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Are you ready to Submit Your Flicks? Just as the website's name suggests this site is based around amateur porn. Normally we can all agree that amateur porn can be kind of cheesy. However, if you are into quality homemade porn sites then SubmitYourFlicks just might be the site for you.

Homemade porn can be some of the weirdest content but it will definitely have you cumming in your hand. In this review, you’ll discover how SubmitYourFlicks brings high-quality amateur porn to the table. is the website that people go to make homemade submissions after they’ve spent the night fucking they're girlfriends and wives. If you’re feeling bored you can even submit your own porn or you can just kick back and watch all the freaky stuff that the exhibitionists are uploading. Review - Website Design and Navigation

When you visit this porn site you are immediately greeted with the home page which has a simple and clean layout and design. Whether your dick gets hard at watching blowjobs, lesbians finger each other or you’re turned on by role play you’ll see all these different types of videos listed on they're landing page.

Most of the videos are labeled as HD quality which is always a great feature. When you click on a video another screen will pop up and play the video. This can be frustrating because if you need to watch a few different videos to bust a nut you’ll have a lot of open windows on your phone or computer.

Although you won’t find a lot of genres on this site, the drop-down options allow you to search content based on the length of the video. The site uses an average functional video player. Let’s be real, the site owners could have done a much better job at designing the website. The page looks as if it was quickly put together.

What Can You Expect From Porn Sites Like Submit Your Flicks?

Is this one of the best porn sites that will be worth your time? In case, you might be asking yourself: what type of content you can expect, check out this breakdown of the content offered.

Submit Your Flick Regular Updates

The great thing about  SubmitYourFlicks is that they update their website every day. In fact, they upload five new scenes or videos every twenty-four hours which is great for a porn site that caters to one specific niche. You'll have new videos to jizz off to daily. When you scroll back you can only access the first videos that were added at the top of each year. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect this website to have an extensive catalog.

Filter Videos Like All Other Amateur Porn Sites

This amateur tube lets you filter through content by selecting which video has the highest number of views and the best ratings. Videos with hundreds of thousands of reviews are the most popular. This is a good way to sort through the trash videos and select ones that you know will make you bust a nut.

Preview Content in One Place

Yes, you can even preview content before you decide to click on the video and watch it. When you place the mouse over the video, you will get glimpses of different scenes. Previewing capabilities are important because it keeps you from wasting your time watching a video that doesn’t get your dick wet.

Also, there is usually a brief description of each video just to let you know what the video will be about.  There is also a small list of related videos under each video. The related video section can help you find new content when you get tired of beating your dick to the same ole videos.

Sex Tapes Video Quality

As previously mentioned, nearly all of the videos on this page are labeled as HD. To keep it real these videos aren’t actually in HD. After all, a lot of these videos are homemade. However, the overall quality of the videos offered isn’t horrible. In fact, the quality is solid.

SubmitYourTapes - Navigation and Categories

As you can probably tell there aren’t a lot of categories of porn content you can choose to watch. There isn’t an advanced search option. So if you're looking for a really kinky video of a slut sucking multiple cocks that are going to be very difficult.

When you select the categories menu you will be able to choose from homemade sex tape videos, cell phone shots, solo masturbation, college, homemade, amateur, and webcam. Each category has a specific amount of videos. Submityourflix has about 11,000 videos on they're website.

Exclusive Amateur Submitted Porn Content

Since this website is based on amateur porn you will find a lot of exclusive content. Do you know how refreshing it is to watch videos that aren’t already all over the web? You will have so much fun browsing through the exclusive video pages.

You can watch live cam video sessions, drunk sluts spread their legs open showing off they're vaginas or hardcore bang sessions.

Should You Make An Account?

If you didn't know, is 100% free. Becoming a member doesn't cost you a thing. If you would like to.make comments and interact with other users. If you want to upload your own amateur flicks you will need to make an account.

Alternatives to Submit Your  Flicks

What are some tubes that are similar to this porn website?  HomeMoviesTube, your Amateur Porn and hamster Amateur are just a few alternatives.


This site hosts amateur movies. According to reviews they offer high-quality amateur submissions that you will see on the web. On the homepage you will be presented with featured videos and recent uploads. New content is loaded throughout the day.

HomeMoviesTube vs Submit YourFlicks

  • HomeMoviesTube offers better quality amateur videos

  • On the other hand, Submityourflicks is easier to navigate

  • This tube also updates more regularly.

Your Amateur Porn

Your Amateur Porn has a sleek design and the sure is filled with a nice amount of content for an amateur porn submission site. This sure has been around since 2006 so they have definitely built a nice archive. There are 22 pages with about 30 videos on each page. They have a lot of porn categories which include BBC, deep throwing, blowjobs and so much more.

Your Amateur Porn vs Submit Your Flicks

  • YAP has lots of different categories that will have your dick standing up

  • Both websites are frequently updated

  • Unlike Submit Your Flicks the videos on this site are typically short

XHamster Amateur

This is one of the best amateur sites on the web. On xHamsters you’ll find adventurous solo chicks or couples who want to show off they're skills. These perverts get off by allowing people into their bedroom.

XHamster Amateur vs SubmitYourFlicks

  • On xHamster Amateurs there is a lot of great submissions

  • On the downside there is some professional studio videos mixed in

Social Proof

There’s not a lot of buzz on the internet about

Is SubmitYourFlicks Worth Your Time?

Honestly, this tube is a basic porn website. If you love jerking your dick to amateur videos then its worth giving the site a try. It doesn't hurt to look through the content on the website to see what you like.

There’s girls of all different ethnicities and body types so you will definitely come across something you like on SubmitYourFlicks!


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