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Merge Nymphs

Merge Nymphs, what kinda weird name is that, I thought. Well, it indeed is a weird name for a hentai game. Not gonna back down on that.

I’ve played many hentai games, and most of them were of the role-playing category. But, this one, right here is a different beast.

The grand old hentai game producer, Nutaku, owns and distributes this game. So, that’s one good point, right there. However, a good producer doesn’t always guarantee a good game, especially in the hentai realm.

Since all you fuckers are unaware of this game, here’s my honest review.

Merge Nymphs Guide – WTF is this game about?

Yep, you probably have guessed it already, by the name. It’s indeed a weird game. Usually, when we talk about hentai games, what do we see?! RPGs, Action games, and MMORPGs.

Here, we have a whole different type. This is kind of a board game. Or, should I say, a grid game. Oh, wait, puzzle-game is the best term to label it, yep.

Let’s just say, merge nymphs Nutaku is sorta Candy Crush, pornified. Anyways, screw thinking about what category this game falls in.

Do we get to see some sexy stuff? Oh hell yeah, we have chicks sucking dicks, cunts getting drilled with big ass cocks, and many more. There’s no scarcity for that, I assure you. Oh, I see, now you’re happy. I like that smile on your face. Keep on reading for more!

Merge Nymphs Guide – Can anyone play this game?

Not if you’re a faggot! Okay lol, I’m just kidding. Of course, anyone can play the game. Well, as long as you’ve got a compatible device.

So, what devices can run this game?

You can run the game and enjoy some titties and pussies on any PC that has a browser. Simply put, you can play this game on any of your desktops or laptops, no matter what OS it’s running on.

Moreover, you little shitheads can access this game on your Android phones as well. Bingo! However, you iOS pussies can fuck off, as this game can’t run on Apple devices. Steve Jobs, take this, you dead legend!

Merge Nymph Hentai Review - How good is the gameplay?

First things first, I usually prefer action games. And honestly, these grid games are not my type. But still, since it offers some ass and tits, I wanted to try it out and see how it goes. So, what do we do in this game? Well, you merge cocks, pussies, and even panties together. Yep, I’m not even kidding. However, there’s more to it.

Basically, you’ll have a grid, upon which there are blocks placed. As a player, your duty is to complete the merger in question. Once you’re done with that, the level gets completed and your dick gets sucked!

Not bad, eh!

Is it fun to play? Well, it honestly depends. For me, no! For you, it might be. If you’re a nerd with those glasses on and pants off, sitting all day every day in your basement, this game is the shit!

But hey, we’re not here for the gameplay. We all want to perversely jerk off to hentai chicks, don’t we?

Merge Nymphs Sex Scenes – Yay or Nay?

Ok boys, we’re here! Now let’s talk about the OG shit. How good is the nasty part?

Alright, calm your tits down and listen to me. I’m not even exaggerating; the sex scenes are simply outstanding within this game. Rarely, we get to see such raw hentai action in games.

When I started playing this game, I really thought that the sex part is gonna suck. However, the story is quite the opposite.

Here, your goal is to heal the planet. How do you do that? Well, by slaying golems and shit. Oh, wait, no, you’re not gonna bring up a sword and kill them.

You do that, by helping your bitchass nymphos. These sluts, almost completely naked, dick around. And, you need to help them by completing merge nymphs heal extender levels. Tbh, the game isn’t that difficult.

With each unlocked level, you’ll have access to superhot hentai nymph sex action. All these sluts have big and tight boobies hanging down. Just the sight of these titties made me hard af. While playing the merge nymphs queen sea nymph levels, you will also have the chance to collect miscellaneous shit. It can be a lingerie, dildo, or even ass plug. As soon as you collect an item, you can make these nympho sluts wear it.

Across the game, there’s a world map, through which you navigate and monitor your progress as well. There are some magical islands, where there are huge-ass dildos and forest nymph hentai trees with boobs. I mean what the fuck is that?!

Merge Hentai Nymphs – Graphics, Audio, and Stuff

For a hentai game to be good, it must have almost all the ticks checked. This game has decent gameplay and hot sex scenes.

However, Nutaku Puzzle has disappointed me with one aspect. And it’s not even avoidable. This game sucks at audio. I’m talking about moaning, screaming, and similar hot sounds. These sounds are almost non-existent. Also, the storytelling is mostly done through visual dialogues. I’d like a sexy female voice now and then, but to my bad luck, there isn’t much here to be excited about.

Looks like they tried to make it up with their gambling minigames. Nutaku’s infamous Gacha is available within this Merge Nymphs wiki puzzle game.

Merge Hentai Nymphs – What’s my say?

I wanted this Nutaku review to be to as real as it gets. Are Nutaku games any good? Oh yeah! Is this mege erotic game good? Yes, for the most parts.

I haven’t played many games like Nutaku merge nymphs. So, maybe that’s the reason why I don’t love this game. But, I liked it to some extent though.

See, I’m recapping it again. If you like games that involve brainy stuff like puzzles, you’d be having a blast, as there are titties and asses to. If you’re like me, who likes hentai combat battles and porn action, this may not impress you a lot.


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Mindblowing porn scenes.

Many levels to play.

The hentai girls are smoking hot.

Good graphics.

Oldschool puzzle gameplay.

Lacking at horny voices.

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