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When I did this review, I was pretty much expecting the usual offerings of porn flash games and such. At best, I was just half-wishing that it would provide me with content that I haven’t seen anywhere else. And, man, this is one of those times I kind of hate being right. Because did indeed give me what I was expecting: nothing more and nothing less. The question you should ask is, “well, is it good or bad?” Hold on to your sticky drawers, because I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about!

Being Wet Has Never Been So Rough for Me is the kind of site where its name says everything. It’s a website where you play games with wet pussies… for the most part. In here, you’ll find a whole library of hentai porn games featuring almost exclusively flash content. Mostly, these titles are pretty much dated that they’d look right at home in a retro gaming museum. But that’s not a knock on the site. I’ve said this before: sometimes even older porn flash games have their bit of charm, even if it’s not the kind to make your groins wet.

Secondly, a whole lot of the offerings that Wet Pussy Games has in their—honestly—pretty expansive list of titles are fan-made, so you could bet your ass it won’t be hard to find licensed properties like Zelda, Princess Peach, or Harley Quinn doing some very unlicensed things in front of your screen.

Now, I try to be as fair as possible to provide you with the best assessment of these sexy-ass sites as possible, so let’s start with everything good about Wet Pussy Games. Hentai Porn Games Review - Never Judge a Site by Its Homepage

I never seem to learn that lesson, so here we are again. features another one of those crappy homepages—in fact, the whole site’s design suffers from this— that looks more at home in the early 2000s than it is in 2020. Then again, 2020’s been a total butthole of a year so far, so maybe that’s the whole theme here?

Seriously, though, Wet Pussy Games has a homepage so bad that I almost didn’t give it a chance, what with the Times New Roman used all over the site (never a good idea, since it’s reminiscent of slow internet connections and failed load times).

However, what it lacks in visual appeal. But that lack is made up in functionality. And honestly, I’d take a site like this over one that looks good but is full of bugs and lacking in features.

Speaking of features, delivers efficient site navigation in spades. Front and center, you have their featured games; on the right hand side, you’ll find links to the various categories they have, like Adventure Games or BDSM ones; and on the left side, you have a nice little search bar that’s just the right size, along with more tags for their various offerings.

But Like Any Good Sandwich, It’s All About the Meat

And by that, I mean the quality of content on Wet Pussy Games. This is where I was left pretty much unimpressed.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not entirely WetPussyGames’ fault. The thing is, the games posted here are pretty much the same ones you could see on other sites, which is no surprise since the game development community for porn flash games is pretty small: overlap between sites is almost a given. Suffice it to say that I would have loved Wet Pussy Games if I hadn’t discovered other sites like Newgrounds Adult Games; it was all a matter of timing.

But my—and my willy’s— disappointment doesn’t end there. When it comes to the actual quality of the flash cartoon porn games, you’re mostly getting old ones. And not 3 or 4-year old games, too; I’m talking about flash games so old, they wouldn’t even know who Sean William Scott is (I do, because I’m old as fuck).

As such, you should expect some very crude animations and some classic live-action porn clips here depending on the kind of game you’re playing. But, again, you’ll probably enjoy this if you’re into a decent, short, casual romp.

Games like Stripping Dots, Orgasm Girl 2, and Cookie Scout won’t necessarily make you wet, but they’re pleasant enough to kill a few minutes.

Wet Pussy Games Review - The Best Part? You’d Be Surprised…

Perhaps the thing I liked the most about Wet Pussy Games isn’t even the flash games they have to offer my porn-addicted ass; it’s their subsection featuring Hentai videos.

Now, this section is pretty eclectic, as it gives you both fan-made flash animations—which honestly are mostly crude, with the exemption of a few choice gems like their Street Fighter parody clips—and legit clips ripped from Hentai titles.

So, if you just want to rub one out before going to church or something, this section of Wet Pussy Games does the job.

But, keep in mind that they’re offering clips here for the most part, so full Hentai episodes are too few and far between. If you like watching Hentai anime porn for the plot (you’re probably a psychopath if you do. LOL), this isn’t the place for you.

As unimpressed as I am with, I have to commend them for adding a section on their homepage dedicated to links to other porn sites. You could see it on the left side of the screen, below their game categories section.

The WetPussyGames.Com Verdict: It’s Decent

Suffice it to say that I’d recommend WetPussyGames to you if you’re new to the whole flash porn game world, or the world of Hentai for that matter. If, on the other hand, you’re a seasoned virtual fuckboy or nympho, then you’re better off taking a hard pass on this one. In between their old games and short hentai clips, there’s not enough good material here for me to keep coming back.


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Great affiliate links

A very functional site layout

Games offered are old or sub-par, or both!

Ugly-ass site design

Most of the content are unoriginal

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