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With Summertime Saga dating (porn) game, you will never get tired of exploring the many worlds of sex, romance, and it likes. Designed with a lot of characters coated around the most interesting stories leaves the player anticipating for the next scene.

This review promises to bring out the best parts of the Summertime Saga website, their game; the exoticness that comes with it, alongside the many features makes the site stand out. In all, expect an in-depth analysis of this innovative sex game platform.

The Summertime Saga sex game platform doesn’t just present you with some sex ridden video game, they give you an opportunity to talk about it. This is seen in its numerous group widgets strategically placed in different dialogue placecards on the site. For starters, it is an experience, but for regulars, it is a journey. Gameplay Review

For freshers, Summertime Saga can be said to be a coat of many colors. Though with it’s a single collection it is embedded with 24 fetishes some of which include Breastfeeding, Anal, Public Sex, and Gloryhole. Though some people will prefer skipping the storylines, that is what actually makes the gameplay interactive.

Talking about the interactive nature of the summertime saga game, it contains a descriptive feature that allows players to follow the interaction going on between the game characters. Again, the various background images that come with Summertime Saga games give the player reasons to be anticipating; as in, you don’t know what will happen next.

The different scenes in the game include a beach, an office, a college classroom, a public park, and a bathroom. These scenes are not static as new scenes and characters are added at every update to compliment over 65 characters that already exist. Also while on the site, you can always get access to many tools and extensions specially designed to complement the already existing game mark up.

During the gameplay, you are basically sitting around flicking through the different scenes. You gt different icons that controls your choices throughout the game. You can enter and exit bedrooms or choose to romance your girlfriend. It gets kind of boring playing this game, honestly. Sex scenes are at a minimal, which makes me wonder why would someone play this game? I think it appeals to the nerd class. The storyline itself seems like the main draw of the game.

Summertime Saga Storyline

The Story surrounding this game is about a teenage boy who had lost his father. But before the father’s death of his father, he (the father) was owed some group of criminals who were into shady deals. But his father’s death is not the only thing he should be worried about, this young man also found himself stuck in college. So, he is going to fuck his way to redemption, first, to relay his late father’s depth, and secondly, remain in college.

Summertime Saga Review - Website Features and Categories

Summertime Saga comes many features and categories, and the main game is not left out these characteristics. But the features on the site are mostly made of interactive features which enable you to talk about your experience about the game on platforms like Discord, watch the videos on Stream, and share your experience on Twitter.

Other categories include Wiki: this is where you get to understand the full story surrounding this game, both the team, the gameplay, Walkthroughs, characters, Achievements, you just name it. It contains the full encyclopedia of the game itself.

But mind you, the complexity of may make you get lost while on the website, so we advise you to trade carefully. You can explore the other special pages on the site by clicking on “Wiki”, special pages, and there it is, a “new world of Summertime Saga” where you get to see sections like Data and tools, Redirecting special pages, High use pages, e.t.c.

Also, there is “News”, where you get the latest update about the game; when new characters are added, e.t.c. Then there is ‘Download’, where you get to download the game properly. While on the header on the site, you get to find ‘Reward’, this is where you see all the rewards you are likely to get before engaging in the game proper; at least you get to know what you are up against.

As for the features on both the website and the game itself, it is actually much, but we will just have to list the major ones. On the game, you get to see the descriptive feature which helps the players understand what the game characters are saying. There is also your reward life bar, where you get to follow your performance as it processes.


Summertime Saga game is free, but those that support the game on Patreon are rewarded with incentives like:

  • Bug tracker and wiki access

  • Vote on upcoming content

  • In-depth development overview

  • Upcoming scene spoilers

  • Private download servers

  • Discord rewards, e.t.c.
The ‘Contact’ section of Summertime Saga is kinda responsive, while their privacy section reframes their promise of keeping any visitor’s information safe. Again, we think it will be relevant before we sight out here to note some of the contents to expect while on the game, they include: Easter eggs, Cookie jar, Goal tracker, e.t.c.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

It truly depicts what posters on the website said.

It contains over 65 characters, 20+ mini-games, and over 30 different locations, hence, you hardly get bored.

It is a free-to-download game.

It is built with enough innovative features: those who support the game on Patreon are rewarded with many exciting features like discord reward, wiki access, e.t.c.

The game is violating age restriction; the protagonist seems younger than 18 years of age, thereby promoting child sex. as a website needs a serious overhaul: it seems too outdated.

The site is a bit complex and has a poor user interface.

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