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Paysafecard, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, Maestro

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XVR Chat! - Watch Live Virtual Reality Sex Cams (Review)

Automation is steadily snatching away jobs from the hard working man, but XVR Chat brings together the likes of man and machine working together. Guys and gals can enjoy a date with their online girlfriends and boyfriends through VR sex. 

XVR Chat brings a new dimension to adult live cam shows. Have you witnessed people walking around with those VR headsets and wondering what the hell they are watching? It's probably porn. They cannot watch the xxx videos in public because it's inappropriate and they could end up falling off a cliff with a hard-on. Who wants that to happen to them? Psychotic mothersfuckers with abused fetishes, that's who!

Maybe you have seen a demonstration of how VR googles work with porno on YouTube or the guy inside the cellphone store or at Best Buy tried to get you to purchase a VR headset so they can make a commission off of your porn addiction. Good hustle.

However you discovered VR headsets, XXX live stream cam sites like Cam4 or Stripchat have their own exclusive VR sections, but XVR Chat is already established and staying ahead of the curb to enjoy adult content.

Sex in VR chat: romantic wallpaper designs

I rarely mention age verifiers in many of my adult content articles because it's a senseless subject - everyone knows you gotta be 18+ or older to enter all these porn sites, like duh, but I have to say that the age verifier on XVR Chat looks very romantic with a feminine touch. I guess they want you to know it is a true adult website you are entering. Some age verifiers are generic and will actually reroute to if you hit 'No' to the question if you are 18+ years or older. It looks to be a pic of a naked woman with VR goggles blocking the view of her breasts. I would have to say that is very interesting design, indeed. 

How does VR porn chat works?

It works by using one of two digital imagery watching techniques: 2D or 3D. Most erotic live streaming videos have a goggle icon at the bottom that indicates this stream is compatible with a VR sex helmet. You can also use it to change the resolution or connect the system and fire it up. Of course, all of the girls are normally working with the infamous Kiroo sex toy that operates on a wireless Bluetooth signal delivering shots of vibrations on her clit with every token deposited.

So, the more money you give, the closer you become to making your chat tube cam girlfriend have a full blown orgasm!

Imagine that power to make her shake uncontrollably with pleasure. That is what XVR Chat offers. Men also have their Bluetooth sex toys that responds to what the performer does on screen, so he too can enjoy himself.

Compatible headsets to buy on Amazon, Best Buy, or the XVR Chat Sex Store

It's kind of unclear which VR headsets are compatible with this website, but if you scroll to the bottom of the homepage there is a tab that says Buy VR Device. That's where you will click to see all the sex toys being sold through the online store. The following headset are available for purchase, so I would assume these are the only ones compatible to use on the XVR Chat system:

  • Google Cardboard

  • Oculus Go

  • Oculus Rift

  • SamSung Gear

  • Windows Mixed Reality

Purchase tokens on sale to get more from the sex show

I feel like the people over at XVR Chat needs to update their system because there is still a Black Friday sale banner that keeps bombarding my page, and frankly Black Friday 2019 has passed like a year ago! Why is it still up there? Is the deal still being honored today? After visiting the site a few months later in March, the banner has disappeared. Finally. The promotion is a 3x's multiplication of the tokens for the ones you buy. Three times the sex action for one price? Sign me up!

  • 160 tokens - $20

  • 460 tokens - $50 + bonuses

  • 1000 tokens - $100 + bonuses
Some live webcam websites accept PayPa and even crystocurrency payments, but XVR Chat is still working with classic credit cards through SegPay:

  • Visa

  • Master Card

  • Discover

  • JCB

Signing up for review

Creating a new account give you three choices. Sign up as a user, sign up as a model, or sign up as a studio. Only thing you need is a nick name, email, password and birthday if you are signing up as a user and just a little bit more if you are signing up as a model or studio.

My experience with XVR chat xxx cam girls: review

When I logged on, there was only two girls online but one was in a private show. Bummer. There were hundreds of cams, but they all were inactive - the girls weren't online. I guess there is not a lot of business for live cam VR girls today because purchasing a VR headset is expensive. And most guys believe porn, of any kind, should be available for free.

When I entered the live chatroom of the one lady live online now,  there will only 60 guys in the lobby, chillin'. Relaxin' and jackin', apparently. Thirst-trapping as usual. You can change your font size and colors to make your words more recognizable to the model to differentiate your messages from those others guys.  

The woman look very rough around the edges like she's been through WW3 and back. Kidnapped by Vietcongs and held captive for weeks. She would make for the perfect solider! But, it seems the majority of liver webcam models on there are perfect 10's.

You can still enjoy the live streaming sex cams if you do not have a 3D headset available. Use the clicker on your mouse to pan around to see her whole room.

Guys are definitely into this girl regardless of what I think - they are tipping her a nice amount of tokens and everything. She has a goal of 1,000 tokens, but it's hard for me to get any information about her tip menus because this freaking Black Friday pop up sale banner keeps impeding my view. Like, come on, bro! It's popping up every 30 seconds. I'm getting Black Friday sales in February. Fuck off!

It's easy to request a private chat and watch the video. But I don't have the access I want without fully activating an account and making some payments to get those credits. Gotta give to take, eh?

The pre-selected tips range from 1, 5, 25, and 50, but you can also select a unique tip amount.

Live stripper chat performers profile information

The VR cam girls profile exposes you to everything about the performer. One thing I noticed is the photo gallery is very high quality. It looks like XVR Chat sent a professional photographer to the model's home and start snapping photos.

Here are many of the pieces of data you will see posted on their profile pages:

  • Orientation

  • Relationship

  • Astrological sign

  • Ethnicity

  • Religion

  • Kids

  • Education level

  • Occupation

  • Drinking

  • Drug use

  • Hair color

  • Eye color

  • haircut

  • Rate this woman (1 to 5 stars)

  • PMs acceptance

  • Sign-up date

Filter the live VR porn to what you want to see

There is only like one filter available on XVR chat, but it gives you multiple options like males, females, couples, groups, and trans performers. Again, these people will likely not be online when you visit the website, so you better hope like hell someone is on there when you're ready to jack it to live webcam sex. It's lonely on XVR Chat. XVR chat seems good if you already know an adult performer who already has a following and just using it as another alternative to have fun with their flunkies. These performers will update the post on their social media pages and watch the flunkies flock like seagulls to bread to watch the broadcast online. Getting on VXR Chat randomly and seeing loads of women is highly unlikely. When I logged on a third time, I saw one girl live, one trans, and no guys or couples.

A page I've never seen before: download shit

No, not for an app. XVR chat does not have a mobile smartphone app. But there is something new that I have never seen this before until I arrived to XVR Chat. One is a 'download the chat' button - I have no idea why that is there. Who wants to download the chat log of a bunch of horny pervs jacking off with VR headsets strapped to their melons? There are options to download flyers and banners of the website to put as a screen saver or background of your computer. That's pretty cool. There are html options of these links and resolutions are up to 300 pixels. 

Another page, which is not that unique is to 'test your camera'. This is to make sure your microphone and camera is working for one-on-one chatting sessions that you paid for.

Final word

XVR Chat is a place for performers who already have fans.  The webpages look beautiful, but there are not many performers online. However, there is an entire sex store for you to surf and buy sex toys and VR headsets to use on the site.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Paysafecard, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, Maestro

Mostly for 3D VR cam watching

Cute page that is very easy on the eyes

Compatible with all the major VR sex helmets

Cam-to-cam sex through the VR headset - cool

Different class of people from the lowlives on other cam sites that can afford VR headsets

Beautiful webcam models

Most women are offline, only a few online

Doesn't have many informational pages about the website - need to find your way around on your own

Out-of-date system and popup ads about deals that have expired

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