.

If you do not have a computer, µTorrent also has a mobile torrent client. You can download it from either the Play Store or the App Store depending on your smartphone.

The mobile version however offers only the standard features. You can't configure many options, unlike utorrent classic or web.

uTorrent Pro - Is It Necessary?

Look, you can enjoy unlimited downloads with the free version. It doesn't even have download speed limits or any shit like that.

However, µTorrent, whether classic, web, or mobile is loaded with ads. I don't have a problem with these ads on the classic version. They are placed on the sidebars and do not hinder my torrenting experience.

The ads on the µTorrent web and mobile are a whole different story. Every time you open the app, you are welcomed with an annoying advert and you will have to wait up to thirty seconds to access the features.

I have noticed that these ads are more frequent on the Android app. So, if you're annoyed with ads, I suggest you pay a small price. Here are the plans listed:

µTorrent Ad-free

  • $4.95 per year

  • No ads
µTorrent Pro

  • $19.95 per year

  • No ads
µTorrent Pro + VPN

  • $69.95 per year

  • No ads

  • CyberGhost VPN subscription

  • Inbuilt Anti-virus

  • File converter

Is uTorrent Safe To Use?

Well, if you're from a country with strong anti-piracy laws, you must be extra careful while using uTorrent or other BitTorrent clients.

To cover your ass while torrenting, use a VPN software. There are many secure VPN services out there. However, they charge a monthly fee. If you're a miser, you can opt for a free VPN.

But keep in mind that they're not very secure. I currently use the µTorrent Pro + VPN as it's pretty secure, efficient, and cheap.

While using the utorrent client, there are a couple more things you must be wary of.


Some fuckers in the torrent uploader community bind the files with unwanted software and malware. These files are basically viruses that infect your device, steal your data, and do all kinds of fucked up things. Use an anti-virus to protect yourself from these bastards.

Cryptocurrency Miners

You don't know what the heck is a cryptocurrency miner? Well, let me explain. These are programs that are stealthy tied to the files you download. These programs are installed without your knowledge and run in the background.

They use your device's power to mine cryptocurrency. While doing so, drain your device and lower the performance. Any decent anti-virus helps in detecting these files.

Torrenting is all fun and games when you know what you're doing. If you make stupid decisions, you will end up in trouble. Don't be a cheap fucker and get a VPN and an anti-virus software while you download torrents.


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