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Are you thinking of hitting the web in search for sites like Hentai Clicker, or are you compiling a list of porn games that will no doubt blow your mind? is one sex gaming site that should make this list. With the superb story-line and incredible gameplay, you are one step away from getting addicted, in a good way.

I thought you should know this is a clicking game. You basically click through different hot scenes until you get to the next levels and then play. Review - Story-line

You see, the story-line is one based on a Harem-verse. You can be sure there is no shortage of sexy girls who are all waiting for you to shove your dick into their tight cunts. For the first time in a long time, you have the opportunity of being a hero and save the harem verse from a curse placed by the Mist. This curse prevents girls from being able to cum. Who wants that to happen?

The plot opens up with you as a prisoner to a wicked witch who uses you as her sex slave. She comes to the prison, makes you fuck her till she cums, and leaves you weak. A portal opens up, and a sexy hentai goddess comes out of it to bursts you out of the dreaded dungeon. You begin your journey of giving girls many orgasms and breaking the curse placed by the mist.


Moving on to the gameplay on Hentaiclicker, the name gives it away already. It's all about clicking the screen or pad of your device. With every successful click, you get one step closer to making these girls achieve orgasm. The girls make hardcore faces when their excitement levels go up. I love watching them!

Did I mention that you get to see new girls after finishing with one girl? The number of times you will have to make each girl orgasm depends on the level in the game.

You can upgrade some of the heroines to help beat the level if the tasks get difficult. For each girl you come across, there are many sub-stages in which you will have to make her orgasm. In the final stage, you will be required to make the girl orgasm in boss mode. In this mode, it will take more clicks to push up the excitement bar. If you are unable to fill up the excitement bar for the boss mode before the time elapses, you will fall back to a lower level.

In some cases, you will need to click on some specific body parts of these girls to gain points.

Adult Gaming Content - Hentai Clicker Review

In this Haremverse, different girls keep coming for more of your sweet dick, which is the only remedy to the curse. 

Most of the sex goes on in the office space. Girls from around the world have heard of your sexual powers and are willing to visit you in the office so that they can cum. You get money whenever you make a girl orgasm. You can move through your office, your harem, and the list of girls you have given orgasms.


The graphics on Hentaiclicker will make you want to keep boosting your harem. The girls shake and giggle while you grope them and make hardcore faces when they are almost at the peak of their excitement level.

The background is a laid-back sex paradise painted pink. It features a bunch of mirrors and a curtain, a sofa, and a cushion. As you click on the girls, the piece of clothing they wear gets smaller until they are nude.

The body parts of each model are detailed and the clothing combination is unique.

Voice Acting, Sound Effects, and Music

With Hentaiclicker do not expect to hear moans, sex sounds, or any other sound effects from the models while playing this hentai sex game on PC. I was unable to activate the sound option. There are no voice-overs, not even automated voice overs. In the mobile game mode. You will be able to activate or turn off the music. Just as a sidenote: the music is repetitive and boring.


At the moment of writing this review, there is no paid membership needed to play the hentai clicker game. You only need to register with your email and get to clicking. The game is brought to you by Kinkoid. No download necessary.

Porn Game Other Features

You can also choose to go on a daily mission. There is an achievement bar where you can see all the progress and achievements you have made throughout the game.

The only available language is English. You can put the game on full-screen mode or remove it from full-screen mode whenever you desire.

One disappointing feature of Hentaicliker is the inability to see your harem having sex with these girls. This is disappointing because why will you play a sex game if the only thing available to make you hard is a bunch of naked ladies standing still or swaying from left to right.

In the end, Hentaiclicker is for folks who can get off by watching a girl stand there doing nothing because there is not much going on. You don't even see any dick on pussy action.

There is a bunch of girls with a change of clothing. After you cross that stage is another one pops up on the screen.


Year Launched

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Lots of hot ladies

Free gaming

Easy to play

Gameplay is repetitive

No sound, music or voice acting

The story has some loop-holes

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