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Trap Quest

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be trapped in a virtual game where you have to struggle to avoid your body and mind from being transformed? Trap Quest seems like the perfect game for folks like you who wouldn’t mind being trapped in an endless game of the mind.

Support for Several Devices and Regular Updates

Currently, the game is on its 12th release. I haven’t the foggiest idea what previous versions looked like, so I'll be basing all my reviews on this release. This release supports Windows, Linux, macOS, and some android devices.

To get into the game, you will need to download the game unto your device. Players should be able to download the Trap Quest game by clicking on the three-button located to the left of the homepage. After clicking this you will see some of the other options offered by the developers of Trap Quest, this includes options like; How to Play the Game, unlocking new content, Downloading the Latest Version, and joining the Trap Quests Discord chat. While trying to download the game, it says I'll be needing 500mb of free space, that seems like quite a lot of space to me.

Select One from the Different Character Window

I'm inside the game, let's check if Trap Quest is worth the stress. From the game start page, you will be able to change your character window. However, be careful because changing your character window will lead to deleting your current game file. Well, since this was the first time, I decided to check the other characters windows out.

The default character window is Danaume. She is a sexy Asian babe, and she has all it takes to make dicks hard from only looking at her. She's got extra-large jugs and that vag bush that makes your dick hard.

Other character windows include Wonderfuller and Keriax. Wonerfuller is represented with a less thick bush and boobs that fit on her awesome body. You could also go for Keriax, a character-based creation from an artist called Sarath. All the character windows mentioned above come with different physical features that can be customized to an extent.

The last two character windows are also worth mentioning, you would think since they are at the bottom of the list they wouldn't be. These characters are Porn and Strateg. Porn is a character that allows you to test your skills in putting together a full human, stitch together different parts you find from the internet.

Strateg is the last character and this is the only character window created using 3D renders. This character is represented by an image that looks so real it makes you want to go right into the game and feel her yourself, she's nothing like the others. The only issue is that this character is currently only available to Pateron members.

Other Configurations

Well, I still had to select a character window, so I decided that Danaume was the best fit. I figured her character window would take less time to download and also who can resist those massive jugs she's offering for free. Downloading this character window took me quite a while, around 15 minutes.

After downloading, you get a screen that welcomes you to explore the dangerous world of bimbofication. There is a boring disclaimer, I read a few lines but I got bored and clicked Ok.

In the game, you have the option of being a male, a female with a dick, or a regular female with a Vag. I picked the regular female option, it says sluttify me, so why the hell not? You can select a name randomly or any of the other 15 names on the list.

Trap quest gives you the option of picking your game difficulty. There are two ways of doing this, the first is by enabling specific erotic content, and the other is by selecting a disability extent.

After selecting the choices you want you can then confirm them, the shortcut to do this is by pressing the letter Q on your keyboard. After putting all the settings in motion, you finally get into the game.

The Trap Quest Virtual Sex Game Storyline

The storyline is like none I've ever seen. You seem to be the first lucky contestants to be picked in a game hosted by Trap Quest. To claim the million-dollar prize you have to play the virtual reality game in the company's Nintendoll facility.

You are led into Nintendolls facility by two sexy female Nintendoll workers in skimpy clothes. Looking at the myself in between these two hot bitches, I should have chosen a male character.

In the chamber, you get to play a game called Bimbo Trap Babe Quest and get transformed into a very sexy woman. They inform you that if the virtual reality chamber transforms you, you would have to work as a showgirl for the Nintendolls company.

So, if your character can go through the game without changing, you will not need to work for Nintendolls, and you get paid $500,000. For every second you play the game, you incur a $100 deduction on the $500,000.

In the game, your character undergoes a transformation process called "bimbofication". The Bimbofication process means your character gets transformed into a bimbo.

Trap Quest Review - Gameplay

The game is text-based and it allows you to choose the different conversation and action options for your character as you explore. The designers of the game have made it very difficult to play. It is so difficult that your character cannot go through the game without getting transformed.

The developers mentioned that "They designed the game to overwhelm and disempower you". So, as you play the game, you are not in control, but rather you are sure to get beaten.

Graphics and Performance

The graphics of Trap Quest is quite artistic, even though it is not very spectacular. The appearance of the characters is great, with all the appealing features being visible.

Patrons on Trap Quest

Generally, Trap Quest is a free game, and you can download the whole game for unlimited fun without having to pay a dime. There are some extra features that you can get by donating to the site. These extra features are; the Beta Tester, Alpha Tester, and NPC. To access these extras, you need a monthly donation of $5, $20, and $100. Review: Summary

In summary, Trap Quest is a game that will challenge you and teach you lessons in submission and humility. It is not for everyone, especially if you like being dominant. Several trans-sexual and submissive people claim to find the game comforting and addictive. Personally, the game is really difficult and requires a lot of devotion. For folks who like detailed games that need critical thinking, this is one game that will keep you occupied.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Subscribestar and Patreon

Hot characters.

New layout with each play through.

Addictive storyline.

Compatible with several device types.

The game might be slow.

Very difficult.

Occasional performance issues.

Text-based gaming

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