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You cannot get any more obvious than If anyone on the net is looking for a porn game to play, it makes sense to type in these keywords in Google. This sex games site is free of charge, so you can play all day without paying a thing considering mobile game charge an arm and a leg for upgrades nowadays. A wide variety of porn games will keep you busy when you are bored. Moreover, a new porn game is added every week or so. Anyway, cum walk we us as we review Play Porn Games. Review - My Experience

Man, it was very hard finding out where should I start my journey with these sex games. There were so many to choose. So, I did the only thing I could do which was pick the very first one I recognized. I used to be a Family Guy fan, and that show still plays on my television at 10pm CST when I have nothing else to watch. My first choice is to click on a game called Lois Griffin Working Wife.

How to Enable Flash

Unfortunately, I could not play this game without enabling Adobe Flash Player. I have Adobe downloaded to my computer, so the question I asked was, how the fuck to do this? All these online porn games require this update to play. Quickest way, I discovered, is right click the mouse, and left click on Enable Flash. A secondary indicator window will come up to Allow this action. Press Allow. Now, the game plays...

How Was the Game?

Upon pressing play was an introduction window informing me about the game. Just regular stuff about age verification and content description. A description also exists all the way on the right side too telling what to expect in the game. Below the description is a list of the porn Categories this video belonged - might be Blowjob, Strapon, Virtual Reality, Interracial, HTML, Gambling, Cards, Funny, Furry, Hentai, etc. The added date is another piece of information there, which was two weeks ago. Additional tags are located below that too.

Wait, before you get all excited and shit. The VR section ain't real virtual reality. Just a bunch of slideshow still shots. Therefore, your headset is not compatible with this site.

Only several games in the Gambling and Card sections and they suck ass. No real gameplay and definitely no multi-player mode.

What I find interesting is the game informs me who is the voice actress that plays Lois. Pretty cool. Let's click on Next and see what happens.

Viola. This video seems like a 2D porn game. She's humping a penis (not Peter's, obviously, by the way his body looks). My job is to click on Tit Job or Anal and she switches positions. I like how this game gives me ultimate controls. However, they have limits.

The controls give me the power to make the sex act goes as fast as I want and then a button to cum if I want that. I see that these games cater to the user. Graphics are pretty tight as well - on some games.

What is Up with These Storylines?

All I gotta say is what is up with these weak-ass storylines? I mean, there is nothing to them. Don't get me wrong, the graphics are nice, but all you can do is press buttons to change the actions. No adventures behind them like an RPG game or something. I know I shouldn't expect that from a game like this, but real gamers beware. You'll be yearning to startup Steam after using this site. This free play porn games site is NOT what you think. I'm sitting here watching the game and expecting real gameplay, but all I'm getting is an animated porn show, which is not so bad.

Right now, I'm trying to see Lara Croft's waterbaboobs bounce in Lana Craft And The Serpent Amulet. An animated version of her is on the screen but whoever did the art needs to be fired immediately. The illustration looks nothing like Laracroft. Only matching things are the color of her outfits and hair. Even when I come across a game with a storymode there is no voice. Just popup dialogues that carry the story.

I came across a few sex simulation with real women, which I liked a lot. However, the quality was horrible. I would click on a body part and nothing will happen. However, when I clicked on the fact, one girl started rubbing another girl and a dialogue box popped up.

Multiple Control Options

One good thing about these games is the multiple control options. You can turn the music on and off. Change the graphics quality from high to low. Add different physical features to the character. Some games do not have these options, but the ones that do provide a real treat. Unfortunately, some games do not give you ultimate controls. You're just clicking the play button on the dialogue box and following a forced storyline.

Another con I must discuss is the time it takes to load up the game. People who like instant gratification do not want to wait a short time for anything. And 20-30 seconds is too long for me. I must admit some of these games are hard to learn. Others seem not to work well. For example, one anime game had lesbians playing Twister. I could not get them to do any actions. Bummer!

Play Porn Games Review - Final Word

These porn games seem like those mobile games that are knockoff versions of the real ones. If you type GTA or Counter Strike Online in Google Play or Apple iOS you will notice those boot-legged versions. These games represent that quality. Real gamers know exactly what I am referring to. I could not see myself playing games on this website for a long time. I would say this was just a testing stage for me.

I finally realized why these games could not use the real cartoons and video game characters likeness on the website. Probably because of copyright issues. That's probably why they used Lana Craft instead of Lara Croft. You hear me? This site would be good for a laugh with your friends.


Year Launched

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Easy to remember URL


Tight-ass graphics

Animated porn show for jacking off

A couple of ads off to the side

2D flat-surfaced games

Limited sex controls

Voices don't match the character

Non-existent storylines in some

Some games are boring as shit

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