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Otogi Frontier R

“This Otogi Frontier R review is probably one of the best hentai games I’ve ever played…” is probably something I would’ve said if it were actually true. Now, I don’t want to sound too harsh and give you a bad impression, but allow me to give you all the details you need about Otogi Frontier R.

Then, I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you want to play it or not. Although I’m betting my money on you spending night after night with this game, you silly little horndog!

I don’t want to be rude, though: allow me to introduce you to Otogi Frontier R.

Review: What in the Damn Hell is an Otogi Frontier R?

Hey, don’t look at me. These hentai gems love stretching the limits of human imagination, and you could say that Otogi Frontier does a whole lot of stretching *wink*. It’s a relatively new game published by Hentai game powerhouse Nutaku in 2019 and has proven to be quite a big hit since.

And that’s probably why you’ll think I’m an idiot for all the negatives I find in this game, but more on that later.

Going back to Otogi Frontier R, it’s a turn-based fantasy harem RPG, and that pretty much sums up the whole game. You control a bunch of collectible 2D warriors (or sex dolls, if you don’t want to kid yourself) as you go through the whole game battling monsters and moving the plot with dialogue. Oh, and yes, there is some fucking involved, but it’s so few and far between that it almost seems like an afterthought.

This Frontier’s Been Beaten Hard Already

Let me tell you this right off the bat: Otogi Frontier R has nearly NOTHING new to offer if you’ve been playing RPGs your whole life, regardless if it involves anime tittyfucking or not.

What you could expect here, though, is everything you love about RPGs in the first place. There are the turn-based battles that require a level of strategy; there’s the interesting, albeit long-winded, completely original story telling; and 2D effects that dazzle you as if they were ripped straight from a fairy tale.

Now, that might pique your interest, but only if you haven’t played the hundreds upon hundreds of role-playing games released since the 1990s. And if you’ve been busting a nut on Nutaku for some time now, then you’ll be sure to feel a sense of déjà vu with Otogi Frontier R, since it’s basically Kamihime Project R (another pretty decent Nutaku RPG) with different skins.

The Art Doesn’t Open New Frontiers, But…

I will say that Otogi Frontier R is one of the most good-looking Nutaku games out there speaking from a design perspective. Compared to the aforementioned Kamihime Project R, I’d say that you’d find Otogi Project R’s art style to be slightly better.

And don’t give me that “art is in the eye of the beholder” bullshit, because it’s pretty obvious that the illustrators and designers of this game put a whole lot of attention to come up with some nice sceneries and character designs.

Additionally, I’d say you could even give props to the whole development team, since they were able to dodge one of the most common turn-based RPG problems out there: cumbersome battle menus. Otogi Frontier R features one of the cleanest battle menus I’ve seen in an RPG for a long, long time.

And if you consider the fact that Otogi Frontier R’s in-game graphics don’t look or move like it was made by a pubescent AV club member with Adobe Flash Player, then you could make damn sure your eyes are in for a treat with this game.

Not only is the game a delight to the eyes, it’s also a fine treat for your ears. With some nice scores and nearly full professional voiceover dialogue—and in pro-level Japanese quality, too, not those fucking shitty USA voiceover jobs—, Otogi Frontier R seems like the developers spared no expense in producing this game.

That is, Until You Realize the Most Important Thing

Speaking of expenses, well, here’s where I think Otogi Frontier R totally dropped the ball. Sure, the production values both in the visuals and sounds of this game are top-notch, but think about it: it’s a game released by Nutaku, which means it’s a sex game AND it advertises itself as a Hentai Role-playing game, so sex must play a pretty prominent part in the whole experience.

Well, it’s NOT. Otogi Frontier R is more of your typical RPG with the added incentive of having the characters fucked every 8 hours of grinding it out or so. Seriously, this is one of the most annoying and disappointing trends in Nutaku games right now: they’re releasing run-of-the-mill genre games with just a dash of 2D boning to keep you perverts hooked.

And once you get to those sex scenes, you’ll be given a couple of minutes of flash animation that’s honestly mediocre at best. It’s like the developers blew all the budget on the non-sex parts of the game and just decided to phone this one in, which is something I totally hate for games that tout themselves as “adult games” or “porn games”. Get that shit out of here. Then again, maybe it’s all part of Nutaku’s plan…

No Tin Foil Hats Needed

The thing is, Otogi Frontier R belongs to the kind of release format that I dread the most: Free to Play. You want to know why? Because “Free to Play” means two things: “Freemium” and P2W (Pay 2 Win).

That means if you want to unlock as many deep-dicking scenes as possible, or even if you just want to move the plot along at a decent pace, then you have to shell out some real-world moolah for that shit. And don’t even think about spending just enough to finish the game, because Otogi Frontier R is an online release, which means it’s regularly updated.

So, pick your poison: would you rather play this game until you’re a soulless, limp-dicked shell of yourself after hundreds of hours of grinding and leveling up, or would you prefer if Nutaku maxed out your credit card in the name of fictional titties? Your call, because this game will try to MILK you.

Man, this game will try to milk you harder than a drunk grandpa at Oktoberfest in front of a beer maid. You see, the amount of sex scenes you could potentially get depends on how many fictional magical girls you have in your roster.

And the only way to add said magical girls to your roster is to purchase them Gacha style.

That’s How They “Gacha”

And if you’re a victim of America’s public education system, then you should know that Gacha is the Japanese term for collectibles you get from capsule machines, which are pretty much vending machines that drop random toys.

And in the case of Otogi Frontier R, you won’t know if you’re getting character born and shaped to kick ass and then get their ass stuffed, or if it’s one of the lower tier ones that gain strength through leveling up (before getting the inevitable stuffing).

Oh, and did I mention that you STILL HAVE TO GRIND IT OUT even if you have the strongest characters available?

The Nutaku Otogi Frontier R Review Verdict— Just Watch Hentai, Guys

Even with its amazing visuals and top-notch audio, Otogi Frontier R is just yet another drop in the ever-expanding ocean of turn-based RPGs.

I could say that you’d find this game decent and enjoyable to an extent, but there are just too many games like this out in the world already that you’re not really missing out on anything if you pass on this one.

And honestly, it would have been better if they just said this was an honest to goodness RPG game with some sexy perks spread throughout, instead of a “adults-only hentai RPG”. At least it would have been an honest mediocre game than a lying shitbag.

So, no. I do not recommend Otogi Frontier R. But I won’t stop you from playing it. Hey, maybe grinding for hentai titties is your fetish; just go for it!


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Beautiful graphics and game design

Top-notch voiceover and scores

Clean-ass battle menu

Free to play = full of shit

Barely any sex scenes at all

Offers nothing new to RPGs

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