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N/A is the number 1 site in amateur porn for a reason. Their amateurs section is just as good, if not better, than all the stuff posted by mainstream porn creators. Just go to and click the categories tab. The amateur section should be on the top row of the page that opens.

One of the best things about amateurs doing porn is that the sex is performed by real women who love what they do. Unlike all those big-name porn whores who are only in it for the money, amateur porn girls love sex and are eager to show off their slutty selves on camera.

Under the amateur section on, you'll find the following content:

  • 100,000 free porn videos

  • Blowjobs, sex toys, fetishes

  • HD hardcore videos of fucking, sucking

  • Blondes, brunettes, redheads, ebonies, Asians, Latinas

PornHub Top Searches, Free Content Review

When it comes to free porn videos on the internet, is the first stop for the horny masses. With so much content on this one site, a lot of people don't go anywhere else for porn. Heck, why go anywhere else when there's more than 11.2 million videos on PornHub? A guy can only blow so many loads per day.

As you browse the amateur section on, it's like a never-ending smorgasbord of fuck treats. Just imagine if all these fuck scenes were filmed in proximity across one big table! It would probably be longer than the Great Wall of China.

You could browse the section of amateurs on forever. After going through a few pages of porn videos, however, you'll probably want to narrow your search. The categories can be sub-filtered with numerous interest, such as girls who love to suck cock and take two guys at once.

If you're looking for hot twin amateurs going down on one guy, select all the searches that apply. You can combine your search for amateurs with other popular categories like blonds, blowjobs, MILF, big ass and more. You can also enter search strings into the search bar.

The first page of search returns shows 32 videos, or 1-32 as PornHub puts it. Oddly, the second page says "Showing 45-88." The third page doesn't skip anything, but I wonder what happened to 33-44? For each return, you get a gif thumbnail, the name of the video, the site that submitted it, and the number of views it's gotten.

Most of the videos on the first page have positive ratings scores in the 80%-99%, but there are a few as low as 58%. I guess some of these come up high in the search because they use all the relevant tags.

PornHub Highest Rated Number 1 Free Content

As I browse the amateurs on, I'm struck by how wide the selection is on the first page alone. Scrolling down the first 32 videos, there's two goths titty sucking one another, a pair of brunette twins licking a guy's shaft, and all sorts of sucking/fucking imagery.

I decide to narrow my amateurs search to videos with blowjobs. Already, I'm wondering if I'll be able to finish this review, having only two hands and all.

The videos come from various porn sites, but the chicks are not your typical AVN blow-up dolls. This is real raw sucking and fucking that could happen in anyone's bedroom, including that hotty who lives down the hall.

The sites that submitted videos to PornHub under this category include, BlackAdonis2,, Habanero2000, DemTimov,, ShinyCockFilms and The last of those is a 19-year-old porn vixen who runs her own blowjob website. On PornHub, she's gotten 114,846,531 video views and 5,304,137 profile views.

I watch one of her videos. It's a 7:30 clip titled Babe in Stockings Blowjob Big Dick Lover and Pussy Fucking. After giving a booty dance in black stockings, librarian glasses and a grey camisole, she lifts her top to reveal her pert tits. She proceeds to give her guy a sensual blowjob.

Since I'm in the mood for more blowjob porn, I go back to the videos page and click the free video with the twin amateurs. The girls are young, cute and Russian. For some reason, the video has been flipped so all the closed captioning is backwards. Oh well, it's not like I can read Russian or even care to know what these chicks are talking about.

After they disrobe, they start to look a little too young for me, undeveloped tits and all. The way they take turns bobbing their heads up and down over the camera guy's shaft can get boring. The best sequence is represented in the thumbnail, where they flank his clock from each side with their tongues.

Digging deeper, I stumble upon the PornHub channel of one of the internet's first porn amateurs, Wifey, she of the legendary Wifey's World website. She was a constant number 1 back in the day of porn web rings and it's great to see that her newer HD videos.

Today, Wifey is a bonafide MILF and her current clips are averaging more than two million views. She's clearly raised a generation of web-wankers from sexual initiation to middle age.

Granted, not all these sluts are amateurs. The first page brings up an enticing image of one Ariella Ferrera licking a dick. She looks too made-up to be a rookie at this sort of thing. She has, in fact, shot videos for

But who cares if she's a pro? She sucks dick like she really means it and I can't wait to consume more of her videos. Under a six-minute clip of Ariella's titled Blows a Dick in Homemade POV Video, which has gotten 43, 016 views as I type, I see some recommended videos. These are videos that PornHub's algorithms deem to be of similar interest.

I get some good recommendations, including one of a high-class MILF video starring Gina Colany. God, watching her lick and slide the polls with those thick lips and long, twirly tongue! Not to mention her breast-plunging tops (and I do mean huge) and thick, wavy hair! She just made a new fan.

PornHub Amateur Videos, Exclusive Content Review

When you sign up for a basic free membership on, they'll take your email address and have you pick a username and password. I suggest you give them a throwaway email and choose a username/password combination that you could easily remember, such as your initials, your favorite color/car/movie/band and the last two digits of the year you were born.

Once you've signed up, they'll ask for your user preferences. Here, you can subscribe to your favorite porn stars and PornHub amateurs. After you complete the signup, you can view your subscription feed and browse the PornHub amateurs for exclusive content that you won't find anywhere else.

Under the amateur-models section, you will see hundreds of aspiring girls hoping to score big in the porn industry. is the place where a lot of these girls get their start. All of these girls offer exclusive content on their profile pages. You can filter your amateur-model search by those with the most views or arrange them alphabetically or by date.

One of the raunchiest PornHub amateurs to appear on the first page of returns is a bespectacled girl who stares straight into the lens with a fat cock in her mouth. Her videos have attracted 117 million views. With 264k subscribers, she is a DeluxegirlPH.

I watch a few of her videos and I gotta say, she sucks a mean dick. It's no wonder her videos average several million views.

I go to another one of PornHub's amateurs, this one a slim Czech girl with round breasts and long brown hair. She won't show her eyes, but what she does show is enough to keep me staring.

Another one of PornHub's most popular amateurs is a German beauty named Shaiden Rogue, who name-stamps her videos. With 222k subscribers and 56.1 million video views, she appears to be onto a big career in porn. Most of her clips show her blowing guys in public places.

Under PornHub's community pull-down menu, you can click to their top-amateur of the month category. Most of the amateurs have videos that you can watch for free and download for a price. They also have galleries of photos that you can download.

PornHub Membership: Free 7 Day, 1 Month Plans

To upgrade your membership from free to premium, the PornHub team offers three options. For starters, you can take their free 7 day trail. After you take in numerous views of PornHub during that free 7 day window, you can then decide if you want to become a paying PornHub member.

If you wish to pay 1 month at a time, offers a monthly membership plan at 9.99 per month. During each 1 month period, you'll get access to exclusive PornHub content. As a paying member, you'll have full site access, no ads, exclusive content and easy downloads. You can cancel anytime.

The 1 month plan rebills every 30 days until you cancel. If you only plan to buy a membership for 1 month, make sure to cancel before those 30 days end. You might forget about the charge and get billed a second time because of a membership you bought 1 month ago.

If you don't check your billing statements, you might see several 1 month charges stemming from a membership you bought months ago. This could easily happen if you mistake their monthly plan for a deal that lasts 1 month only. If you have any questions about your PornHub membership, contact the PornHub team for help.

Free porn videos for free members

Full site access, no ads, exclusive content for premium members

7 day free offer and 1 month membership plan

Amateurs with exclusive content

So much stuff, you can get lost at times

Annoying ads unless you join

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