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Trials In Tainted Space

I’m going to be completely honest with you: I had no background info whatsoever when I started this Trials in Tainted Space review, which was pretty much a double-edged sword for me. On one hand, you could say it’s great to come into it with no biases or pre-formed notions at all. But on the other, and this is exactly how I felt, you could get overwhelmed by the unexpected experience.

And Trials in Tainted Space made me feel both, but more of the latter. However, I’m betting that you’ll find that this game is actually a step ahead of other porn games out there once you try it for yourself. What I’m here for, though, is to help you not get taken by surprise the way I did.

Did it Come from Space?

Trials in Tainted Space is an erotic game released by Fenoxo, an independent development team and publisher of fine-ass porn games. And what makes this pervy game stand out is the way that it turns back the clock on us wee mortals by opting to use the ancient art of text-based gaming to create this piece of hefty erotic adventure.

For all of the young guns out there who were born when computers started to have multicolor monitors, text-based games have been around for a long-ass time, actually being one of the pioneering genres in all of video games.

Don’t expect any pictures of 2D titties here. Hell, don’t even expect a single pre-recorded high-pitched moan from Trials in Tainted Space: this is a purely text-based game where you’ll be doing a whole lot of reading and clicking.

And just to give you a bit of background as to what TITS is all about (oh, so that’s what Trials in Tainted Space stands for), it’s still very much a sci-fi RPG romp where you could, for the most part, choose your own adventure.

Now, THIS is Traditional

Old, seasoned horndogs who grew up playing Dungeons and Dragons would have an absolute field day with Trials in Tainted Space, as this game has everything they could ask for in an RPG.

First and foremost, the game starts with some expansive character creation where you could craft your avatar right from their hair color up to their race (this is sci-fi, so you should definitely expect alien races alongside humans).

Once you’re done with that, the story begins and you’re able to move it forward using prompts onscreen that you could click on. Your decisions will, of course, determine what happens in the game. But for the most part, you’ll either talk with the in-game characters, explore various planets in the fictional galaxy, and fuck some aliens—or humans, depending on how you like it… IN SPACE!

The Greatest Game Engine of All

You all know what it is: with a game this expansive and detailed, I doubt even the upcoming PS5 or Xbox Series X could handle it. So, the developers at Fenoxo decided to cut out all the bullshit and use the most powerful processor of all: IMAGINATION!

Save for the buttons at the bottom of the screen (for decision-making in-game); the right hand side, which shows your stats (health bar, energy, etc.); and a very 90s Real-time strategy-looking game map on the left side, it’s all up to you to render how the characters, planets, and all the other game elements in TITS are.

But… But Why?!

Hey, I will admit that there is still a certain kind of charm with text-based games where you actually have to read and use your imagination. After all, we’re living in a world where we’re slowly becoming desensitized to hardcore porn (ah, gone are the days when a simple facial made me bust a nut. Now, I have to see bitches clipping their toenails while a midget clown gets his salad tossed just to get a hard-on).

However, I will admit that this game is not for everyone. And that’s perhaps why Trials in Tainted Space is famous within the furry community: aside from fucking furry aliens in-game, Trials in Tainted Space has a very niche appeal, and one that I could honestly say I can’t get onboard with.

Tainted? Nah, This Shit is Pure!

And given the length of the game (I’ve seen players go on 8-hour binges of TITS) along with the honestly pretty stellar storytelling and saucy sexy prose, it’s easy to tell that the folks at Fenoxo came up with the perfect passion project with this game.

Sure, reading blocks of text for hours on end could put you off. But believe me when I say that you could really find a whole lot of dirty-ass fucking in this bitch if you gave it a chance. Forget the graphics; forget anime titties; this is pure uncut sexy times you’re getting.

Best of all, it’s a free game. And I’m not talking about that “free to play” bullshit here where you get to enjoy the first ten minutes before the game decides to shake you down for real money; this is a no strings attached kind of deal.

Like I said, passion project.

The Trials in Tainted Space Review Verdict—Worth a Try

To me, Trials in Tainted Space is very much a black-and-white kind of deal. It’s either you’ll get hooked or not; there aren’t any in-betweens.

To some, text-based games are so fucking ancient that they belong underground, buried and not to be disturbed lest a curse fall upon the world. To others, it’s a pretty refreshing format that we rarely get to see these days.

Whether you’d like it or not depends on the first 15 mins. of playtime, so I’d still say Trials in Tainted Space is worth a shot. If you don’t like it, no harm done. But with its depraved content and decent storytelling, I’d say there is a chance you could still get hooked to this.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

Interesting story

A very expansive and lengthy game

Some of the best sex scenes you’ll find in porn gaming

Genre is pretty charming when you think about how retro it is

Absolutely FREE!

Text-based game is not for everyone

Reading block of turns is a bit of a turn-off for some gamers (myself included)

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