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Xvirtual has entered the dark side, warning us with an age verifier that adults should only access this site. No need to look further than what's in front of you because all basic information about site features is described in several words on this page. But to take a step further, clicking Enter will appear and open the Pandora's box.

We are NSFW411.

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We do not break.

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XVirtual Review - Outrageous Horror Adult Content Piercing the Eyeballs

With a sigh of relief, isn't as creepy as I thought. First impressions can be deceiving at times, so I need to take back from what I said in the introduction. is VERY fuckin' creepy!

The first trailer advertised is called The Amazons. It's about an Amazon tribe of wild women hunts men to fuck for their energy. They don't know any better because they are wild and lead by a tribal leader who commands their every move at will. I counted about 20 naked bitches muddied-up waiting to devour a guy held captive in restraints to a tree.

Scrolling down reveals something more sinister. Fetish Lord. This video features a monster who uses BDSM tools and latex as his weapons. He fucks a blonde mercilessly.

The next video that grabbed my attention is called The Butcher. I'm very careful about the words I speak and the texts I type because I never want to conjure bad things into existence. However, there is no pleasant way to say that a masked lunatic kidnaps women and uses them as meat (sex meat).

The last one I will mention is Roswell UFO. It's about a naked alien body that lays on an examination table at Area 51 waiting for inspection. A military medical specialist snuck into the lab to reveal the creature. So what does he do? He fucks it. The alien doesn't know what the fuck is happening, but only knows the pleasure associated with the feelings.

See here, X Virtual has various themed parody porn VR movies that play on the classics we love:

  • It (It Is Here)

  • The Nun (Damned Nun)

  • Matrix (MatrixXx)

  • Star Wars (Star Whores)

  • Catwoman (Catwhore)

  • Bad Santa (No need to change that title!)
I can testify that the graphics are 10/10. The website really made sure to create identical backgrounds to these movies. Many feel realistic, like actually going to a scary movie and wearing 3D goggles to bring the action to your face. The actions jump out at you like a Boogeyman, scaring the living daylights outta you.

Dive into A Virtual Reality Adult Content Watching Experience

It amazes me how other xxx sites do not yet have 4K as the base resolution. You're getting nothing less than 5K Ultra HD videos if you're messing with X Virtual. Most of the porn parodies I just named only have a 180° view span. That means the VR peripheral can only turn halfway around the room until the screen goes black. From my experience, this limitation does not subtract from the experience. 360° is only an extra amount of space to have, but not required for full enjoyment.

My time spent as a porn viewer has come across several porn websites that don't even allow the luxury of viewing the trailer without a premium fully-paid account. XVirtual is not like that. You can view the less-than-one-minute trailer before you decide to purchase the membership, so you know what you're getting before buying.

Most do, however, have binaural audio, which produce a rich, crisp, realistic sound effect. Unfortunately, xxxVirtual does not. The videos only blast a "high-end 3D sound," which is enough for me. Frankly, I don't care about sound quality as long as I can hear the realistic moaning effects.

A computer is not the only device for viewing the content. If you can connect your VR goggles to your cell phone, then you can enjoy this content while on-the-go.

The 60 Frames Per Second motioned is an extra plus. Most people say 60 FPS makes the picture quality look too motioned resulting in an artificial look. However, 60 FPS is perfect for VR porn videos. The picture is smooth, fluid.

An extra treat is the various adult tags connected to the video like Lesbian, licking, BDSM, hardcore, blonde, blowjob, and more. As you should already know by now, clicking on one of those tags reveal similar videos.

How to Watch VR Porn on XVirtual - Membership Access

Just like any porn site, you can get exclusive access to the VR features by Joining Now. Each video trailer does have a goggles button at the bottom that presents a scannable QR code to use with the WebVR browser or device api. Go to the website, set up the software, and scan the code. Bam, you're in the VR game! Then, you can watch the content with no problems.

3 billing options makes paying for the membership is easy as shit. You choose based on how long you think you will become a loyal member.

  • 180 days - $129.95

  • 3 months  - $79.95

  • 30 days - $39.95
Payments are only made by credit card. I would have to question whether the system accepts prepaid debit cards because that is all I have. I'm surprised that PayPal or even cryptocurrency are not acceptable forms of payments. Usually, they are with other VR porn sites. I see a By Phone payment option, which I have never seen before, as a choice.

Final Thoughts About

Xvirtual has some pretty cool porn parodies. Many of them I really wanna watch. The quality is near-perfect and gets a 10/10 from me. I wish there were more videos because the pages only goes up to 6 with 10 videos on each one. However, I understand that investing time in work ethic is needed to make quality content as such. Hold on for a moment, let me get my PP debit card. This site deserves my funds.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, Maestro

Porn parodies from the movies we love

Plenty of considerations and money went into creating these VR porn films

Beautiful concept that keeps your attention

Horror-themed videos - good and bad - scary and sexy

Creepy ass fucking shit

Most videos are 180°, not 360°

Only 6 pages of content - need to upload more frequently

No binaural sound

Does not accept PayPal or bitcoin to pay for the full membership

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