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Virtual Taboo

With platforms like Virtual Taboo, the future of porn is indeed a bright one. We understand that not too many people understand the workability of a VR porn site, but has simplified the function of this new invention for faster and easier understanding.

We will try to make this review as in-depth as possible purposely for easy understanding. We will be giving you a comprehensive analogy of the Virtual taboo platform as well as VR porn in general. In the end, it will surely worth your time.

With the modernity of VR porn, one might find it a bit challenging when they first arrive at VRTaboo, but with the easy-to-use user interface, you will surely get your head around it. Though the technology is a bit expensive, the effect is sure worth the price. Just save your money!

A Brief Overview About Virtual Taboo

Hey guys… it will also be nice if we add “Welcome to the future” because indeed, the future is here. Virtual Taboo VR porn platform is not your traditional porn site where you get to stream videos on a computer screen and get your pants all wet with sperm.

This time around, is allowing you to experience innovation in the porn industry; you won’t be watching these guys fuck themselves anymore, this time, you will be doing the fucking yourself.

Virtual Taboo videos come with a lot of storylines because that’s the most creative way they can spice up the user’s sexual experience. So you don’t just engage in the raw deal, you also have a strong background story to surround it with, and together, you get the most powerful sexual experience. And man, look at those models in that 5K, 2700p quality picture!

What is VR Technology?

VR means a Visual Reality (VR) three-dimensional image generated by a computer simulation that can seamlessly interact with the user’s real environment with the help of special ultra-tech equipment that comes with a screen and well-fitted gloves with sensors. Whew! If that ain't the longest scientific explanation I have ever given you! Before now, VR technology is peculiar with video games, but over time innovation has made it become one of the best performing (and upcoming) products in the porn industry for all adults. Review - Major Features

Normally, VR technology comes with a lot of features but virtual taboo comes with even more features. We will mention a few important ones. First is the clarity that comes with Virtual taboo’s VR videos; it doesn’t only come with a 3D vision, it is also integrated with an HD feature that made it tick and addictive. However, I see some videos that are 5K and 3630p 7K. Man, this picture looks beautiful and real. Here, take a look! It's so high resolution that my whack ass computer cannot handle the stream!

Your journey into sexual fantasy is rewarded with a 180° screen wideness up to 360° all around that makes you say "woah", coupled with a 60 FPS frame rate which makes users explore more angles. Thus, making the whole viewing experience more real than ever. The videos also come with a Binaural sound system for realistic sounds, enabling each user to have a feel of the faintest moan.

VR Porn Sites Models on Virtual Reality Taboo

You may be wondering, does one need to fuck some anonymous pornstar all day? Well… not really, those gals in there are also real models, and their videos are real videos. The thing is after the real video has been shot, it is programmed into VR format; this is where all those 3D-looking body textures come in. So yes! They have some super sexy models some of the top-performing ones are:

  • Sophia Traxler

  • Lucy Li

  • Georgie Lyall

  • Josephine Jackson

“Best Scenes” on VirtualTaboo

Best Scene is a category on Taboo VR porn where all the intriguing scenes are previewed. One can as well use this section to make a better choice of video. It has three different features from scenes in each video. Not just that, you also get to read the storyline behind it each video. That way, you will get to make the right choice of video according to your mood.

Let’s take, for example, there are times when you feel like getting sucked, and there are other times when you feel like fucking the OMG outta someone’s daughter. So in this case, you need the “Best Scene” category to lead you straight to the right video that will suit your present mood.

Slam on those VR porn goggles and enjoy the damn show!

Live Cams

Are you surprised to see this section? Well…don't be ‘cos like we said earlier, the VR technology came with a lot of innovation and this is one of them. Though Taboo Virtual as a platform does not maintain the Live Cam section, they make use of Read our review and we will tell you the deal.

In as much as you can stream these live Cam on a desktop and mobile versions, it can be streamed on a VR platform as well. And no, they won’t appear as a 3D anymore, all you will get to see is a full HD picture quality video standing closed-up right at your face.

Categories on VTaboo

Just like your usual porn website, the Visual Taboo VR porn platform has over 20 categories of sex videos all in a VR version. Those categories include:

  • Hardcore

  • Natural Tits

  • Family sex

  • POV

  • Shaved pussy

  • Stepdaughter, e.t.c.

VR Goggles Device Functionality

Virtual Taboo videos are designed to work on the following top VR devices devices:

  • Smartphones

  • GearVR

  • Oculus GO

  • Oculus Rift

  • Playstation VR

  • Google Cardboard

  • HTC Vive

  • Google Daydream
Each video is meant to be downloaded depending on the platform you use. We think this is the best time to let you know that the VR can be addictive; experiencing real-time sex with these visual porn stars can get hold of you if you are not careful. My advice is to clean up your damn room so you don't trip over anything and bust your shit.

Pricing on Virtual Taboo

Normally, any VR product is usually expensive, but with the presence of a company like vrtaboo you barely notice the luxury of visual reality. Even better, they upload 3 videos per week. Wowzers. Well worth the money you will pay.

They operate a three payment system: Credit card, PayPal, and Direct Debit / Sepa. Their video pricing is categorized as full access:

  • Only 1 Single Video - $9.99

  • 1 Month ( $59.99) - $29.99 (30%) Monthly

  • 3 Month ($59.99) - $19.99 (30%) Monthly

  • 12 Month ($99.99) - $8.33 (73%) Monthly

  • Lifetime - $250 One Time Payment
Sometimes you will get a 50% Off sale if available.

Affiliate Program

Virtual Taboo runs an affiliate program which it operates through All you need to do is to keep referring users to the platform using a customized link issued by Jerk Pay, but that happens when you must have sighed up. So get to it already, don’t just sit around like a pervert, go make some money while still doing what you like.

Responsive Customer Service

One of the criteria for grading porn platforms here is the speed of their customer care response. We will say without menacing words that has a pretty fast customer service term. All you need do is send them a mail using the “Contact Us” feature to get to the customer care unit.

Tags on VRTaboo Porn

On the drop-down menu, you will get to find the “Tag”: tags are created to ease the burden of searching for your preferred video. Here, all the videos contained on this platform are carefully arranged in alphabetical order, some of the sections you are expected to see there according to the categorization are:

  • Ahegao

  • Big ass

  • Cheating Wife

  • Double dildo, e.t.c

Virtual Taboo Review - General Remark

Virtual taboo is a new generation porn platform and it has come to stay, this innovation is sure going to give your fuck life a whole new meaning, I mean… Imagine getting fucked, sucked, or even swerved-on in time. This is what you don’t get on a traditional porn website as we know it. This may lack popularity now, but it will sure gain dominance in the future – indeed, the future is here!


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, Maestro, PayPal via Epoch, Direct Debit / Sepa

The video clarity is top-notch - up to 7K.

Their membership registration fee is moderate.

The payment systems are as secured as they indicated.

The website design is well done, with sections, features, and categories well placed.

The sex video categories are well picked, it covers major on-demand sex videos.

It is language conscious, it also has Japanese.

It is too complex, takes time to comprehend.

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