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VR porn—or VR cosplay porn, for that matter—has never really gotten the traction it deserves in the industry, but our review might just help change that perception.

The thing is, the whole VR porn site niche has been around for quite some time now. Of course, that’s also to say that VR goggles and the whole technology powering this genre has existed far longer. But there just seems to be not much hype or fanfare surrounding video content like this.

Now, without getting into specifics, you could simply say that the whole reason VR porn, much less VR cosplay porn, isn’t as popular as its other pervy counterparts is due to the sheer fact of accessibility. Yes, it’s pretty easy to grab hold of VR goggles these days, but you never want the hassle of setting up the equipment just to bust a nut.

Hey, you’re not alone, buddy: the dick wants what the dick wants—FAST!

With that said, VR Cosplay X ups the ante on both the VR and cosplay porn genre by mixing the two. However, that’s just the beginning of it. Oh boy, and am I glad that decided to do a whole lot more. Review - Face it: We All Want Titties in Our Face!

Sometimes, watching porn is not enough; you have to immerse yourself in the whole sexual experience. And then, there are also times when any random slut on screen just doesn’t cut it for your weird jollies.

There really are instances when you want to both immerse yourself in the whole titty-twisting, pussy-licking experience of porn AND have a specific character doing it. That’s where a company like VR Cosplay X comes in.

In a nutshell, this is a site where you could exclusively watch dirty, kinky ho-bags dressed as your favorite video game, comic book, or anime characters do—well—kinky ho-bag things onscreen.

But instead of the trite ol’ four-cornered display of an LED screen, VR Cosplay X makes use of of virtual reality to pull you into the experience and make you feel like you’re actually having a sexy good time with one of their models.

It’s a subscription-based website, so expect to spend anywhere around $1 (for a free trial) to $375 (for a lifetime subscription) to get the hottest content from this VR porn site.

VR Cosplay X Review - This is Primo Shit Right Here

And I’m not just talking about some random slut with daddy issues pulled from whatever comic convention was going around town when I say “models”. VR Cosplay X employs actual porn stars—a few popular ones to boot— to dress up and get your fuck on. Hey, if you want something done right, leave it to the pros! From the likes of Kleio Valentien to Jennifer White, VR Cosplay X knows how to hook those nerds up with some of the best cosplay porn content out there.

Ever wondered what it’d look like if Marvel Elektra had one of her Sais shoved up her cooch? Or what about Galadriel sticking a dick in her elven slit? Well, wonder no more, because that is exactly the kind of experience VR Cosplay X has in store for you.

Pay to Play, Baby!

Like most paid porn sites, you’re getting high quality smut with VR Cosplay X. For one, the image quality on their fuck flicks are top-notch. After all, you’re spending some hard-earned money on it.

And that’s, of course, not to say anything yet about their selection of professional sluts that’d do everything onscreen! After all, you can’t have a proper porn site with nothing but boring-ass facials.

And with the number of talents they have in the site, it’s only natural that they have a wide selection of videos covering everything from Lara Croft to DC Comics’ Suicide Squad. Problem is, VR Cosplay X is rather conservative when it comes to teasing potential subscribers. It’s almost like they know that you want to see Batgirl diddling herself with a batarang, so why show a preview?

And that’s one of my issues with the site. The best teasers they could give you are a measly collection of stills you could download as a .ZIP file for any given model or title they have. One you’ve drank that porn Kool Aid and decided to cough up for a subscription, though, then you’re in for a world of near-realistic pussy-pounding.

Presentation is Everything

Hey, cosplay and porn go hand in hand; they’re both all about presentation and performance, which is something VR Cosplay X does well.

The site itself, from the homepage down to the search bar and categories section, are all on point. This is a premium site for premium perverts.

And one of my favorite things about it is how you could easily input any given fictional character (from comics, video games, movies, etc.) in their search bar and you’ll be directed to it instantly. Suffice it to say that VR Cosplay X is efficient in delivering your cosplay sluts to you.

As for the videos themselves, the production value on most of these are definitely studio-quality. What I especially love here is how these cosplay porn stars wear costumes that come very close to whatever property they’re doing a parody of.

So, don’t expect comic convention-tier foam ears and lazy-ass cardboard costumes here; these bitches know how to turn shit up!

Impressive. Most Impressive

Perhaps what’s both baffling and impressive is how VR Cosplay X manages to use the actual names of the properties they’re parodying.

Looking for April O’Neil getting gangbanged by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Yup, that’s exactly how VR Cosplay X would name their videos, which is very much unlike other smaller cosplay porn companies who do the exact opposite for fear of lawsuits.

Where other sites would call Harley Quinn “crazy clown with multicolor hair”, VR Cosplay X just dives right into it and calls properties by their actual names. And this is something you would definitely enjoy. After all, cosplay and the whole VR thing is all about authenticity.

Girls, Girls, Girls

For a cosplay porn site, which is generally a niche market in the industry, VR Cosplay X has one of the best model indexes. And with a new scene released every week, your dirty, nerdy mind won’t have a shortage of imaginary girls to jerk off to. Like I said, you’re getting professional slut-bags here, so you know these bitches know how to perform onscreen.

On top of that, the whole VR experience is well polished. There’s very minimal lag time (and if there is, it’s mostly your internet provider’s fault); the transition and movements are smooth; and the supported dvices are plenty. That means it doesn’t matter if you’re using Android, PC, iOS or Oculus: you’re going to get that virtual vagina. Verdict—A Pretty Solid Experience

With a wide array of models and even wider selection of parodied properties, VRcosplayx seems to be just the thing VR porn needs to break into the mainstream.

On top of that, the high production values and attention to detail given to the videos in VR Cosplay X is rarely seen in porn, let alone the cosplay porn niche.

This makes the site both an oddity and novelty, which is a good thing all in all.

The only problems I have with the site don’t even have anything to do with the content; they’re more about accessibility and availability. One, accessing VR porn—even if you have the necessary tools for it—is such a fucking hassle just to eke out a spoonful of semen with my hands. And two, it’s a paid site, which could turn you off if you’re just a causal pervert. However, I highly suggest you give VR Cosplay X a try. Even if you’re just going for that free $1 trial, you’re bound to find your next depraved gem.


Year Launched

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The whole site—and company—feels premium

A wide selection of videos

Professional porn stars mean professional quality fuck scenes

VR experience is smooth and seamless

Cheap-ass teaser pack

No preview videos available

VR porn is such a fucking hassle to set up just to jerk one out

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